I need breastfeeding help!

So about a month ago. I was able to produce a lot of supply. Well I was told stress can lower your supply. But was wondering how can increase my supply back up. I’m having a hard time with my baby latching. And I hate to give him formula. Only because I didn’t open to give it to him just yet. I want to continue to breast feed. And giving him formula. Makes him a bit constipated. Please help a mommy out.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I need breastfeeding help!

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Pump every 2 hours around the clock.


Look up marathon pumping/ cluster feeding. Breast milk is supply and demand. If you ask for more or shall be given

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Latch latch latch. Have babe checked for oral ties by a pediatric dentist. Spend time w just you and babe skin to skin. Hydrate hydrate. Power pump.


Contact your lactation consultant through your insurance. You need to drink water, eat as healthy as possible eat oatmeal and different things. But of course it is supply and demand. Keep feeding to build your supply back up. And look up Power Pumping as well. Check the baby’s latch.


Nipple shields are great for teaching how to latch better. It also protects you

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Maybe try nipple shields, or pump and feed that way

Did you go on birth control?

Lots of water, oat milk, body armor drinks, oatmeal cream pies and oatmeal. Pump every 2 hours and power pump at least once per day. Brewer’s yeast tablets from Amazon helped me a lot. If you are taking anything with Fenugreek stop taking it. It can kill supply for some people while helping others. Some of the teas that are supposed to boost supply have it.

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Don’t feel bad about formula. Fed is best!


I could only pump which didn’t last long because of major allergies and a special formula being what was best for him. When I was pumping I did every 2 hrs, ate Oatmeal every morning, drank a body armor every day and a mother’s milk tea every night. I had a very good supply.

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I tried mother’s milk tea and had to drink 4 tea bags worth to see a difference. Then I tried Yogi nursing support. One tea bag worth everyday and I went from 4 oz a day pumping alternate sides after feeding to 12 oz a day. It’s worth it.

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Get a hospital grade breast pump like Medela and pump every 2 hours. Make sure you’re drinking PLENTY of water. You can also try Mother’s Milk tea. Even if you can get your baby to latch, you should pump after each feeding and empty both breast.

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Milky mama lactation cookies


Have you tried nursing in the football hold?

Look into craniosacral fascial therapy.

Reach out to a lactation consultant about latching issues. Have you had baby evaluated for a lip or tongue tie? How old is baby? Your supply might just now be regulating but may seem low to you. More times than not it is just supply regulating rather than having a low supply.

You can always mix breast milk with formula in a bottle. I’ve heard beer is good for milk production. I drank copious amounts of water almost constantly when I was at work and could pump 2 full bottles worth on my lunch break.

Eat oatmeal and drink a Gatorade daily.

Oatmeal, brewers yeast power and coconut milk in fruit smoothies are what helped me!! I did the smoothies twice a day to help supply increase. It took about a week

Nipple shield is what helped me and I pumped and bottle fed as well

Eat oatmeal and mix warm water with chocolate powder and cinnamon sticks ( little sugar if you want)

Pumping as if you are feeding will increase your supply. No tight bras.

The pink drink, water, Powerade , body armor, good nutritions but the best bet is supply and demand!!

There are milk lactating cookies that they sell at TArget and they work in minutes !!!

Keep offering boob to him the more you do it the more you will create supply and demand.

Mother’s milk lactation tea and lots of water worked got me.

Also pumping and storing after feedings

My daughter is 3 months old. She could never latch on without us struggling. I decided to pump. I religiously pumped every 3 hours the first 2 months. Then every 4-5 hours. It would take me 30 min each time for collect 4-8 Oz. Now I pump 10-12 Oz every 4 hours and I only pump 10-15 min. I’m really bad at drinking water. So I make myself. I drink coconut water drinks. I think what helped me was I never stopped pumping even when I only got 4 Oz in 30 min. Don’t give up!! It can feel overwhelming and draining at times. But we are trying out best. And I worry and stress about everything. I just had to keep pumping for my baby.

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I put my finger between my son’s lips and my nipples then slowly moved it away when he latched. After he’d eat I’d pump. At first not much or nothing came out. But overall it started to help

I dark lager beer a day will help increase milk production

The more you feed on demand…the more your supply will increase
Drink plenty water and rest…I breast fed but topped up with formula due to low supply and hungry babies.
As long as baby is fed and content it really doesn’t matter…formula is very good these days

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You can ring the GP they can give you tablets to help x

Just keep offering the boob. Once you open the formula and he takes it the less your body will think he needs aunce not nursing.

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Keep trying to get him to latch. Try different holds (ie. football hold) and use your 2 fingers on top and bottom of your nipple and guide the nipple into the upper part of his mouth like behind his top gums. He should latch easier if the nipple is angled with the top of his mouth and his younger should be able to get a better suction on it.

Do your feed 15 mins per side, then switch. My daughter was picky with what side she fed off of for some reason and didn’t like the one side. When baby is done, pump each side 15-30 each side until dry.

Because my daughter only liked the one side I was worried I would produce more in that side than the other (and yes that is what happened). My breast feeding coach always said to keep trying on both sides and pump after feeds to ensure you are dry and your body will start producing more milk. She also told me to feed and pump every 2 hours. I wasn’t one to wake my babies to feed so if they were ready to eat I would pump dry again. I wanted my husband to have to feeding bonding time too so had both of our kids on breast and bottle. My son did better on the bottle but took a few different nipple styles before we found one he liked (wow sounds like I had picky babies lol).

Once I got into a routine my supply increased quite a bit! As mentioned, drink lots! And you can ask your doctor about donparidone (not sure of the spelling). It is actually a stomach motility medication but (a common side effect is lactation) and is used off label to help increase milk supply! Also having a hot shower before feeds/ pumping can help as well.

Just a few tricks I was taught because I was struggling in the beginning with both kids and it worked for me! Hope this helps, don’t give up, keep trying and try new ways! Everyone has their little ways so best of luck mama!! :purple_heart:

This is a sure way to get that milk flowing! Many years ago like 37 i had my 1st baby and to be honest I didn’t want to breast feed it just wasn’t my thing I guess , well my breasts were so sore I was in I was in tears! The were so tender I could hardly move an inch, mind you I was 19 didn’t know much of anything really, so i decides to take a very very hot shower and the water hit my chest I must of stayed in there a good 15 20 mins because it felt so good, well that was the biggest mistake i ever made! They filled up with so much milk they were just squirting out! Streams! They became so engorged no words to describe it- like they were going to split open! I ended up going to the ER they had to release ALL of it! So if you’re having any issues try that

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They have a thing called nipple shields you can use for latching. I had to use them with my daughter. On top of all the things to eat and drink here I’m gonna add body armors. I heard they’re good for breastfeeding.

Get them checked for tongue-tie and make sure their nose isn’t pressed into the breast. Put them under your armpit if they seem to prefer one side to another. Pump first thing in the morning or after feeding to increase supply but remember your body will produce what your baby needs so don’t worry if it seems very little. Make sure they don’t fall asleep. I limited the time of feeds so mine knew to stay awake! Look at a picture of them before feeding and drink lots. Don’t give up x