I need to upgrade my daughters car seat but I don’t know which one will fit in my car

My daughter is almost one and she is about grown out of her infant carseat. I have been looking for the last few days for a convertible carseat. My only issue is my car is tiny. It’s a 2007 Honda Fit. Does anyone have that vehicle or similar that can direct me to the best carseat that will fit and be secure? I have a car seat but it is front facing and she isn’t old enough so I’m just looking for a rear facing car seat that’ll fit in my car. Since I have a front facing car seat already I’m not looking to spend a bunch. I found a Cosco APT 50 Convertible car seat and it seems small but I just want to make sure it’ll fit before I order it. So if anyone has any suggestions one which car seat is best for a car that size please let me know!