I really need potty training advice!

Losing my mind… what are some suggestions on potty training?? She’s 2 years old, and up until recently, she hasn’t shown any interest in potty training. Lately, she has been telling us when she’s wet or dirty and will bring us a diaper and lay down when she’s messy, so I think it’s time lol any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated!!!


I did the ‘3 day’ method. Dedicated three whole days to being at home, in underwear, taking her to potty every 30 minutes religiously. On the third day, I waited for her to tell me when she needed to go and she did. She’s been trained ever since!


Get the book Potty Training in 3 Days by Brandi Brucks.

Leave her alone. She will do it when she’s ready.


My daughter wanted to wear the cute lacie panties and I told her she couldn’t untill she went potty in the toilet for awhile, as only big girls could wear them. It worked and she was trained in a few days.

I waited till my little boy started to try and get on the toilet (little under 3) and then did the 3 day method. Been dry for 4 months now

I put a potty chair in the bathroom and had her sit there (clothed) whenever I went (since she wanted to be in there with me anyway). She eventually decided she had to go too. I asked her if she wanted to use her potty or the big potty after that.

She’ll do it when she’s ready. The more you insist the more she’ll refuse. Don’t stress let her be. What’s the hurry? Before you know she’ll be going.


I put mine on the potty after I go and she gets the concept. I praise her and she loves that. When she does go she gets m&ms

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Look up potty monkey on YouTube. They also have a book and potty watch!

2 is still pretty young. My son was around the same age when we introduced potties. Not in a serious way, but if we went to the toilet, we sat him on his too. (He would follow us to the toilet anyways). He just saw it as a toy. We tried the seat/stair in one and he was okay with that, but still no interest, so I left him. Within a couple of months he started doing it himself and we went from there.

2 is still a little young. My oldest was trained at 16mos but that’s rare. My other 2 were 3 1/2. Don’t rush her it’ll take longer (that’s what happened to me. I expected them to be trained by 2 like their brother) & be more stressful. She’s just noticing she’s wet or dirty. Good 1st step but doesn’t show readiness. Get her a potty chair, let her see you use the toilet. It’ll eventually click. Then get a bunch of stickers. When she uses the potty she can put a sticker on a chart, calendar or directly on the potty chair. Let her see her accomplishment!

I posted the other day in a mom group about needing help potty training my 3 year old. Somebody recommended a potty training game I down loaded it and it worked wonders! I didn’t think I’d ever get my child out of pull ups… it’s been 3 days and shes had ONE accident!! Shes came to me 4 times and told me she needed to poop and all 4 times she went in the potty shes doing Amazing.

When she wakes up sit her on the potty,after she eats,before bed

I took my girl to washroom each time I went there were times I just went and sat there for nothing so she sees what I was doing there were times I turned on the tap… did that for like 3-4 days … until one day she was excited and said she needs potty …

Something that has worked great on my munchkin is a potty app. You can set regular times when it chimes mine does a potty dance runs to her potty goes. Does some more dancing and is some times starting to go without prompt or chime. This is drastically different then weeks ago when she would REFUSE and sooner pee herself then admit she needed to.:woman_shrugging: Check out “Potty Whiz: Potty Training Assistant”