I’m Genuinely Confused and New to the Dating World

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"I had met a guy back in August, we went on a date and nothing happened the first night. We got together weeks after that, there was a lot of drinking involved, and we slept together. I developed feelings for him, but he was honest and told me he wasn’t looking for anything serious. We continued to talk and hang out, have sex, etc, alcohol involved each time. Here we are in January, and the past 3 times we’ve hung out, no sex at all. I’m genuinely confused, I don’t know what to think and I don’t want to ask and seem like that’s all I’m looking for, but at the same time, it kinda is"

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"He said from the start he wasn’t looking for anything, move on as he isn’t interested in anything permanent."

"You are just a friend with benefits to him baby girl."

"So y’all can touch genitals, but you can’t talk to him about only wanting sex? That’s weird. But honestly, it sounds like he has an interest in someone else and doesn’t want the benefits anymore from you aka his friend with benefits."

"Sorry, but you are a drunk booty call…Move on"

"Save yourself a lot of grief and pain and cut it off before it goes any further and you develop more feelings! He’s clearly said he doesn’t want a relationship so I would just cut it off. No need to play those games with him."

"I’d just be straight-up… like look, you said you weren’t looking for anything, that’s fine I get it. But does that mean we can’t be FWB (friends with benefits) still in the meantime BC I liked that. Haha. Right?"

"Girl, you can do bad all by yourself! Leave his ass and get him for child support. Move on, he is not going to change."

"Have you tried talking to him? Are y’all like, established booty calls/fwb or something? Or just friends?"

"Maybe he’s starting to get more into you & his feelings have changed? Or maybe he’s got other stuff on his mind? I feel like since you guys were just FWB if he wasn’t interested anymore he would probably just ghost you why even hang then lol something else must be up"

"Ask him what’s up? The only way you’ll get an answer is by asking him directly. There’s no need to beat around the bush wondering"

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