I need advice asap, I am not allow to refuse sex from my husband

Things have been not so good with my husband and I. I no longer want to have sex because of the things that have been happening. We went to see the MOG in our church( man of God or Pastor). He told me I could not say no to my husband, he explained to me God would punish me by sending to me hell for refusing to sleep with my husband. So I allow my husband to do as he pleases whenever he likes. What should I do without making our MOG angry with me?

Oh my gosh. I am so sorry this advice was given to you. No maam, please do not let your husband do to this to you. That is NOT okay and you have every right to say NO when you do not feel like being intimate. You have every right to control what happens with your body. I wasn’t aware this was still practiced in religion. How scary.