I’m feeling really down so please no judgement

Scraping by to pay my bills right now. Have enough food to get by but not much money at all for anything extra, had to borrow money to pay what I did pay. My birthday is coming up and I’m looking for some ways to somehow make it special with my kids. Any free or next to free ideas to give myself a pick me up? I would really appreciate it. Thank you and please be gentle, I’m already really down and doing what I can to make things better but I just want something to look forward to

I would google or Pinterest free things to do where you live. Some places have free museums, that would be fun to get to spend time with your kids. Depending on the weather you could go to the park and have a picnic. Go to the beach & watch the ocean. Go to the botanical gardens. I’m sure the internet has more choices to tell you but those are a couple of things near me that are free and would be fun for kids as well! I hope you guys have a fun time & I hope you have a great blessed birthday!