I need to get something off my chest

For 2 years I have been primarily paying our bills with my income. I got an awesome job promotion but because of my raise we now do not qualify for SNAP or insurance. So I informed my husband he had to get a regular job with regular pay so he could help out. I found him a job and I applied for the job for him. He has battled addiction and was arrested twice because of his addiction, so he has fines. I paid his first fine completely off when we got our stimulus. I told him that his check when he gets it will be around $800. Because I was the only one working we got behind on our house payment, so I figured I would pay a house payment of $300 and get $200 for groceries and house stuff. When I told him that he said I’m going to give you my whole check. I said “no You can keep $200 to get you through the 2 weeks in between your paycheck and $100 to pay on your fines” I guess he thinks that I just blow my check. After getting paid and paying bills I had $300 and spent that on groceries. Most weeks I don’t have but $50 to last 2 weeks, but I’m taking all of his check. I don’t know how to break it down to him so he understands. Im just so frustrated. He got used to keeping the money that he made on side jobs and now he just thinks that he shouldn’t have to pay as much.