I need opinions on if it's okay to send my kid back to school

We all know are kids went back to school recently, well In just this week alone(yes Monday and Tuesday) I’ve already received a email each day saying that they’ve had confirmed cases of COVID-19. This morning my child woke up not feeling well (stomachache) I kept her home, when I called the school they said ok she can return tomorrow since that’s the only symptom. Now my question is, Will y’all still send your child to school even if feeling better ? I do t feel like I need to take her to the doctors since she’s feeling better. (They said if she’s out longer than 2 days she needs a drs note) Also before anyone asks Yes she wears a mask to school. T.I.A

It depends on how you feel about the whole covid situation. My husband and I decided not to send out daughter to pre-k this year. It’s not mandatory here, we weren’t comfortable with her being there to begin with & my husband had a couple super recent deaths in his family due to covid. Plus there’s no mask mandate here. We didn’t want to chance it but there’s also the other side of people like my mom who couldn’t wrap her head around why we wouldn’t let her go. So it just depends on how you feel about it. As far as I know a stomachache is not a symptom of covid, but since they have confirmed cases of it in the school it can be very easy for her to get. My cousins 3 kids started school this week and after only 2 days they started getting sick and they got tested… positive results for all 3, and they’re in 2 different schools because of their ages. Make sure she wears her mask as long as she can, give her hand sanitizer and tell her to use it after touching things… especially before she eats.