I want to be better at saving money

As soon as my husband and I have it we want to go shopping or out to eat. I have $2000 in savings rn and I just want to spend it. I always rationalize a purchase with “I’m just gonna get more next week “ or “f*** it I worked hard to not buy something I want”. Any advice . Please don’t judge. We didn’t have good examples about handling money growing up but we want to learn

There’s many ways to save money. I would look on Pinterest, they always have many different ways to figure out which works best for you personally. What I’ve done is label different envelopes, one for each bill. Add one for spending… whether it’s for dinner, the movies, etc. make sure all your bills are accounted for then add a certain amount into the spending. Maybe only go out to dinner once a week. It doesn’t have to be a restaurant or fancy… chipotle, a taco shop, etc. Then put the rest in savings. I totally understand how you feel, I always want to eat out… but doing that has helped me a lot since I don’t actually “need” anything most of the time. I’ve always learned similar recipes to the foods I like when we go out to eat so I can make it at home