I need advice on how to deal with my husband's brother's wife

I stopped talking to her because all she does is belittle my husband and i every time something doesn't go her way.

We mostly ignore her because all her grievances are either petty or assumed. The last time I talked to her, she sent a message accusing my husband and I of talking about her and her daughter and claimed that she could hear us talking (we live in a duplex so we’re neighbors). But the thing was, we weren’t at home at that time. So when I tried telling her that we were not home, She changed the topic, called me names and told me to go “eff myself”. I didn’t wanna put up with it so I blocked her number. My husband and I then asked her husband if we could have a serious talk about her attitude when he got back home and he agreed (he was on a business trip).

When he returned two days later, I received a message from him saying they couldn’t talk because she apparently had a “family tragedy”.

So since then, we have just basically ignored eachother. After my husband told her husband about her attitude, all he had to say was “just ignore her”.

I don’t know, I really think she has an insecurity issue.