I Need Help, Scared and Confused

My husband and I have been tracking my periods and my ovulation cycles for the last few months religiously. Because we wanted to try and conceive this month or the next couple. (I’m a teacher and want to try and have a summer baby due to work)
We planned and we did what we needed when the time came, although this cycle I ovulated later than usual.
Well fast forward, I have begun to feel what I thought were early signs of pregnancy. Nauseous (I know super early but it’s happening) the headaches like I did with my previous pregnancy as well as more fatigued.
I took a test 3 days before my period was due and it was negative. Sad, but I’d wait for it to be over and try again…
Well here I am 6 days past and still no period! I did the blood test and my hCG is a 3, it’s been two weeks since I’ve ovulation. Is it too early, or am I not pregnant and there’s something else wrong…

Background: I’m 24 and I have never missed a period or had one be late, except when I was pregnant with my daughter. And since then I am never late, I always spot the day before The actual Heavy start day but this time nothing. No cramps the week before no spotting. No period.
I’m nervous and scared and could use advice

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