I need baby shower ideas- games, prizes, themes, all of it!

Throwing my little Sister a baby shower for her and her husbands first child. They are expecting the first girl of the generation on our side. I’m looking for fun baby shower games to play, prizes and whatever else awesome fun baby shower ideas you can throw at me to add to what I’ve already got envisioned in my head! I want this to be as magical and special and amazing as it’s supposed to be and so much more for them!!! Thanks in advance!

We did a contest where guests placed a piece of paper on top of their head and had yo draw a baby. The best looking baby (or the one mom and dad liked the most) won.
It was hilarious and everyone enjoyed it. We saved all of the drawings in a binder to later show our daughter when she’s older.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I need baby shower ideas- games, prizes, themes, all of it!

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Pick 5 or 6 teams of 2, blindfold 1 person and put a trash bag around the other . The person with the blind fold has to feed the other apple sauce whoever finishes first wins.

Word scramble

Bottle feed


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Baby food tasting my friend had it at her baby shower. We was blindfolded with it.

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Buy candy bars and melt them. Put them in diapers and they have to guess the kind of candy bar.


Hot potato but with a diaper is fun. Fill it with something heavy

There’s a game where the husbands dress up as women and are supposed to feed, dress a baby etc if I remember correctly, it was hilarious does anyone know about this game? I completely forgot but it was fun watching!

Is it unisex? Or just the ladies?

A diaper raffle is a good one. We did this at my shower and I got enough to last almost 1 year


I did a really cool pink punch with lemonade, sprite and pink sorbet with assorted rubber ducks floating in it.

Pin the diaper on the baby

I did a fruit salad that is pink if you want the recipe message me.

You could have people sign books instead of cards…this is one thing I’m so happy that happened when I had my baby cause he is 4 now and I still have the books with written notes in them from people who came to the shower! It’s very special!


At my daughter’s baby shower, we played daddy knows best… where I asked the dad a lot of questions and his answer was the only one that was right, no matter how wrong it was! It was a lot of fun

Putting baby marshmallows into bottles… using a straw! It was so fun to watch everyone try it lol

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I need baby shower ideas- games, prizes, themes, all of it!

Get baby bottles for everyone and fill them with juice about 2 ounces, who ever finishes their bottle first wins!
…this one is kinda gross but cute, get mini chocolate bars, different kind, twix,Hershey, milky way, snickers… a diaper for each candy bar. You warm them to a mush for place them in the diaper and have the guest guess what candy is in the diaper…

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Candy bar diaper raffle. 5 different candy bars melted a little and put into a diaper (diapers numbered 1-5 w sharpie) to resemble poop lol. Everyone gets an answer sheet numbers 1 through 5 . Choice between snickers 3 musketeers Hershey bar payday mounds bar. Everyone write their answer in accordance to the number on diaper. Winner gets small gift (candle gift card something small.

Get ribbon & let each guest guess how much ribbon will fit around moms tummy & they cut the ribbon to thier guess closest 1 wins

Word scramble of different baby items

My fave baby shower snack: white chocolate covered strawberries :strawberry:. So easy! Melt the chocolate, wash the berries but make sure they are dry before dipping. Refrigerate.

For my daughters baby shower, we did a diaper raffle. For every pack of diapers that a guest brought, they received a raffle ticket and I gave away a $50 gift card to whomever won.
We also asked guests to bring a book instead of a card with their gift and write a message to the baby. My granddaughter is now four and we are still reading new books every day! She loves to see the message written inside, especially written for her! :heart:

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If ya know the babies name, if not use the parents name and see who can get the most BABY words out of it.

Have everyone see who can cut a piece of string or yarn, closest to the size of her belly

Have everyone write a letter to the baby to be given years later. 18.
Some of them people might be gone. Good memories

Gifts are easy. Anything small.

Door prizes. And maybe a drawing for whoever brings diapers

Congratulations Auntie

We did a wire hanger and 25 clothespins. Objective is to name a baby item (not repeated) and grab a clothespin as you go. trick is you can only use one hand and can’t readjust with anything there than that one hand who ever held the most clothespins wins( so keep track of everyones number). At the end we had extra prizes so we went ahead and gave a prize to whoever held the least amount as well

I’m doing a babyshower for my daughter im doing a baby diaper raffle and guess the candy in the jar and there this scratch off game that who ever gets the poop sign has to yell i pooped and they win found that on Amazon. Doing few other games as well

We played diaper pong lol

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give everyone a necklace (with pacifier or something) everytime someone says baby you take it. at the end whoever has most necklaces wins

There’s a baby bottle you can get at walmart and fill it up with whatever you want and have people guess how many items are in there. At my baby shower the prizes were jewlery (they were expecting only girls lol) walmart also has baby bingo as well.

For my daughter laws baby shower years age i blowed up 20 boollons 10 pink 10 blue and put a piece of paper in every on of them and on 6 of them i wrote win on the paper fold the paper up so you cant see any thingand we had 20 people so everyone got a balloon

And then you poped your balloon and see who won a prize it was fun

You can do whatever theme you want it has stuff if you type in theme

Check pintrist! That’s where i got a lot of my ideas from

get a paper plate and put it on their heads have your guests draw a baby on it.

get diaper pins and give it to everyone and if someone sees another crossing their legs or arms they get their pin and whom ever has the most pins win

My friend just had a baby shower we sewed little sperm out of fabric for corn hole lmao

Melt candy bars in the microwave. Smear in diapers then pass around for guests to tell what the candy bar is. Remove labels from baby food pass around for guessing. We used tiny spoons.

We did how much is the cart worth and baby belly or beer belly at my daughters baby

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I need baby shower ideas- games, prizes, themes, all of it!

Insert for invitations-

Although cards are nice
They’re read once or twice
Maybe three or four times at best
A book is a treasure
Forever and Forever
So instead of a card
To be put aside
Please give the little baby
A book with your name inside
It will be read to our little tyke
Before bed each night
And we will thank you
Forever and Forever!


Another neat thing to do is have everyone bring an index card with advice or encouragement written out for Mon and Dad. Ask everyone to bring a favorite child’s book for Mom and Dad to read to the sweet baby and they usually write something inside.

Baby Items in a bag!

Keep guests guessing with this practical game. Put at least ten common, useful baby items inside a baby laundry basket, diaper bag; or decorative tray.

a bib, teething ring, rattle, bottle and diaper are just a few goodies that are also fairly inexpensive. Give each guest a pen and paper before passing the diaper bag around. Without looking, each person should stick a hand inside the bag and identify as many items as possible. Give each two minutes to feel around and make their guesses before moving the bag to the next person. Once everyone has had a turn, find out who had the most correct answers. The winner gets a prize and the parents-to-be get the diaper bag, basket filled with baby essentials!

Also this can be a second game with these items. Price is right. Person who guesses the closest price for each item without going over wins a prize.

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Diaper Raffle
On average, a newborn pees and poops enough to go though 70 diapers per week. Crazy, but absolutely true. That’s why this simple game is such an amazing gift for the parents-to-be. Include a note with your baby shower invitations letting guests know that you’ll be raffling off an amazing surprise prize at the baby shower. All they have to do to get a raffle ticket is bring a package of diapers with them-and the more diapers they bring, the more raffle tickets they get! On the day of the shower, diapers will be crammed into every nook and cranny. Long after the party, the grateful parents will give silent thanks with each fresh diaper they use.


Diaper test.

Choose a number of nappies and then smear different chocolates (Kit Kat/ crunchier/ maltesers/ top deck etc) on them. Guests have to look and smell etc to figure out what chocolate it is.

This game isn’t for the week hearted but it is so much fun.

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Pin and Rice game. I have done this one several times. You can dye rice for girl or boy. You put small safety pins in that are closed. Mix them in the rice into a bowl or a bin. Blind fold the people playing the game set a timer for a minute. The person with the most pins at the end of the timer wins. It sounds like an easy enough game. But when you are blindfolded and you are going through lots of rice, the pins start feeling like the rice. We have a blast every time we play this.

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I’ve made diaper cakes as table center pieces with baby items so Mom and Dad can have them.

Flower centerpieces and use as a games give away prize.

Mason jars with colored marbles or candy kisses. You can buy small square pieces of glass-mirror and buy a small baby party favor to sit on it. A rattle, ABC blocks, a baby comb, brush, baby bottle, teether any small baby item works and it’s the cutest table centerpieces.

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Pinterest is the best place to look they have so many awesome ideas and games

Insert for invitations-

I want to be a bright child. As smart as I can be. That is why I’m hoping my Mom and Dad will read to me. If you plan to bring a card. Please take another look. I would like to learn my ABC’s
From your favorite storybook.
Please sign your name as your personal touch.
Baby ________ thanks you
Beary, beary much.

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Don’t Say Baby
Mom’s the word when it comes to saying ‘baby’! Get this great icebreaker started the moment your guests walk through the door. As you greet each guest, give each a diaper pin to wear on his or her shirt. Once all of your guests have arrived, tell everyone that they can’t say ‘baby’ for the duration of the shower (or until it’s time to open presents). If anyone hears someone else saying the forbidden word, he or she can steal the rule breaker’s pin. At the end of the game, the person with the most pins wins a gift.

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From Peter Rabbit to Mother Goose
Goodnight Moon and Dr. Seuss
Curious George and Winnie the Pooh
Eloise and Babar, too.

In lieu of a Card, please bring
Your favorite childhood classic.
Let’s build a library for (baby’s name)
That will be fantastic!

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Have a clear baby piggy bank with money in it and have each guest guess how much is in there and the person closest without going over wins a prize.

Have all the males do a blind folded diapering contest. Use teddy bears. ALSO have the guys stuff big balloons up their shirts , walk across the room to retrieve their shoes., return to their seats and then have to put their shoes on and tie them.

You can put a bunch of Hershey kisses in a bowl and make a sign that says lots of kisses from Mom and Dad’s name and baby ?

Put a diaper and onesie on a baby doll blind folded

Etsy printable are a lifesaver! Games, signs, tons of fun things in any theme you can imagine and many are editable so you can personalize them.

I used pinterest for ideas

The Name Tag Game- Throw out the normal names, they are not needed here! Pass a name tag to each guest as they enter the room. Each name tag will have an item on it that Mom and Dad needs for raising a baby. Let all guests know that the names on the name tags are now their new names and must be used throughout the baby shower. If the guests forgets and calls anyone by anything other than the name tag name they need to deposit coins into the baby’s piggy bank.

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How to play: Buy a mega box of diapers. Have guests write funny quotes, words of encouragement, inside jokes—anything!—on the back of the diapers. (Permanent marker is just fine and won’t bleed through to Baby’s tushy, don’t worry!)

Why they’ll play it: When mom and dad are up at all hours of the night once their newborn arrives, it’ll make their 3 a.m. call a little more bearable when they see a note from a friend or family member. Plus, how hard is it to write on a nappy?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I need baby shower ideas- games, prizes, themes, all of it!

You could do personalised baby grows and vests, so you can keep them as well, and winner gets a prize :blush:

Baby shower bingo, baby food surprise (take labels off some baby food pass them around they can smell them and guess what they are…you keep a list of what they are whoever get the most right wins) diaper surprise (semi-melt candy bars in diapers and pass them around whoever guesses the most right wins)

At my first baby shower, my mom had me and my husband sit facing each other, then as we were blindfolded and wearing trash bags, she had me feed him baby food. It was both fun and hilarious to watch.

At mine we put apple juice in a small 3 oz bottle and everyone had to chug it. Winner got a prize.

Tinkle in the jar game

Diaper candy game. Melt different choc bars and guest have to guess what kind of candy it was by smelling it. Ex: melt rolos, Snickers, twix etc and smear it in a diaper. We had 6 diapers.

33 Baby Shower Raffle Card Game for Girls, Poopie Emoji Scratch Off Lottery Tickets by Party Hearty, 3 Winners, 5 Different Loser Card Designs, Silly Activity for Ice Breakers & Door Prizes Amazon.com

Belly blessing. Have each guest write a little note for the baby, some kind of well wish for the future. Put them in a bag and give to Mom to be.

How about “designing a onesie” station?

We had a hugeeee baby shower. Over 70 people. We did it more “party” style. Had a keg and all :woozy_face: but we did pink, white, & gold for the theme. We did a diaper raffle & the prize had like 3-4 bottles of wine, we did like 3-4 different gift cards in it. We a baby food game. Had to be blindfold feeding your partner & whoever finished first won. We jack in the box gift cards for that. We also had a basket full of different stuff & shower everyone once. Whoever remembered the most things got the prize. I forgot the other games we played. But we did a “coffee basket” for one of the prizes. You can ask do a “labor or porn” game. You just put the faces on a Board or individually & they have to guess if it is a labor or porn face. Whoever guesses the most right wins. It was pretty fun at a baby shower I went to.

Get ten bags spell out the word babyshower put a baby item in each bag tape or staple them shut pass them around everyone gotta guess by writing on a piece of paper what they think inside the bag once everyone is done the mother to be opens each bag in order then if the guess get it right they get a point the one with the most points win

My mother and sister in law had their younger kids help with diaper pong which was a hit with the little ones. You use diapers instead of cups and tape or staple them to a trifold piece of card board. They also tried to do pin the sperm on the egg which was super weird because the kids were the ones making them and my niece got super embarrassed by this one. Freezing little plastic babies in ice cubes and whoevers melts first has to yell my water broke and is the winner.

Prizes you could get at five below. I got so many cute little prizes that were $5 and under. For games I did the scratch tickets I found on Amazon where the is 1-2 winners. They have baby bingo too. The game where they guess the size of momma’s belly and who ever gets it right or the closest wins. Candy in a baby bottle where they have to guess how many candies are in the bottle.

Baby-themed Mad Libs.

If you get presents everyone has to make hats with the paper & ribbons. Have staplers, scissors, tape and glue guns/glue sticks on hand.

Unless you have a planned and scheduled delivery, have guests guess date and time baby will be born. Give all the guesses and a prize or prizes to a friend who can announce the winner/s and get the prize/s to the one/s who guessed the closest. You will be too exhausted and addled to do this yourself.

Set a timer for 5,6,10,15 minutes and when it goes off a prize goes to whoever the gift is from. At the top of a sheet of paper print the new mom and dad’s first and last name. Then have guest use those letters to form words. Prize to the top number of words.

take a look on pintrest they have great ideas

My SIL made a bunch of iron on and bought plain bibs and onesies. Everyone got to make a onesie or bib, they were super cute. She also asked people to write messages on diapers which definitely made me smile during diaper changes.

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Candy in the diaper game, not sure what it’s actually called but it’s all different candies that look like poop and you have to guess as many as you can by smell

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Minnie mouse with pink