I looked at my husbands search history and I'm sick

Can you start stashing money? Also child support, spousal support? Don’t count yourself out so fast. Resources are around but I get it’s difficult :heart: he’s trash. I’m sorry.

This is what dv shelters are for YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A DV VICTIM


you can divorce him and get child support for the evidence of unfaithfulness


Plenty of women have done it before…. It would be incredibly difficult but maybe you can start developing a plan. Get a free consultation with an attorney, reach out to women’s centers or nonprofits that may be able to help. Women have dug themselves out before. You can do it.

You need to talk with your husband. Let him know you know and he can either stop or you can get divorced. And when you divorce he will have to financially take care of you and your children as there is proof he’s a dirty cheater. Courts always side with the sahm who takes care of disabled children over a gross grown man

I don’t know why I can’t tell you how to deal with this but let me say please from the bottom of my heart I have been through the same thing and I am deeply deeply sorry that you’re going through it

Best advice I can give is to be front full but not combative show the evidence and proof of him cheating and give a ultimatum you or the floozies… because if he wants to be free and keep cheating then tell him get the hell out if he wants to cheat and give up on 20 years of marriage and explain to the children your self why you’re a no good piece of shit cheater… sorry I find it horrible I’ve been cheated on myself with my ex wife found out after our divorce she cheated on me for 17 years behind my back! It’s one thing to hide it but it’s another when you go sleep with somebody else and come home to that person is faithful… Glad I didn’t catch anything…
but confront him and stand your ground if he becomes angry and that’s sure proof that he’s cheating! just don’t be angry back tell him he can leave and be with them people… then tell him to go to the doctors office and get checked for sexual transmitted disease… while you go to the lawyer and file for a divorce once a cheater always a cheater… and honestly there’s no telling how long that Mann has been cheating on you… stand your ground like I said be strong keep your head up and good luck…

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Tell him you’re living as roommates from here on out? That’d be the cheapest alternative for him and maybe you’ll get the freedom to occasionally go out and celebrate yourself. :heart::woman_shrugging::grimacing: I’m so sorry love :sleepy:

You know what the right choice is.

Rachel’s right get the proof then tell him to kiss you ass.

I can’t tell you to leave because only you know if you think he’s doing this for the first time. I know some people who have genuinely worked things out after SERIOUS couple’s therapy after cheating. That being said, I personally would never, ever, ever stay with someone who did that–no matter how long we had been together or how many kids we had. You’re NOT STUCK Mama!!! Reach out…can you stay with your parents, an Aunt or Uncle, a sibling, a friend??? ANYTHING is better than subjecting yourself to mental and emotional torment. From what you posted, it sounds like you’re completely over the situation and done with it and not wanting to work it out and staying out of necessity for you and your children above all. I completely empathize, especially as you have special-needs kiddos. But Mama, you have to take care of you too! Please reach out and see if there is someone you all can stay with until you get on your feet. Take it from a widowed mama who married an idiot and divorced him (I was stupid and still grieving), I reached out for help and my fam supported me. You can do it!!! I didn’t know if I could either but I did it. You got this <3. You deserve better…and remember what my 94 YO Grandmom always says. “You can’t take care of other people if you don’t take care of yourself first.” TRUTH.

There’s always a way out.

Sylvan Tom let me know if you’re that guy

Find you a richer man🤷🏽‍♀️

Been there, its sickening

Rachel Carter well damn, theres no need for anyone else to comment. Really​:joy::clap:

Not only that but having sex with others puts YOU at risk for STDs that you would have no clue about…

Well since ur not leaving play his game go get u a sneaky link :rofl::rofl:

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Confront him about it and leave

Horrible feeling… Praying for you :heart::pray::heart: