I’m married but in love with someone else?

So I’m going to start this off with in the fact that I do not love my husband. We both acknowledge that our relationship is doomed. We’ve been together for 4-5 years and he treated me so badly while pregnant that after I had my daughter I resented him. In 2020 we split up and I started seeing this guy from my work, we were having great sex (my husband and I MAYBE had sex 1-2 times every 2-3 weeks) we were taking each other out, doing couple things that my husband has never done with me. I started to realize I was really falling for my employee. He wanted to meet my daughter. Then one day he broke up with me, I thought it was for the best but was SOOOOO heartbroken. I loved him more than I’ve ever really loved my husband. Well my husband had no idea about all this because he said he’d take full custody if he ever got a hint of me being with another man. My husband and I decided to give it another shot and not 7 months later things are worse than before. Thankfully we don’t argue in front of our 2 y/o but I’m done. Oh and me and the guy ended up back together too…he broke up with me because people started figuring out at work that I as a lead was dating someone below me so they said I either leave or he gets fired. So we broke up instead. Anyways we are back together he works and makes wayyyy more than my husband ever has but not more than me. I love him and know he can make me happy he’s been waiting until I get custody of my daughter to ask me to move in so what should I do?

I suggest you speak to a lawyer because your husband saying he will take full custody and him actually get full custody are two different things. A judge isn’t going to simply give him full custody just because he wants it or because you have now moved on dating someone else.

You just have to do what makes you happy. You need to proceed with a divorce, you need to figure out custody of your child, and move forward. Just because he threatened to get custody doesn’t mean anything to a judge, but you do have to be prepared for what the judge decides & you’ll have to be okay with it.