I need some advise...

I have an anonymous question.

SA warning

I’m sorry for how long this is going to be.


My daughter’s dad and I have not been together for about 5 years well since before I knew I was pregnant. There was a horrendous fight where he threatened to beat me, told me that I was pregnant, and then threatened to “cut it out” of me because I couldn’t handle the screaming and I stated that I was going to smoke a cigarette. Well, fast forward to when my daughter was a bit over a year old, he reaches out wanting to be part of her life. I let her see him,but he didn’t really act interested in her. But he asks for me to come over to discuss a visitation plan. I do so and he didn’t try to discuss visitation. He decided we were going to have s** and that I couldn’t tell him no because we had a child together.

At that point, I was no longer willing to work with him, so I took it in front of a judge. He has mental health issues and a history of drug abuse. I am given full legal/physical custody and he is awarded supervised visitation.

He recently went to rehab for meth. He admitted that he had been on meth for over 3 years, so the entire time my daughter has known him. He also got mad at me when he got out and stated how he had plotted to plant meth in my car after one of his visits so that he could take her.

Now, he has been constantly harassing me telling me that I will choose to “be a family” and “do what is best for our daughter” or he will run me through the dirt in court. I’m terrified and idk what to do. I need advice on what to do.