I need breastfeeding help!

So about a month ago. I was able to produce a lot of supply. Well I was told stress can lower your supply. But was wondering how can increase my supply back up. I’m having a hard time with my baby latching. And I hate to give him formula. Only because I didn’t open to give it to him just yet. I want to continue to breast feed. And giving him formula. Makes him a bit constipated. Please help a mommy out.

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I need breastfeeding help!

Oatmeal is good for boosting. Brewers yeast lacation bites. Also try a pumping schedule. See a lactation specialist.

Are great resources.

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Fenugreek helps with milk production

I used a nipple shield with my first one for 5-6 months because he had problems latching, and it worked great for us and every so often I would try without it and one day he just latched on and we never needed it again

Depends on how old your child is. Around 6 weeks your milk supply gets regulated and many women feel like they aren’t producing enough. You want to count wet diapers to know if your baby is receiving enough. It’s common for them to cluster feed at certain growth milestones which is another time many moms feel like they aren’t producing enough because the baby wants to nurse all the time.

If you really want to increase your supply because your baby’s wet diaper count has gone down and your supply really is down then nursing on demand, skin to skin contact with baby, staying hydrated, and even pumping after each nursing session can help. ((Hugs)) please see a lactation consultant to rule out latch issues and discuss how to know if you’re producing enough.

As a side note: I have almost no pump response so when I went back to work I had to give my babies formula while I was at work. I’d still pump at work and I co slept and dream fed them damn near all night. My youngest nurse until she was 2.5. If you have to introduce formula it doesn’t mean you have to give up breastfeeding.

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If you get some fenugreek tea from your local health food store this is what my boss ( pediatrician) used to tell nursing mothers to get. And drink some daily it will help increase your milk supply. Also breast feeding is a supply snd demand kind of thing do the more you nurse or at least let the baby suckle the more your body will supply also you need to be well hydrated to produce breast milk. Drink plenty of water

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Bone broth is great for increasing your supply and pumping milk everytime your baby is supposed to feed when he takes the bottle

Fenugreek does not work for everyone! I know some have results but others say it makes it worse. It’s all about supply and demand. Feed baby every time they seem hungry! You should pump every 2-3 hours if you’re not feeding. Have you tried power pumping? You need to also stay hydrated and watch your calorie Intake! Consume at least 2,000 calories a day. Nursing burns a lot of calories. Hydrating drinks like water, coconut water, and coconut milk are great!!

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Drink a beer. It will relax you and bring in your milk…an old Irish remedy

Agree with the above comment. Is baby pooping and peeing enough? Does he seem full or always hungry?
Has his latch been assessed by a doc to rule out tongue or lip tie?
Steel cut oats, lactation cookies, keep hydrated and self express yourself.
But once your milk originally comes in full force and gets used to what babe needs, it’s normal for it to level out.

Body Armour drinks are good for helping with milk production.

I made lactation cookies with a recipe found online. Drank red Gatorade and Mothers Milk Tea (I prefer the chai version available on Amazon) Also, do something relaxing around you, light a candle or have some essential oils going, relaxing music, low lights.

Lay on the bed snd relax. Put a touch of surup on the nipple. Are uour nipple inverted. Its harder to latch if so.

My milk would go up and down all the time, I would use fenugreek for a couple days, eat oatmeal, or having a Guinness beer. Have you tried pumping? If you pump i between feedings it’ll also help get your body producing more!


It’s normal for it to dip. As long as

  1. your baby seems full

  2. your baby is gaining weight properly

Your supply is fine, even if it seems low .


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