I Think My Husband Searches for Breastfeeding Videos on Tiktok

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"So here’s my anonymous question … I’m 35, I’m not naive to the fact that men love porn. They love watching YouTube, tik tok, videos, etc with naked chicks. It’s normal for them. So I don’t ever go through my husband’s phone but we were sitting on the couch together tonight and we started talking about a tik tok video he wanted to show me. So he got it up on his phone and we watched the funny tik tok video. Well I started flipping up to see more funny tok toks and instead 80% of the videos on his home/meant for u page are women breastfeeding their kids. Like nonstop. They are not doing it in a beautiful motherly way. It’s done in a trashy way. Tits floppin around and clearly putting a show on for the audience. I was like woah dude what is up with this? He said that they just randomly pop on there. I said that TikTok has a certain algorithm amand that these videos just don’t randomly pop up 80% of the time. I could see if it was one out of 10 but it was none stop videos like this. clearly this is something he searches or watches and rewatches for this many to pop up on his homepage. He got defensive and grabbed the phone and said "look, I don’t follow any of these people I don’t like any of the videos. Breast feeding videos are a trend right now so they pop up on all mens tik toks. " However I have learned from researching and from my own Tik tok they don’t have to follow Certain topics for them to pop up… You just have to search for these videos and rewatch them and stuff like that what makes me mad is the fact that he won’t be honest with me about it. Why lie about it? We are currently Working on him being more honest because he lies about stupid stuff in the past. For example hiding the fact that he vapes. Why not just be an adult and tell me? Sure I won’t be happy that he started smoking again but at least I can respect him and trust him. My question is…what would you believe? Am I wrong to think hes lying? Also…wtf? I can understand why a man gets turned on by a mom who is lactating but when there’s a nursing child in the mix I just find that shit sick AF. Thoughts? Advice? Thanks"

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"Click on his liked videos. I’m pretty sure that’s how they pick what to show on the FYP."

"I get so many recommendations on my FY of things I can’t stand/ don’t like so I wouldn’t think much of it."

"Dude go on his phone get on his TikTok app and click the heart button it will show his liked videos go through them then you will find out"

"I think it’s an embarrassment thing I just brush it off when it comes to videos or things with men. I don’t think too much into it at all."

"Sounds like U have trust issues and may need couples therapy to work them out. The breastfeeding videos have just irritated an underlying problem. Deal with it now or it will continue to repeat itself with different things."

"Ok I don’t watch porn at all!!! And those breast feeding breast feeding videos constantly show up for me as well!!!"

"I think you should talk to a couples therapist and not take everyone on Facebooks advice because you are going to get a million different opinions from people who are NOT professionals and that could result in making matters worse."

"It could be totally innocent my whole for you page is full of pregnancy videos that I’ve never searched for"

"Lol the amount of thirst traps on my FYP today alone has been ridiculous. I haven’t liked anything similar or searched anything to warrant being on that side of TikTok. Not saying he’s being honest or hasn’t liked/searched anything, but if it’s showing up on mine randomly I’m not the only one."

"I don’t search breast feeding videos or like them and I have seen 75% of my videos were breastfeeding videos a few weeks ago. Like non stop over and over. That or people pumping and pouring the milk in bottles etc."

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