I need help with baby sleep regression, please?

Any tips on sleep regression with a 19 month old? Babe had been an amazing sleeper until the past few nights. Waking up between 3 and 4 and screaming uncontrollably. I’m at a loss…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I need help with baby sleep regression, please?

My son has been going through this the past few months. One night he screamed for about an hour before one of my neighbors called the cops on us!! (I’m hopeful it was because they were concerned, being that I’m a single mom and maybe something had happened to me, and not jus them being spiteful.) He didn’t want to be held, didn’t want me to lay him down, didn’t want in his crib, didn’t want in my bed. It was rough. I chalked it up to either him getting over a stomach virus (maybe still having stomach pains), his canine teeth coming in, or a night terror. It has happened a few times since so I’m assuming it was a night terror. When it does happen, all you can do is snuggle them until they calm down. It’s tough, but they do eventually get over it.

This is very common my son went through this for 2 months. He would over heat so I stopped putting him in pjs and made sure he had water with him and a fan going it helped a lot but it still happened. They say they start getting bad dreams from 18 months to 30 months

Thank goodness. My daughter does this a lot, thought I was alone here. I assume my daughters are bad dreams, She’s only 2. Takes her a good 20 or more minutes to stop crying.

Maybe something happened to frighten her…bad dreams or perhaps mice in the walls.
When my daughter was about the same age she would wake up terrified every night and i couldn’t understand why. We realized later that the racoons were making a racquet in the garbage cans outside her window…we were moving and after we moved she thoght there were monsters in the closet .after we showed her there werent she was fine.she settled right down no more racoons

Sometimes sleep restoration is needed may sleep some night in a child’s bed so they can feel secure again! Without moving into the master bedroom they’ll never wanna get out!

A few nights??? It’s normal. Relax.

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Put something soft an coudley by it an sometimes you can relax a baby by putting music on not that ol boring crap like we listen to turn it down but fix it where your baby can here it give your baby a nite lite

it sorts it self out after a while just stick to routine my son had a few of them