I’m looking for some insight into paid maternity/parental leave

I’ve been working casual for 3 years but basically worked every Mon-Fri arvo/night since starting. My partner also works 5 days a week.
Any info on how it all works would be very appreciated. And what happens if your claim or what not is rejected? How do you cope on one income with a newborn and other children?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I’m looking for some insight into paid maternity/parental leave

It depends on the company you work for and if they offer paid leave…


for many yrs, many women have made this work, yes times weren’t easy, we did without. But it works, And you will find a way

It all depends on the company. When I was pregnant with my second and third children I only worked part time (under 30 hours a week) and I qualified for FMLA but they didn’t offer paid maternity leave, you could use your short term disability for it but I didn’t qualify for it since I didn’t get benefits being part time. I still took 3 months off for both births, I had c-sections and needed that time to recover.

Depends on the state you live in. I work for a company that offers paid maternity leave but I wasn’t eligible because my state doesn’t allow it.

These are questions you need to talk to your human resources manager about. You & your doctor will have to fill out FMLA paperwork. You’re allowed 12 weeks a year of FMLA legally. How you get paid time off is up to the company.


I get the feeling you don’t live in the US. You’ll need to budget and go without if your claim isn’t accepted. I’m not sure what claim you’re talking about, that’s why I’m thinking you’re in a different country. But you’ll just have to tighten the budget and only do the bare necessities while you are on one income.


You need to check into the policies for each of your employers. Some employers cover maternity leave, others do not. Some will keep your position while on maternity leave, others will not. Check on FMLA and the polices, procedures and coverages permitted by both of your employers. Regardless if either company offers unpaid leave, partial paid leave or nothing, now would be a good time to start looking over your finances and bills and seeing where you can cut back to save money.

You’ll need to get information from your employer/HR. It varies in states and by employers. My employer offered 4 weeks full pay FMLA, 4 weeks (vaginal delivery) 60% pay FMLA(8 weeks if you have a c section, I believe) 4 weeks full pay parental time. For me, in total for my delivery I had 12 weeks off. A friend who lives in the same state as me was only offered 4 weeks of pay by her employer and then 2 additional weeks unpaid so she went back after 4 weeks.

If you’re in the US it will depend on the company you work for and their maternity/paternity policy. And possibly the state you live in. I’ve had 3 children and never had maternity leave for any of them. I just did not get paid for the time I was out and 2 of the times I just ended up having to find another job.

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I went to amazon around 5 months pregnant. I received accommodations so my job was not physical at all and I was able to do it easily while pregnant. I received 4 weeks paid leave before my baby was due and 10 weeks paid off after my baby. It was such a blessing! Look into it. You do not have to be there for a set amount of time or anything. You just must be a blue badge not a seasonal employee!

My 1st job was unpaid FMLA leave. I worked full time and bartended a couple nights a week and saved so I could afford to be off. By my second kid I changed jobs and my leave was 100%paid (I was salary instead of hourly). Talk to your HR dept.

The paid maternity leave would be something the company you work for has to offer. Most companies I’m guessing do not even offer this

Not sure where you live so I can’t be much help. Here in Canada you just file the paperwork with your employer and then indicate upon sign up if you want to take 12 or 18 months off. Payment comes to you through the government.


The company needs to offer you either maternity leave, or short term disability. If your company doesn’t offer any of those then legally you will need to take FMLA for up to 12 weeks but you will not get paid.

This doesn’t say where you live.
If you are Canadian, a long as you have 600 hours in the past year you will be approved for at least one year of paid maternity leave.

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i’m in the US and we live on one income with a 7 month old. You budget, save, and honestly go without the unnecessary stuff.

Are you in Canada? The US, The UK? Europe. Like pretty vague?
Here in Canada you just need a specific number hours work in the 12 months prior to your leave. You file with EI and give your place of work minimum 2 weeks notice but respectfully longer than that. You can 12-18 months depending on the payments you want to receive. Then you give a few weeks notice of return to work and you can go back. This time can also be split between parents as well so the father can take a few months parental leave too

In Canada, as long as you have 600 insurable working hours in the last 12 months before you go off, you qualify for 1 year off total at 55% of your wages. Or 18 months at 33% of your income.

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Legally you can take 12 weeks of fmla in the U.S, but it’s unpaid. You can see if your job offers any type of maternity pay, but some employers don’t offer anything. Apply for short term disability if that benefit is available to you from your job. Also, if you have any pto or sick leave available, you can use that. My job let me take some out of my retirement for the birth of a new baby.

So I’m pregnant and actually just talked to my insurance company about this. They said I get paid temporary disability for 8 weeks (c-section) at 60% of my pay and then my employer actually pays an additional 8 weeks at 100% pay (so I’m getting 16 weeks off). They told me it’s very rare a claim gets rejected and if it does it is usually because the dr didn’t submit paperwork in a timely manner. I’d contact your job and insurance company to be sure

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Depends where you live.

It really depends on what company you work for. You do qualify for 12 weeks of unpaid leave through FMLA.

My hubby got 6 weeks of 100% pay for paternal leave but I was only allowed up to 6 weeks with 60% of my pay and another 6 weeks of unpaid time, but got fired halfway through my pregnancy.

I would check with your HR department/supervisor and ask them.

Depends on the state and employer… My paid was through paid family leave and disability bc I had a c section… So I would ask your employer about pfl or fmla type stuff

I live in California. There is PAID maternity leave for mothers and fathers (under FMLA fathers can get paid). I know a little my son just had a baby and I helped them both get benefits. Congratulations and I wish you well​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Who gets paid maternity? I had to save up to be off.

If you’re in the US, AND your company qualifies, AND you qualify AND there’s a person to cover your position, you can request up to 12 weeks FMLA, unpaid. Your employer, if qualified, has the right to deny, adjust or withdraw FMLA leave at their whim. You are not guaranteed your insurance, benefits, salary or even the same position within the company. At best, you are legally alloted a holding place for your job. The 12 weeks can be divided up over a single fiscal year but cannot be rolled to a new year. I believe you can apply for a new 12 weeks 18 months after the end of your 1st FMLA request.

I got 6 weeks after baby was born and 8 weeks of paid family leave after that.

Canada sounds amazing for expecting mothers!! Here in Florida we suck :sob: I had FMLA took 6 weeks off paid. Wasn’t ny actual pay check but it was something

In Canada you get one year off with 65% of your salary.