I think my best friend is trying to be me: Advice?

Not really a mom question but I am looking for advice. I’ve been friends with my best friend for 10+ years. And the past 5 or so of those years I’ve noticed something off. It’s like she’s trying to be me. At first it was kind of flattering I’m not even going to lie. I’m just an average mom, ya know? But now it’s just blatant and weird. Some Examples are she decorated her home EXACTLY like mine. I mean to a T almost. I went and got a piercing and she said “I’ve always wanted that” and went and got it. Girl I’ve known you forever you’ve never ONCE expressed to me you wanted it. But the icing on this crap ball cake is I was pregnant a few months ago. Low and behold a week after I told her she was too. Mind you she has her tubes clamped. And then two months into the pregnancy I lost the baby. Maybe 3 days went by and she lost her baby too. Allegedly. I don’t know. It bothers me. It’s to the point people around us are starting to notice it’s kinda weird. She even started having her husband dress like mine. And she’s always dressed like me. Like ALWAYS. She used to be a bright colors and leggings and stuff. I’ve always went the more hippie-ish route with my style. Now you’d think we’re trying to match our whole personas when we’re together and it just irks me. I’m not one for self flattery. This isn’t me being like “oh my god you’re so obsessed with me” it’s like a legitimate thing. I don’t like confrontation, but I feel like I have to say something. It’s gone on long enough. How can I address it without being a total jerk?

You are just going to have to flat out tell her you don’t appreciate it. That you don’t find it complimentary & she needs to talk to someone. Then you need to be OK with leaving her a bit. She’ll explode in anger & act like you left her. It’s been 5+ yrs for heaven sakes!!
Shes not your friend & you’ve known for a while she’s doing this.
You need to gently detach from her. Maybe talk it out to a counselor yourself.