I need breastfeeding help!

So about a month ago. I was able to produce a lot of supply. Well I was told stress can lower your supply. But was wondering how can increase my supply back up. I’m having a hard time with my baby latching. And I hate to give him formula. Only because I didn’t open to give it to him just yet. I want to continue to breast feed. And giving him formula. Makes him a bit constipated. Please help a mommy out.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I need breastfeeding help!

Lots of feeding and pumping will increase your supply. Make sure you are well fed and watered too!

You’re welcome to join our mums group if you would like some addition support Mummies Support Group xx

You can buy a nipple corrector from haakaa for like $22 or so and it suctions out your nipple so that bubba can latch on easier. It definitely works well just use it each time before a feed.

As long as you’re eating lots… That’s what makes your milk supply and if you can pump do that because that helps boost your milk supply or feeding more frequently

Can go drs and can get tablets to help produce it. I did that

Removing milk is the only way to increase milk production

Please see an IBCLC for help if your having trouble.