I think my husband is cheating

So basically a few months ago he told me that when I don’t have sex with him it makes him want to look outside our marriage. That obviously made me suspicious. I looked in his phone when he was asleep, and opened one of his snapchats. It was a girl( she wasn’t naked but definitely inappropriate). Well that made me nervous. I didn’t want to falsely accuse him so I waited to find more evidence. The next day I opened his Snapchat again and opened up the message part from another girl. All I read was “I hate when you delete our messages.” That was all. Finally I confronted him and of course he denies it. Well a few weeks later I was still nervous and we got into an argument. Well he left that night and didn’t come home till the morning after the next day. I was pissed. He claimed he went to a hotel so I told him to prove it. He said he had no proof. After months he finally admitted he went to a guy friends house that I know. I don’t believe it. Well a few days ago he was out with friends. I called him at 10:30 pm just to see when he was going to be home. He finally showed up at 3 am. Again, I was pissed. He keeps saying he’s with his one friend but he’s never been there that late. I asked him to delete the two girls off his Snapchat 3 times. I asked him the other night and he said no so I said I was gonna go stay at my parents house. The one girl who sent the dirty photo he said was a lesbian, he showed me a few of her social medias and I somewhat believe that but also don’t. When I ask about the other girls deleted messages he says she was asking if we were ok in our marriage. I explained to him that there is no place for another girl to ask a man how his marriage is going. He’s called me crazy several times, and he even came to my parents house to talk about it with them. Not me, my parents. Both my parents think he’s lying and cheating, and I have a gut feeling. I just don’t want to end a marriage if I am being crazy. Also, he will not give me his phone. We used to be super open with them and now he doesn’t leave it around. It either under his pillow or in his pocket. Who sleeps with a cell phone in there pocket? The one time he gave it to me he snatched it out of my hands so quick when I opened snapchat