I need some advice/words of encouragement

For a couple years I've had some problems with my mental health. Mostly anxiety and Depression and I haven't sought treatment. This past year or so I have noticed that I have mood swings a lot. I googled it and it says Bipolar disorder mood swings and mania usually last days/weeks so I don't think I could be experiencing it because I'm having good swings numerous times a day. I found something about BPD and I have all the symptoms except for paranoia and delusions. The thing is, I'm scared to go to the doctor because I'm afraid I'll be labeled as crazy. But I can't go on like this, it's affecting my marriage and my husband deserves better. How would I go about going to see a doctor for this? Can you please give me some advice and encouragement, and tell me about how you're treating you BPD wether with meds or therapy.

I have the same issues, anxiety and depression…and this last year or so…I’ve become agitated and angry throughout the day like you. It’s like overstimulation. I found it is in part to my thyroid levels being off. Maybe see an endocrinologist to look into it.
I have sought out help of mental health professionals this last week also, my son deserves way better…and so do I. So far, everyone has been very helpful and kind. The fact that you are self aware, and know it is a problem is a GOOD thing. Reach out for help mama <3