I love fall, it's one of my favorite seasons, what are some fun ways to get my kids to love fall too?

As I said, fall is my favorite season. I love everything about it. But I’m trying to figure out which fall activity is the best to get my kids in the fall spirit as well? So I guess I’m just asking what your favorite fall activities do you do with your kids and what has become a tradition in your family?


My kids love pumpkin patches

Cider mills and nature walks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: is my families favorite :heart_eyes:

Pumpkin patches and (depending where you live) make a pile of fallen leaves so your kids can jump in them

Pumpkin patches, making pumpkin pie and other types, corn mazes, making big leaf piles and jumping in them, making homemade hot chocolate. I wanna try to take my almost 4 year old to a pumpkin patch this year as he’s older enough and we aren’t really dealing with Covid any longer

Pumpkin patch. Movie night at my friends house. Trunk or treats. Our zoos Halloween event. Hayrack rides. Bon fires.

I think fall is the best time to visit the zoo! Right before it gets too cold. Where I live has tons of pumpkin patches with corn mazes and other activities.

We love corn mazes and pumpkin patches around my area they’re the same thing. We also love leaf piles and fires with s’mores

Pumpkin patch, corn maze, carving or painting pumpkins, making a haunted gingerbread house, jumping in a pile of leaves/leaf fight, walking out in nature…anything outside, decorating the house, making cookies… possibilities are endless. :maple_leaf:

I am a crafter so my kiddos help me make our decorations for fall… i taught then how to put paper over leaves and color over the paper with crayons…

The pumpkin patch, caving pumpkins I let the kids do fall crafts sometimes with leaves :maple_leaf: and then we always take our family photo in fall because it’s my favorite too lol

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Hay ride at farm to pick apples and pumpkins

Mine like pumpkin carving