I need breastfeeding help!

I'm a breast feeding mama to a new born. Only a week old. I had supply for a few days were my boobs were huge. And hurting. I started drinking the mother milk tea. I'm scared I'ma dry out. And I don't want to. How did you mamas get more supply were you were able to pump two bottles.

What you pump Is no reflection to your supply and what baby gets. Same with your boobs feeling full or empty doesn’t suggest you have less milk etc.

If baby is satisfied and has wet nappies then your supply is more then enough. It’s sometimes hard to gauge because at such a young age babies feed on demand and as often or as little as they choose to.

As long as little one is gaining weight, has wet nappies and is content then I wouldn’t worry. Breastfeeding is such a journey good or bad but well done for breastfeeding. I breastfed my daughter up until her 3rd birthday and we defo had our ups and downs but I really enjoyed our feeding journey. I hope this helps. If you have any more questions feel free to message. Xx

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I need breastfeeding help!

BODY ARMOR DRINKS!!! Coconut water and I ate more oatmeal in the mornings.

I was drinking nothing but water, nursing, pumping after each feeding and throughout the day and night. Every 2-3 hrs

Stay hydrated and start pumping in between feedings every 2-3 hrs give or take


When your baby is that new, the frequency of nursing or pumping is very important to build supply. Also when you nurse, switch your baby from side to side frequently-every few minutes even.


I have 4 kids I breastfed, 2 of them tandem, best thing I found was oatmeal really works to build supply and lots of water

You have to build supply… the more you nusre/pump the more you will make. Those special drinks don’t do much but hydrate you which you need to be to make milk. And proper diet

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Stop the tea! It has Fenugreek and while it helps some with supply for others it kills it. It dropped my supply to half in a week.
I got it back by pumping every 2 hours, body armor drinks, oat milk, oatmeal cream pies and tons of water.

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#1) relax. If you’re stressed it will affect your flow.
2) feed your baby then pump. (It will signal your body to produce more)
3) drink lots of fluids and intake lots of fatty carbs.
4) even if your body decides it can’t keep up, ITS OKAY!!
Good luck, Lil momma. You got this!!


All these are great ideas. The issue really comes down to comfort and emotions. Relax and your milk will naturally come in. It’s the oldest supply and demand system. I have 6 children that I breast fed.

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I have heard body armor drinks help with that a lot

I went on a pill called domperidome. Took it 3 times a day. I produced 12-16 ounces every pump session for 10 months🙂
And tons of water!!!


I pumped on one boob while I was breastfeeding on the other. Tricked my body into thinking I had twins. Filled my freezer in two weeks. Also body armor drinks :100:

My midwife had me nurse first, every 2 hours around the clock. Both sides about 10 minutes each. If baby needed more milk, supplement with pumped milk first, then formula if it is necessary. Then I pumped for 30 minutes. Its a difficult schedule to maintain but it helps. The keys are you absolutely have to maintain enough calories, nutrients and water in your body to properly make milk for your baby, and #2 you have to effectively remove milk at regular intervals consistently. Its rhythmic supply and demand so you have to have that consistent and effective removal of milk to build and maintain a good supply.

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I don’t understand pumping if you’re at home with the baby. You will make tomorrow whatever amount the baby gets today. It does take a while to regulate, though. The “milk” at first is colostrum, gives the baby lots of immunity. Just relax, drink lots of water.


Our lactation nurse said not to pump till baby is at least 6 weeks old to set supply and demand and give them what they need.


That’s Normal! I recommend joining the Mama Milk Breastfeeding and Lactation Support there’s tons of info there from lactation consultants! Your milk doesn’t regulate until 6-12 weeks pp and you shouldn’t be anywhere near pumping two full bottles otherwise you’re at risk of being an oversupplier which in turn can cause mastitis and clogs!

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Just keep giving her a tit 24 hours. The suckling is stimulation, and your body will respond naturally. I ate like crap, worked 16 hours a day, and had to pump on breaks to make it work. Just keep up the good fight.

It’s all about supply and demand. The more you empty, the more you will produce. Staying hydrated and power pumping once a day will also help as well. Oatmeal also helps! Doesn’t matter what kind.


Mother’s tea dried me up!!! I drank pineapple coconut Body armors, made a smoothie with oats and coconut milk every morning. And pumped like crazy!! Those natural things to increase your supply killed it! Just stay away.

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I would stop the fenugreek it dries some women out…

Just relax and nurse as baby wants. It’s a supply and demand situation. The more you nurse the more you make. Trust your body

Mother’s milk tea can decrease your supply due to the fenugreek. Just keep latching baby, they will get what they need.

Don’t pump. Let your baby nurse and your body will adjust

Talk to your doctor about using fenugreek or some sort of supplement. Also; look into lactation consultants in your area. Best of luck!!

Drink LOTS of water and eat oatmeal! I would alternate sides when feeding. If my baby nursed on the left I would pump the right and then put it in a bag and freeze it. Then switch sides at the next feeding.


My mother in law made me mama cookies. They are lactation cookies and the recipes can be found online and much cheaper than buying them in the store. Also I ate alot of the strawberries and cream oatmeal it is high in folic acid (I love strawberries so the flavor pick was just for me to be able to down the oatmeal) and will help produce. And keep taking prenatal vitamins even though you’re not pregnant it will help keep folic acid levels up in your system… and don’t put cabbage leaves on your breadt use a warm wash cloth. The cold will slow down and eventually dry your producing and so will wearing a bra like a sports bra. I have used the fenugreek before and it helped helped little with my first born but I smelled maple syrup alot when I got in my system idk why but I would smell it when I got hot or sweaty but it did help

Congrats on the birth of your baby. My advice is drink plenty of water and eat!! Eat like you are still pregnant. Have healthy snacks and favorite drinks available around-the-clock. Your body is adjusting and healing itself plus feeding your baby it needs plenty of fuel to do it all. Hang in there you got this

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Fenugreek is a big no for a lot of mamas! Get some body armor drinks and drink away. Nurse on demand, and power pump if you need to. Stay hydrated. Eat oats, that’s helps some people as well. I’ve heard wonderful things about coconut milk, but I couldn’t drink that stuff. Body armor drinks are made with coconut water, so that was the alternative. Don’t give up, mama!

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Eat oatmeal. Drink lots of water. Pump consistently every 2-3 hours.
I did this. And my milk supply increased so much. I am actually dealing with over supply. Good luck :+1:t3:


Body armor drinks help a lot of mamas! Sadly most of the lactation support drinks and snacks don’t help, and often counteracts production.

Nurse baby first before you pump, supply on demand the more the baby nurses the more your body will tell you to make more but alot thing come Into play as well: caffeine will shorting your supply as well as some medicines you could ask your dr about. My lactation consultant told me to have bottle of water or juice by me while my daughter was nursing n I should have the whole bottle of water or juice drank before she was done nursing. Body armors help alot along with oatmeal and lactation cookies, eat lots of protein as well. You wanna stay well hydrated cuz if you cant keep hydrated you wont make milk. My daughter is month old now and nurses 15 to 20 minutes per side every 2 to 3 hrs than I pump for 20 mins and still get 4_6 oz per side. Just remember tho everyone is diff. Best of luck to you hun

I always pumped for an additional 15 to 20 minutes after my kids nursed. It allowed me build up my supply. I also pumped for a longer time after the first feeding.


Drink some Gatorade and eat oatmeal every morning. I personally could not pump well but my babies got enough from nursing. You really shouldn’t pump until about 4-6 weeks.


Honestly the more I pumped the more I produced. Doesn’t happen overnight tho and u have to be consistent!

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The best way to build your supply is to stop pumping and have baby on the boob as much as possible!!! A pump can never do what baby can. Baby needs to cluster feed in order to tell your body to produce more milk. Research cluster feeding. Do not ignore cluster feeding. Even if the baby wants to nurse every ten minutes. It’s normal and it will help your supply. The amount you pump right now is irrelevant. Your newborn only needs a very little bit of milk right now.


Body Armor, G2, lots and lots and lots of water.

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Stop stressing out or it will stop lol

Lots of stimulation. Let baby eat then pump some. Do it often. They more milk you express the more you get back. How showers and let the hot water hit your breasts.

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Stay away from anything with fenugreek, it’s in a lot of those and in like 50% of women it helps in the other half it’ll destroy your production completely. My best advice is to stay hydrated and literally don’t worry about it. I had problems my first two, my third when I was like fuck it, well just do it as long as I can, I was able to fully breast feed. Stressing over it is the worst thing you can do. And your boobs should feel soft, you don’t want to be engorged ever. Engorgement will tell your boobs to make less. You’re fuller than you think you are.

I heard the body armor drinks help alot with this


Breastfeeding is supply and demand. When your milk first comes in, your body produces a lot hence the engorged and full feeling. As baby nurses, your body regulates to the amount that your baby needs. If baby is hungry, put him/her to the breast, and your body will adjust to baby’s needs. Lack of engorgement and feeling over-fullness is NOT indicative of low supply. It’s indicative of your body doing exactly what it’s supposed to. Keep on doing what you’re doing, mama! :heart:

Edited to add- pump output also is not an adequate measure of how much milk you’re producing. Some women (myself included) do not respond well to a pump. I breastfed four babies without supplementation for periods of 6 months (my first) to over two years but could never pump more than an ounce or two in a sitting.


You will need 1/4 more food, and 1/2 more liquid than you usually take to feed your baby. Feed and hydrate yourself well, supply and demand, keep baby next to you as much as possible, baby searching for milk is stimulation. And relax, so milk will ‘let down’.

Body Armor drinks have been a life saver!

This recipe works wonders.

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Lactation cookies, I made my own because they are pricey, fenugreek pills along with increased water. You got this :muscle:t3:

My daughter cluster fed but had to pump and squeeze boobs to build supply now she has no problem

Please see an ibclc and have baby checked for oral ties. If they cannot transfer milk efficiently then then will not empty the breast to trigger your body to create more. Additionally watch out for fenugreek in lactation cookies and teas. If you have an unknown thyroid issue it will dry you up.

Drink lots of water, let your baby stay latched as long as they want. If you are drying up it could be because dehydration or your baby might have a lip/tongue/ cheek tie, have your pediatrician look at her mouth next appt if you are worried! You got this :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Supply increases with demand. Drink plenty water and rest. Good luck

Eat eat eat drink drink drink pump pump pump consistently

Eat eat and eat some more drink water until you can drink another drop if you do these two thing you won’t dry up :ok_hand:t2:

I have breastmilk you can pick up if u need some. I weaned my daughter finally lol

Don’t use any supplements right now‼️
Start drinking at least a gallon of water a day, you could even buy coconut water.
My second baby I knew I struggled with milk supply because of my first. So what I did was pump every 3 hours night and day and fed baby on demand and that let my body regulate an over supply in a short period of time. Everyone is different but this worked for me.

There are online lactation consultants that you can reach out to.

Breastfeed on demand.

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Drink lots of water, take your prenatals and feed feed feed. Your supply will level out and increase as needed. Ive been told by everyone its about how much your baby is pooping and peeing not how much you can pump. I used to pump a lot and now i can’t get more than 2 oz out of both but my baby eats every few hours and is a chubby ba$tard :rofl:

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Also keep those nipples clean! After feedings, So you don’t get an infection, the 1-2 week period creates the sour and cracking…
It seems there is always the 2-4 week period where we all need more milk than we have for the baby, but soon you will have plenty.
I had a few problems. I got mastitis, and over pumped and it created clogged milk ducks. So be careful.

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Don’t compare breastfeeding with formula feeding. You don’t need the same volumes. You shouldn’t be able to pump two bottles worth especially if they’re only a week-old! Make sure your baby is latched on properly and that their head is tilted back slightly. Their chin should be pressed into your breast, not their nose. Look at a picture of them if you’re trying to pump. You shouldn’t dry up, even if you’re getting it wrong. I didn’t get it right at first and managed 19 months bf. Make sure you drink enough and eat properly.

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Lots of Water, fenugreek pills

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I need breastfeeding help!

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Feeding on demand will bring in all the milk you need. Pumping will cause an over supply and will probably interfere with baby trying to comfortably feed. Baby will get too much milk when the let down comes, and get fussy or refuse the breast. The best way is to exclusively breast feed on demand, with lots of skin to skin. Your body will learn babies pattern and produce enough. Supply and demand💛 good luck.


The more Bubs drinks the more your supply will come in. Pumping milk also helps but I could never seem to pump milk out (sagging after three boys lol)
Drink plenty of water as well hun (no caffeine)
In the shower I would use a face cloth and massage my milk ducts to active milk flow.
Don’t be so hard in yourself Mama :heart: bubs is a newborn so small frequent feeds. Xx


I exclusively pump and am an oversupplier. Swear by oatmilk, lots of water, body armor and protein based food. Removal of the milk on a consistent basis is needed. Being fitted correctly for flanges is a must to be productive. I’ll be at 12 months exclusively pumping for my baby in a couple weeks. I donate to other mama’s in need that cannot provide breast milk.


Anytime you can lay with baby skin to skin do that and all the other time have her At your breast
Warm :shower: water directly on your breast. Really any type of stimulation
Make sure you are staying hydrated and I’ve had patients tell me they’ve had great success with the body armor drinks and fenugreek supplements

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If your baby is one week old you shouldn’t be pumping a ton yet. A newborn has a very very tiny belly and it takes such a small amount to fill your baby’s belly. If you are breastfeeding on demand and your baby is producing plenty of wet and dirty diapers, you’re doing okay. Your breasts are engorged in the beginning, yes, but your supply regulates after a few weeks.
Breastfeeding is all about supply and demand. What is removed will be replaced. Pumping is discouraged for the 1st 6 weeks typically because you don’t want to create an over supply. Oversupply’s come with issues like clogged ducts, engorged boobs, more pumping than necessary, and reoccurring mastitis which is really painful and makes you very sick.
The most important thing for establishing your supply is breastfeeding. Nothing stimulates the making of milk more than the act of your baby nursing. In the first 6 weeks it’s important to breastfeed as much as possible, on demand. All the constant nursing is what is going to establish a good supply.
When breastfeeding on demand, you feed baby often, you follow their cues. Sometimes it’s every 30 minutes, sometimes it’s every 1.5 hours. There’s clusterfeeding, which is times when they are wanting to nurse basically all the time.
You shouldn’t need any supplements or anything right now, let your body do it’s thing!
I would suggest joining a few breastfeeding groups! I don’t know if I can tag groups on here or not so just let me know if you want me to share them with you because I will! They have lots of knowledge, advice, and encouragement for new breastfeeding mom’s!

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I never did the breastfeeding supplements only lots of water and extra calories I drank body armor and Gatorade I ate oatmeal for months every morning. I have been breastfeeding for 22 months now

Be careful with the tea, fenugreek is known to sometimes have the opposite effect and can lower supply.

Put baby to breast whenever he or she wants to nurse, that’s the best way to keep up supply. As long as baby is having enough wet and dirty diapers and is gaining weight, even slowly, you’re doing just fine. Nursing on demand, lots of skin to skin, and relax and don’t overthink it. Baby and your body know just what to do!! Some days it may feel like baby is nursing every hour, and that’s ok. Some days they need to nurse more than others, just follow your baby’s lead and don’t stress about it. Be sure to eat enough and stay hydrated, there are no special foods or drinks that will make you produce more long term. Breastmilk production is supply and demand, so the more you remove the more it signals your body to make. Hard and full breasts all the time is uncomfortable and an oversupply can cause lots of issues. I am nursing my 2nd baby and my breasts are ALWAYS soft, never firm or full, never have been.

Dont know if it works bc I didnt breastfeed either of mine, but holding a vibrator on your breast will help too because of the stimulation. From a friend who sells Pure Romance and some people swore it was true

The more baby feeds will keep supply up. Feed on demand till it’s established, skin to skin. And the body armor drinks are wonderful too help with supply. Hydration hydration. Water is great but body armors help tremendously with hydration as well and it’s something with some flavor if you want alittle something different than water that day

One of the biggest things that nobody ever told me is to make sure to drink a ton of water as well.


During the night I was able to feed off one breast. Come the morning I pumped out the other one completely. The next night I switched the one I fed off and pumped the other. I was able to build up a supply. Then when I went to work I pumped every 3-4 hours.

Skin on skin, water, eating well, no stress, get sleep. Thats all you need - no supplements needed. Oatmeal helps.

Hand pumping worked best for me. I mean taking your hand and feeling for the milk ducts and massaging til the milk comes out. I have 4 kids and a lactation consultant showed me how and my milk was flowing in 2 days after baby. I went home and started drying up cause I couldn’t pump as often and started hand pumping again and it started flowing. Ended up having to stop because I got really bad off but definitely worked for me. Give it a try. Also remember Everytime baby eats if you are bottle breast milk you should be pumping. And if you use an electric pump to make sure to hand pump at the end.

Drink fluids when not feeding try pumping I was lucky my son constantly fed and I kept supplying loads when my boobs ached I knew it was feed time

I have never been able to pump and the only thing that worked was not giving up. Sounds cliché, I know. But I’m serious. I breastfed 5 out of 6 of my children and my youngest was the only one who made it past the first month. Because when they went through the cluster feedings, I supplemented formula because I felt like I wasn’t producing enough. I knew more with my 6th and I offered him a breast every time he wanted it. I applied that nipple cream. I massaged my breasts. I tried every trick I read about and he made it 6 months, when I went back to work.

Plenty of water! But also remember, as your baby gets older, your supply will level out. For several weeks when my daughter was a newborn, I was always engorged and leaking. As she got older my body learned that she didn’t need that much milk and my supply leveled out.

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You should consult with a lactation consultant, sometimes insurance has someone you can use! They can help you out so much, and just keep putting baby to your breasts I wouldent pump just yet because the baby is only a week old so drink tons of water, and eat healthy meals!

Feed anytime the baby will latch! And every body is different but 100% coconut water had me lactating like CRAZY!

Not to scare … but the mothers milk tea dried me completely up in the matter of a few days

Mothers milk tea contains fenugreek which dries a lot of mommas out rather than helping produce try liquid gold by legendary milk they don’t contain fenugreek and work wonders! Also drink tons of water!

Oatmeal cream pies help build supply, that’s if you like them

Lots of water fresh foods and if you speak to your gp rhey can give you something to help you produce milk

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Tons of water! & put baby to breast every chance you get :two_hearts: Their latch & comfort against you will signal your body to make more milk :blue_heart:

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It takes time. Nurse as often as possible. Nurse on demand. Use a haaka to catch the once of two from each side - that will help too

Used very warm compresses had huge amouts if milk til child was ready to go school

Tea won’t help, the only way to up supply is to remove more milk from the breasts. Soft boobs are happy boobs. Hard boobs are confused boobs. Baby fussing at the breast is normal newborn behaviour, skin to skin and responsive feeding.


Make sure you are hydrated and keep nursing!

Keep fluids up n There’s tablets that help with milk increase it’s called

Relaxation while feeding is very important

I’ve heard body armor drink works

Get those oatmeal cookies from target. It helped me produce double what I was making. But the trick is it’s hard cuz u have to eat a lot and drink a lot of fluids. I ate a lot of pasta and that helped me. I think you need to drink like a gallon of water a day.

If your nipples get sore you can use your milk to heal them. Too. It worked better than the lanolin cream.

Breast milk is made from
Blood not stomach content, nothing you drink or eat will increase supply. Severely malnourished women in Africa produce perfect milk for their babies. Supply and demand.

Pump and breast feed. Should only be producing about 2 ounces at the start. You want more have to pump . The breast milk supplements do work for alot of women . Try milky momma. Good luck and don’t give up.

This helped me. But I tried drinking some stuff and that made my milk dry up. But the cookies doubled my milk.

Lots of water, eat a lot healthy too but you need your carbs and calories. During nursing or pumping I found a hot water bottle or heating pad/rice sock, helped a lot to open up the milk ducks and helps with the flow.

You can even get more help on the Dr Thompson breastfeeding page. (They do talk poorly on the hospitals way of breastfeeding but the advice they give does help. Dr Thompson does have a program you can pay for as well and you get her directly with helping she contacts you and sends you videos but the page has videos of her talking and giving advice too.

Fenugreek and lots of water.

Body armor drinks!!!

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