I love my kids but have been so angry lately: Advice?

It’s prob your mental health. It’s ok to struggle many people do. Get in with a therapist and see if that helps. If you still struggle talk with your doctor about it.

Zoloaf!! Go see the doctor

Are your kids generally good with/for other people who aren’t you or their siblings? Do you care how they behave and/or how they’ll turn out in the end? Do you do your best to teach them to be good people? Then you’re a good person and a good mom… as a single mom raising 4 kiddos (2 of which are teenage girls) I feel your post so hard, I’m usually feeling like a failure as a mom and a person and most days are harder than not, but… my kids are good kids for their ages, and all any of us can do is our best… hang in there mama, you’re doing great

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I would talk to a doctor if it’s an everyday thing. Could be anxiety or something. I’m not saying what I had happen is normal but I found out I was angry all the time because I have anxiety and bipolar and I had no idea that’s what was going on. Since being medicated I’m a much more patient mom.


Usually comes from depression however lately a lot of people have been like this not just you. Try grounding yourself. Take a walk, a bath, read a book, movie etc. I’m sure if you tell your husband that u need to take q break he would understand.

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Nothing like praying.:pray:

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You might have some unresolved and subconscious anxiety very com-in system

It sounds like your burnt out, you need a night or two away to relax! I completely understand because I am the same way at times. My anxiety pushes me over the edge sometimes so when it starts acting up my patience is thin and I cannot stand any noises during those anxiety episodes


Seek counseling to help you with your stress

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I can completely relate

Sounds like you need to take a step back and take a break. Ask your husband to watch the kiddos for a day and you take some time out for yourself. Go out and have some fun, or stay in bed with a good book if you prefer. But do some self pampering. You need to take care of yourself just as much as your family, and you can’t do well if you’re not cared for too.

I get like that. There are days out of nowhere I can’t handle anyone talking at me. I have to recognize it and walk away to be alone for 30-45. I also started taking an antidepressant. Then I noticed it was getting bad again so I had my dose upped. Medicine is not for everyone but recognizing and doing something about it is the best first step.


I suffer from extreme anxiety and feel this. My best advice is talk to your doctor. Perhaps there is a hormonal imbalance in your life. Never be ashamed to talk to a therapist. And always apologize for your behavior and explain your emotions. It sucks admitting that you are feeling down and out of comtrol but we are human. There is so much stress its hard to stay cool. You got this momma, one day at a time

Look at this post. Dr Becky has amazing parenting advice and lots of ways to deal with our own anxiety around our kids. Her podcast is also really good. It has helped me a lot to approach motherhood in a different way

Maybe you just need a break!?

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The fact that you are worried about it and asking for advice means that you are actually a good mom , maybe you just need to relax and have some time for yourself.
Also you need to stop comparing yourself with your husband and stop getting mad at him just because he has more patience than you, maybe he is like that because he doesn’t spend as much time with them as you do.

PS : you can always try counseling and even take a class or something about parenting .


Hormones are out of wack and u need a break. Spa day


You need counseling for yourself to find out why you’re lashing out. You might be burnt out .
You might have a unresolved issues that are coming to the forefront. Do it before your husband leaves with the kids.

You just sound like you are burnt out. Do you do much for yourself? Do you ever have alone time? You sound like you need some time regular time away from kids and some time to do your own thing.


It sounds like maybe you are having some issues counseling might help. It could be hormonal, but it could also be depression and anxiety. See if you can get seen at the local mental health center. There’s no shame in having a problem. You just need a little help dealing with it.

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Go to doctors love .I no this feeling when I was younger .just sometimes life is so overbearing doesn’t mean your a bad mum or wife .tell hubby how you feel you need help just to get you back on track again .good luck .stop thinking your bad .go out with friend even just for a coffee I’m sure hubby would gladly look after kids .while you have some you time xc

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i believe that everybody needs an outlet, councilling, therapy… anything like that, just to get things out and get the weight off your shoulders. maybe that would work for you? when you’re stressed, triggered, talking can help a lot

I know this is gonna be a weird question… but has your Dr checked your vitamin d levels?

When mine are low I get easily annoyed, angry for no reason, I feel drained, can get depressed, feel guilt for no reason, and lots of other random negative things…

It could also be hormonal…

I would talk to your dr… just tell them you haven’t been feeling right and such… request what you need… advocate for yourself…

I know when I get that way, which isn’t often anymore… now that I am aware… it just piles on and turns into a mountain and can be overwhelming…

Hugs! Regardless of what’s going on… just hugs! Breathe…

you’re not a bad mom or a bad person, especially if you’re acknowledging there’s an issue and questioning it… it means you’re doing good and notice and want to do better… be patient with yourself, maybe talk with your husband and figure out a plan to get some YOU time… so you can get a break in there, like scheduled and routine… you’re not just a momma and wife, you’re also a woman and an individual…

Again… hugs!

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I get like this alot because of my anxiety. My mind it trying to go through 8 million things then the kids are yelling in my ear. I yell at my husband alot mainly because I don’t want to yell at the kids. But we have open communication so I can let him know when I’m in a “Mood” and he’ll just let it roll. If I do get snippy with my daughter I explain my emotions and tell her that everyone has them and I’m trying to learn to control them better
She herself has gotten to the point she understands when I’m in a mood as well. You may want to talk to someone. I didn’t realize how bad my anxiety affected mood until I had my daughter. I went to therapy and came up with ways to cope. Then when I had my son my Dr put me on medication. Never be afraid to admit you need help. And sometimes talking to a complete stranger helps.

Sounds like me at times. When I’m over tired and over stimulated that happens to me as well. It means my anxiety is high and I need a break quiet time and probably a nap. See I lost one of my children shortly after birth an I haven’t fully processed it yet. So I suffer from severe anxiety and depression. I was in meds but I lost my insurance so now knowing what the issue is my husband/ sometimes older kids as well will take care of the younger ones and furchildren. My husband will let me nap or watch a show with me to help me calm down and relax some. Sometimes you just need to turn yourself off for a bit. It’s all in taking care of yourself just as much as your family. Meds really did help me but so does my family recognizing that I need a mommy time out.

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This sounds like burnout or even depression/anxiety. Talk to your husband, let him know how you’ve been feeling (while in a good mood so your words are coming from a place of love) then after discussing your feelings/thoughts/emotions… go from there. Do you need him to take over and watch the kids so you can get out of the house for a bit to get your hair/nails done, or even go on a walk/hike/bike ride… whatever it is that you truly enjoy doing when alone… Is it anxiety/depression where you want to talk to a doctor or therapist. If you haven’t communicated what’s been going on for you internally, then no one would know and just assume you’re mad or angry with them. Start with talking, recognizing what’s going on is the first step to healing. <3 Good luck mama.


Thats why I’m prescribed xanax. :rofl:

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Hey momma
Letting you know your not alone, I hope you read this, it took me a while to figure it out, it’s overbearing so many kids so much do, your constantly doing something but not really getting anywhere, you have cleaned all day, but yet everything still looks like a mess, it’s okay every has gone through it, one day that won’t be the case, let’s look at it from a different perspective, one day when your kids grow up they will think it’s okay to yell at there loved ones and kids and you will ask them why they are doing it and then it will hit you like a ton of bricks, that was me that’s what I taught them to do, that’s how I taught them to deal with their stress/frustration. Most of the time kids whine and cry because hungry or tired, ensure there are snacks and quiet times with them even if it includes you sitting on the couch with them in silence watching a cartoon, the cuddles make life so much easier to go threw, when you feel that anger brewing ask yourself wtf are you mad at, sometimes a hug from a partner goes such a long way I kid you not just a moment to stop you tell him to hug you when you are getting upset to stop you in your tracks it will make some huge changes, get down on the kids level when they start whining and crying ask them what’s going on, most of the time they have been ignored by our busy selfs that it’s the only way to get our attention and it’s annoying af and you flip out, but stop address there needs and issues at the first moment and the less they will do it the happier you will be, take a drive in your car alone a couple times a week to get out and see something other then your home everyday. Make small changes if it helped me I’m sure this can help other moms too


what i feel every mom should do is - if married is if u can drive and have a large can - put the kids in van with u and go for a ride some where out to a park or something ! this way all of you’s r out and about , your not at home all the time ! kids may love this too and this is what they may also need ! you need some time along or with your kids away from home ! when husband gets home try your hardess not to take your anger out on him - he isn’t your problem! do this for as long as u can and things with u may change !good luck and god bless u and family

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You need a break Mama :heart:


U don’t seem like a bad mom or wife. U seem overwhelmed and burnt out. It happens. I’ve been same way lately. I try taking a Little time each day for me. Reading or Bible study or counseling. Even just 1 day a week lunch w a Friend out of the house. Time to regroup .


You sound burnt out. I am a single mother of three and there are weeks I am so tired from working nights, lack of sleep, lack of help. Being over stimulated with my kiddos. It’s not easy. I paint to help with the anxiety. Do you have a hobby that you could try to help? Therapy has helped me a lot too.

All kids whine and cry, that’s what kids do. Get help, see a doctor, take meds, get therapy, work on your anger issues, sounds like you are making everyone around you miserable.

I do the same. I have anxiety and so does my 5 yr old. We get so stressed out. She and her 4 yr old sister fight like crazy most of the time. They don’t want to listen. Talk to your dr you might need something to help. I get no time to myself, we are always home. My girls make mess after mess. It gets so overwhelming. When my husband is home(he drives a truck so not home a lot) he usually stays outside or he’s resting.

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I tell my kids. I love you but I don’t have to like you… (when they are being brats)

It lets them know they don’t have to be liked by everyone and they don’t have to like everyone.

I so know this feeling. I had my 3 kids well under 3, then I got 2 step daughters so we had 5 under 4 1/2. You need some help, someone to take the kids for a few hours a few days a week and see your DR. You have burn out. Hubby needs to step up more when he is at home. Oh and remember to be kind to yourself, not everything in the house has to be perfect. You are raising little ones. That is far more important than if the laundry has been folded etc… deal to the issues now because it won’t go away and now 15yrs on I am suffering the consequences of the go, go, go, lives we lead these days. I do wish you the best.

Do you have a park or playground close by where you could take them with a blanket & some snacks & just let them play for awhile, or play on the swings, etc.? Maybe if it’s a rainy day have a game where who goes the longest with out whining or crying maybe?

How old are you? Peri menopausal, pregnant, or just plain old hormonal? Or maybe it’s time to see a therapist and figure out what’s really bothering you, and how to better handle your feelings.