I Told My Husband I Wanted To Go Out For My Birthday And He Took Me To A Drive-Thru: Thoughts?


"How upset would you be if you told your husband you wanted to go out for your birthday, then on your birthday, he takes you to drive-thru then back home to eat dinner. We have four kids, so we can't just go out whenever; anytime I ask if we can go out, it's always driving thou or order in. I just wanted to be taken out, sit down and have dinner with my family for my birthday. I didn't think that was too much to as for. We have been together for nine years. Should I be upset or mad? or am I just acting like a child?"

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"I would be upset too. It’s definitely something you should talk to him about. If he cant understand where you’re coming from, you have a bigger problem."

"I would be upset but at the same time i think its best to be clear of your expectations. Communication is key. Unfortunately men cannot read minds (which im sure we can all agree would save our breathe). Maybe plan another night out and celebrate your birthday then?"

"You have every right to be upset… I'm sorry you didn't get to enjoy your birthday like you wanted.. you shouldn't have to beg for a good time on your special day. If he's off work on weekends maybe he'll surprise you this weekend? Wishful thinking."

"You need to talk to him and explain just what you said to us here..Some guys are clueless and if you don't directly say what you want They won't ever get it.."

"I would be upset.. It wasn't like you was asking for a weekend trip or a vacation! Just because you have a family doesn't change that you have a relationship outside of that.. Nothing wrong with getting some down time to keep the romance alive…"

"Were you specific about what you wanted to do? He is a guy guys need specifics. If you just told him you wanted to go out then that’s what happened you went out. No I would not be mad I would just be happy we got to go out at all because I never really do anything for my birthday or just for a date night for that matter."

"As much as I hate to admit it, men are not mind readers! Sometimes you really gotta spell it out for them. You should have said something like “hey I’d like to go a sit-down restaurant dinner date with you on my birthday”, not “I wanna go eat on my birthday”."

"If when you ask to go out it’s always drive through or order in then sounds like that’s what he thought you meant. Did you spell it out? If you did then yeah I’d be mad."

"Go without him. Leave the kids home and treat yourself. Tell him about the wonderful food. Ask if he wants to go with you next time."

"Have you really talked with him about it? You make the reservations and take him out."

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