I need breastfeeding help!

So about a month ago. I was able to produce a lot of supply. Well I was told stress can lower your supply. But was wondering how can increase my supply back up. I’m having a hard time with my baby latching. And I hate to give him formula. Only because I didn’t open to give it to him just yet. I want to continue to breast feed. And giving him formula. Makes him a bit constipated. Please help a mommy out.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I need breastfeeding help!

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Drink tons of water and power pump. I nursed both my boys over 2 years, didn’t want to use formula either. Let him nurse as often as you can at least every 2 - 3 hours, it’s all supply and demand. Find a Le Leche League in your area. They can help with latching and any other problems you are having. Good luck mama :blush:


It’s going to feel like as soon as baby gets done, it’s time to eat again but supply and demand. Feed at least every 2-3 hours at least. I feed on demand so if baby is giving cues I feed him, even if he ate 10 mins ago. Body armor is also great because of the coconut water in it. Hydration is key. Limit caffeine too because it can seriously deplete your supply and dehydrate you. I have also found clif bars help me. They contain oats which helps in supply as well.


Seriously drink a couple of these! It will help… and if you pump, keep pumping even after your done bout 5 ish mins. It tells your body ya need to make more

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The issue with him latching could be part of it as well, my son never latched properly and my production was less but I had no problems with my daughter and had an abundance of milk.

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Still latch as often as possible! I highly recommend a haakaa if you don’t have one to allow your breasts to fully empty to increase the supply and demand. Foods will not boost your supply, stay hydrated!

Power pumping, lactation cookies or drinks, body armor drinks, water, and eat or juice vegetables that can help your supply.

Stress can also be a cause for it too. I stressed a lot when I went back to work. I breastfed for about 6.5 months until my supply dried up. I’m hoping I can go longer with this baby bc formula is so expensive. Especially since WIC wouldn’t cover the one my baby took (Enfamil Sensitive).

I ate tons of oatmeal cookies and drank 2Ls of oatmilk a day until my supply increased - it worked so well that I had to cut out the cookies and milk for almost a week before I could go back and start having small amounts daily just for upkeep

Feed, feed feed.
Drink lots of water, Gatorade, eat oats etc
But main thing is to let baby feed when they want. You have still be producing a good amount your boobs might just not feel hard anymore as the supply and demand has evened out. Go by if baby is settled between feeds and gaining weight.

The more u put him on the more you will produce. Fenugreek supplements helps and so does oatmeal. Drink lots of fluids and keep putting him on. It’s a supply and demand so the more he eats the more you’ll supply… I had flat nipples and had a hard time latching had to kinda pinch my nipple in half like I was holding a cigarette and get it in my daughter’s mouth till we got ahold of it. The nipple eventually came out more but it took time.

I hate when people tell a new mom that stress can reduce supply because that only creates more anxiety and stress for the mom! Hang in there and remember- fed is best. If you need to supplement with formula (I had to with both of my babies) that’s ok.


I had to start pumping constantly to build my supply back up. Stress and dehydration killed my supply

Stay home for a couple days and just breastfeed, also they have things that go on your nipple to help it be like a bottle type to help feed from the hospital you should call and ask if you can get one and just get comfortable
Easy healthy small meals and stay hydrated! Stress don’t help but don’t stress the baby isn’t getting enough. The more you have the baby on you and pump the more you should make.

Invest in a breast pump. Let your little one suckle as much as possible and also pump in between. It’s all supply and demand. May take a couple of days to a week but it is definitely possible. I also eat oats daily and got a medication called domperidone from my doctor. I have built back up multiple times with these methods!

Prenatal vitamins, tons of water, nurse first, then power pump, get enough sleep and hot bubble baths (seriously the hot water helps too)

There is nothing wrong with formula. If breast isn’t working your baby suffers by waiting too long. No shame in formula mama. Fed is best.

I bought the lactation cookies from Walmart. They’re in the baby food section. They also have other options. (Milk shake powders, other snacks) and drink plenty of water. Best of luck💙

Can someone with experience please explain power pumping to me? I have also been told to pump before feeding baby? I just don’t know what’s best and want to have a better supply woth baby number 2! :slight_smile:

It’s supply and demand. Make sure you are drinking lots of water and eating healthy. The more he nurses the more you make.

If he’s not latching ; your supply is gonna slow down. Even pumping won’t get all the milk out that the baby usually would. But you could always get a breast pump and try pumping AFTER every feeding

Drink tons of water, Body Armor, and pump when not breastfeeding. It increased my supply a lot.

Stay hydrated, drink lots of water.
Power pumping.
Lactation cookies/bars.
Pumping or feeding frequently (Supply by demand) the more you do it, the more milk you’ll produce.
Pump every 3 hours when baby is not with you.

This really helped me, when I returned to work. I had a huge dip in my milk supply and I have it under control now.

Good luck mommy​:hugs::revolving_hearts:

Baby to breast - visit an IBCLC. If you’re having issues with baby latching, I’d stop using bottles for the time being until baby is able to latch correctly again - nipple confusion is 100% a thing. An improper latch will cause supply to continue to diminish.
Aside from that, make sure you’re getting an extra 500-600 calories daily to support milk production. While a balanced diet is important, WHAT you eat isn’t as vital as the amount of calories you consume. Just keep in mind that the less balanced your diet is, the more nutrients your body will steal from itself and you won’t be replenishing them adequately. WATER WATER WATER. More water than you think you can drink.
Oats can be a great tool to help boost milk production - but this is a “bandaid” for the other issues at hand so don’t rely on it without working on building supply in other ways.

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Make lactation cookies! Google some recipes, worked for me! (So much better and cheaper than store bought ones)

Blue Gatorade, body armour drinks, oatmeal, lots of water and extra calories, power pumping, sunflower lechitin!!

If baby is having trouble latching, try a nipple shield!

Keep pumping! Power pump even!
Don’t go more than 2 hours without pumping.
Up your water intake(remember breast milk is mostly water).
EAT, you need those calories.
Also tandem pump with your baby; baby on one boob pump on the other each time alternating.
Oatmeal with flaxseed daily will help( Walmart & Target has it)
ALSO follow Milky Mama, LLC on IG. She’s a RN who created this great line of milk supply products, the emergency brownies helped boost my supply!

Keep at it mama & don’t beat yourself up. This is hard work but you got this! :muscle:t5::white_heart:

Water water water. Hydration.
If your baby can’t latch good pump pump pump. Every 1-2 hours. The more you expel breast milk from your breast the more it tells your body to produce more. Keep pumping it out and keep trying to latch baby. Baby will catch on. :slightly_smiling_face:

Drink a lot of fluid and pump every four hours then allow him to try to latch after pumping.

Feed more frequently and then pump after. Drink tons of water and eat a healthy well balanced diet.

Nipple shields to help the latch issue and drink “mother’s milk” tea. It tastes like black licorice which imo is nasty af but it worked amazing so I felt with the horrid taste

I know my walmart also has stuff there that can help produce more milk but i do know body amoro helps it did me.

If you’re having problems latching, just exclusively pump! It’s been so much better for me.

Get a breast pump and put in bottles. Why which over to formula?? All you need is a breast pump… hed still get all the nutrients thats in your milk. Just would not need to be directly breast fed… so stop trying to get him to nurse on you and just give him your milk…and the more you pump out the more that’ll come in plus you need to be drinking store bought milk. Cuz milk makes milk… and breast milk can be frozen too. But after you pump it put it in bottles and put it in the refrigerator…yes youll have to waŕm it up … i dont sèe the problem here only the fact you want him to nurse on you. And thats not the most important part your milk getting inside your baby. Sure youll have to wash and sterilize the baby bottles. So theres more work bottle feeding . But nursing on your breast isnt a “must too” thing at all. Easier and less washing of the bottles but then i just sounds like you want him to latch on cuz your being lazy… the subject here is him drinking breast milk instead of formula… bonding still takes place cuz your holding him and easier on him cuz using a bottle he can actually see your face… and see you talking to him while hes using a bottle with your breast milk and not formula…

Eat and drink a ton of water. Fenugreek supplement always helped me with supply. If ur pumping make sure your doing it correctly. Wrong size flanges and pump parts can decrease supply. Nurse that baby all the time. It will increase

Pump at least 15 minutes after each feeding to keep your supply up… to get your supply up, power pump! So basically dedicate a couple days where you basically do nothing but pump and feed! Pump for 15 minutes then take a 10 minute break… pump some more… break… pump some more… break…

Also! I highly suggest finding a chiropractor for yourself and baby! Getting regular adjustments can help increase your supply and will help baby latch better and also possibly sleep through the night if not already!

Supplements and powerpumping!!! Milky mama has some really good supplements to get your milk supply up!

Drink tons of water. And then have another glass. Also lactation cookies can help.

Non-alcoholic beer. The hops boosts milk supply. Just one every other day helped me get enough milk to make it to solid food

Medala supplemental nursing system. Saved my entire breastfeeding journey. It’s a tube you tape to your breast so the tube goes in babies mouth right next to the nipple. The tube is attached to a bottle with breastmilk/formula. That way baby is getting milk while latching. Like I said, it saved us

I’ve heard , and my daughter used the underarmor drinks.

Coconut milk helped my supply a lot. I drank a glass before bed and woke up full and leaking.

Magnesium is supposed to help. And pumping.

Take your breast and have your nipple pull at his lower lip until he opens his mouth wide and then swoop your nipple inside. Keep doing that if he unlatches or has problems keeping it. Increase your liquids, I drink 90 oz of water everyday and I’ll drink a thing or two of Body Armor. Take your prenatals everyday. Eat throughout the day, like six small meals or three big meals and three small snacks at least. I also drink a protein shake from Baby Booster, take prenatals from Baby Booster, take postnatals from Ritual and I take collagen from Vitauthority. Of course, you do not need to buy the extras, it’s just what I do. But you for sure need to eat and drink more and practice proper latching.

I know it sounds gross but I had my ex husband try with nipple stimulation and trying to feed

Contact the lactation consultant thru your hospital or OB office. They will be able to help you.

Stress can cause it to lower.
Make sure you’re drinking lots of water ( not caffeine).

Body armor drinks for sure!

Mother’s milk tea. There are lactation cookies as well as shakes that are awesome for supply as well as the body armour drinks!!! Good luck mama. Ive been breastfeeding for 2yrs and she’s weaning. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Oatmeal worked for me. And cluster pumping.

I big big thing for me was water 1 and food 2 you need to be eating a lot !! And don’t stress gaining weight Seriously I lost more weight eating more then I ever have in my life while breastfeeding then ever before I went from 205 to 125/130 in six months :raised_hands:t2: my first baby definitely not the case I couldn’t get her to latch I struggled I was very stressed I wasn’t eating much at all because I wasn’t sleep because she want eating and I wasn’t drinking anywhere near enough water by my third baby I had figured it out :pray:t2: thank the lord but after he was born at three month my milk dried up over night not even joking went in for my Post baby check up to find out I was pregnant again :no_mouth::exploding_head::woman_facepalming:t3: I was on the breastfeeding pill and doing everything else possible I even took plan B :grimacing: low and behold either way … ps do not!!! take Benadryl unless you want your milk to dry up :ok_hand:t2:it will dry you up !! Good luck abs keep trying ps you can supplement just a little formula it will be ok just until you get enough milk in don’t beat yourself up it’s going to be ok promise

Anything with yeast might help. Drink a beer or eat a roll.

Body armor drinks will help you hydrate and I recommend pumping in between feedings. The way it works is the more that comes out the more your body will know to produce.

No bake chocolate oatmeal peanut butter cookies helped me. I kept granola bars too and lots of fresh fruit

Pumping might help. Baby will still get your milk

Use a breast pump (pump every 4 hours) and eat oatmeal daily and drink a ton of water. No liquid, no liquid out

I read fenugreek is great for increasing supply.

Beer (one a day…its the yeast)

Body armor drinks help. Drink a bunch of them and breastfeed on demandor power pump. . If latching issue, contact the lactation consultant at your ob or hospital.

Porridge oats! AND RELAX!! x

Join LLLI Breastfeeding Support

Fenugreek supplements for you and a nipple shield to help baby latch on. It’s also okay to pump. It will help increase your supply.

pump and add to formula

Breastfeeding Support Group

Chocolate, beer ( non alcoholic works) cheesecake milkshakes
Whole milk (if you drink milk) breast fed 4+years feel free to inbox me
Your body needs fat

Try eating some whoppers

Get some mothersmilk tea.

Stay hydrated, get sleep when you can. Try not to stress, if baby seems fussy after a feed try a bottle after just to see how much they take after.
I myself became extremely stressed/worried wasnt getting sleep stressed myself to the point it wad hard for me to eat or sleep. I asked my dr to be put on domperidone just for a wee bit to help with my supply and it helped. I was losing my supply but it was from me & my stress!
If you are worried i would try a bottle of formula after a feed just to see if babe guzzles it down.
Best of luck😊

Drink lots of fluids and try to get enough rest. Lack of rest can really affect your production. It is ok if you have to supplement. Try finding a lactation consultant in your area to help with latching on. Your Drs. office should now someone.

There’s all sorts of products that you can order online and some you can possibly purchase at a local grocery store. Most doctors will recommend fenugreek in some form (my doctor did and I know of several others that have also) the powdered ones are pretty bad taste wise even when mixed with different things but they also come in capsules and now there are companies that make cookies, sweets and snacks to promote lactation and one of the things I liked best was they also make tea that promotes lactation and is really good imo I can’t remember the brand I used to buy but if I do I will update my comment lol

Oatmeal really helps with that and I also drank this tea called Mother’s Milk Tea, it helps some mom’s and not the other but for me personally it really helped and helped fast (like overnight it worked and I was full) just a heads up it almost tastes like black licorice, not everyone likes that lol also drink tons of water. Carry a water bottle around :slightly_smiling_face: if you have a hard time remembering to drink water. Keep a water bottle at your nursing area so it’s there when you nurse and just drink when you nurse.