I need help with my 8 year old!

I need some serious advice for what to do with my 8 year old. She is the sweetest kid but lately she has been acting so ungrateful, rude, bossy, demanding, and just constantly argues no matter what it is that you say, she has to argue. I know kids will be kids but this is way past a kid just being a kid and exploring boundaries. She spends most of her time screaming and especially at me. You can never please her lately. No punishment or displine seems to help or change things. She was making progress for a little bit and then she went back to the old behaviour except worse. Ive tried taking things away, the loving approach, the screaming approach, I’ve done programs to help, ive ignored and I’ve cried, i feel like i have done it all. I’ve talked to her to see if something more was going on and got nothing. I’ve been understanding. I notice the good, I spread my attention around, I spend quality time with her, I honestly am at a loss. She also becomes so destructive when angry. She has a doctors appt on feb 16th. Her behaviour has me feeling so depressed and burnt out and I just need to some advice. Has anyone else dealt with this with their child or children? How did you cope? Did it get better? How did it get better? Anything at this point will help.

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This is very common. I started with looking at my daughters friends. How do they treat their parents? I kept her from hanging out with her friends and talked with her constantly about being more respectful. I disciplined and followed through every time. I hope this helps some.

Just breathe mama! Sometimes 8 year olds are just rude for no reason. It isn’t a relflection of your parenting. Just see what the doctor says.