I think I picked the wrong godmother for my child: Advice?

Has anyone ever picked the wrong Godmommy for your kid? I picked some one thought I was a good person and friend. When I ask her for help she don’t answer or anything. But than gets mad if I don’t answer. I take care of my son during the day and at night I work. My son is only a month old. What would you do?


Not expect someone to take care of my newborn. Your kid. Not hers.


A god parent is only there to keep the child on the right religious path if for whatever reason you don’t, that’s what I learned in the class I had to take before my kids were baptized. They aren’t a second parent and they aren’t someone who gets your kid if something happens to you. There aren’t any legal ties and most god parents these days aren’t even around when the kids get older anyway because people pick friends instead of relatives


A godmother is not a parent to your child. A godmother is not there for you to try to take advantage of. She probably doesn’t answer cuz you expect way to much out of her.


A godmother is not a parent…or your personal babysitter!! sounds like you are trying to take advantage of her! It’s YOUR KID…Find a sitter if you need help!


A godparent’s purpose is to oversee the religious education of the child should the natural parents pass away or fail to raise their child in the religion they were baptized in. That’s it.


Was there a discussion about expectations between the two of you? If so did you both agree or… Did you just assume that they would be at your beck & call.?

It seams like alot to put on any one person, when they aren’t the parent.


I think a godparent is supposed to take care of the child’s spiritual education and to take charge in the event of the parents unexpectedly passing away.


Don’t expect someone to drop everything when they have their own lives and ignore their nonsense if they try to make you feel bad for having your own life.

Has someone been watching too much Kath & Kim?

The godmother isnt a parent, she dosent have any obligation to take care of your child ? What is it exactly that you want her to do


Maternity leave in the USA is a joke. How is a mom back to work after a month? That’s crazy.


It’s your decision and if you think you made a mistake reevaluate and find what’s right for your family

Unless something happens to you and the child’s father the godmother doesn’t have to help you right now only if you and the child’s father passed away or incapable of raising your child.

I, I, I, that child has a father…your choices…a God mother is for the baptism not a baby sitter…


Sounds like u were looking more for a permanent babysitter as opposed to God mother


What are you expecting of her that you’re not willing to give in return?

I picked a godmother who never come sees her goddaughter, she is 2 and maybe saw her 5 times. Which we invited her. She has invited us once. We talked about it and still nothing. My boyfriend insisted on one of our kid having his side of the family as godparents :roll_eyes: I just tell myself that when my daughter is old enough, she can change her godparents if she chooses too which I’m sure she will…

There’s no written document for godparents cut them off :woman_shrugging:t2: