I think my son has nightmares: Advice?

I’m a first time mom to a beautiful boy hes 11 months old and I’m pretty sure he has nightmares and I need advice… he wakes up in the middle of the night kicking and screaming not because hes hungry but because he just wants to be comforted i pick him up and he falls right back asleep… but I feel terrible that this is happening is there anything that I can do for him…

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My 2 year old daughter was the same . he will grow out of it soon it’s just there brain developing . Just be there for him when he wakes up with a cuddle like you are now. And enjoy the love he gives you.

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Is he close to a loud tv, do you and daddy argue loudly?? Try soft music in his room. Are you sure it’s not pain in the stomach. He might need to see a doctor. How long has he been doing this?? It could simply be gas. Doctor is the best way to go.

Mine are floppers too. One end to the other. We also had them in our bed until they were about this age so I chalked it up to waking cold and reaching for comfort. Hugs they grow out of it

My son had ptsd and slept walked and had night terrors. We just tried to get a solid routine for bed that included relaxing. No tv to fall asleep to. Warm baths. My mom gave us warm milk when we couldn’t sleep.