I want to work but feel guilty leaving my kids: Help?

Hey mamas how do you deal with the feeling of wanting to work but you don’t want to leave your kids with a babysitter, I have been a stay home mom for the last 2 years, I have a 2 years old and a 2 months old, I want to go back to work, but also I want to be with my baby, my older goes to preschool already, so I feel bad going to work and leaving my baby with a sitter, when with my older one I stayed all the time at home, I saw her walk for the first time, I fed her with solid the first time, and I don’t want to miss my little one milestones, so I dont know what to do , I feel like I’m a bad mom right now because I want to work, but also I want to have my own money to provide for them and help my husband, I already try work from work but was not successful.


I’m only working part time after my maternity leave, and my boyfriend and I will be working opposite shifts to make this work for us.

Why not start with part time work?

You could leave kids home with dad while you work part time weekends or after he gets home. That way you can save the money from having to pay for a sitter.

When I went back to work I hated leaving my kids with a sitter. It only lasted about 3 months and I just couldn’t stand it. I worked it out with my husband where he worked days and I worked nights, so one of us was always with the kids.

Sorry kids, childcare you will go mama gotta provide for you and plus that’s how i will retire and cllect Social Security in my Golden Years; the Universe agrees :gem:

Working is definitely not a characteristic of a bad mom. Babysitters can be a positive influence on young children, moms and children need breaks from one another to meet others and have different experiences. You are also teaching your children positive work ethics. It can be a refreshing change for all involved and make your time together that much more meaningful

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I got licensed, started my own Day care business in my home

Maybe just work part time n still will have kids n family time?

Soooo work from home

What kind of work are you looking for? Perhaps it could be flexible part time opposite S.O. schedule so you wouldn’t have to get a sitter, or that you wouldn’t be missing out on as much?

This right here is why I started selling jewelry! To stay home. And now I took on a few kids so I can still be home! It works out fairly nice!

I work part time…I have 3 kids…a 7yr old, a 19 month old, and a 7 month old… My s/o works full time during the day and once he gets home I go to work…so there are no babysitters involved. Idk if something like that would work for you…works fine for my family :slight_smile: … Goodluck

I view it as showing them that you have to work for what you have that it’s not just handed to you.


I staryed babysitting at home. I was bringing some money in and still got to be with my kids.

If that makes u a bad mom then we all are!
Listen the fact is we all want to stay home and we all feel guilty when we can’t. If you can great stay home ! But most don’t have that luxury! We got bills to pay and that’s part of being a good mom too! We got to hustle for them!
Me personally I couldn’t sit home and collect government assistance. It’s not in me! I wanna know and I want my child to know nobody did it but Me! I know there’s certain circumstances where people have no other option! It’s hard for all of us!!

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I was a stay at home mom for years and felt the same way! I became a bus driver best decision I’ve ever made! Pay is excellent I have time in between runs to do errands and clean up the house that way when I get home in the evening it’s all about the kids and dinner and family! I’m off in the summer with them and still get paid and I’m off for all the holidays they are and I’m home every weekend! Best decision I’ve ever made hands down!

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I stayed at home for 8 years. The biggest factor for us was daycare. I would have literally worked just to pay day care. I waited until I didn’t need day care to go back to work. If childcare isn’t a factor than by all rights go back to work if that is what you want to do.

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Not a bad mom at all. If you can keep daycare off till the youngest is two. Way cheaper!!! Try to find something part time or from home.

Same here, I came back to work only part time…

I gave up 18 years in the nursing field(Happily) to drive a school bus after my daughter was born. No daycare expense since she gets to go with me. She’s been riding since 4weeks old.

Stay home with your baby. You’re doing a very important job.

If you feel you are ready to get back out there it’s the choice you have make. There are great day cares out there. I run one in my home.

You’re not “leaving” your kids. You’re providing for them which millions of mothers do everywhere


Work nights. Maybe even part time.

Your not a bad mama, not at all, I’ve been a STHM for past two year’s and I love it no doubt! Your doing what’s best!
But I also needed something more for myself besides being a full time STHM. I currently started a part time 1st shift job in the mornings before my hubby goes to work. So hubby gets daddy,daughter time in the mornings and they both love it :slight_smile: because he work’s 2nd shift so he’s gone all day. But now that
We are currently expecting I’m 20 week’s, due in feburary and also In spring we plan to move, financially we need 2 incomes.
To be closer to family and also so I am able to get a 1st shift full time job and we will have a sitter for our children. Because we don’t like daycares or trust strangers enough watching our children. I’m pumped to be able to support our children along side with my Hubby to bring in that 2nd income because well lets face it having children along with living, it ain’t cheap. I do know I will miss some of the first big/little steps in their life while I am working but unfortunately gotta think about the financial support. It’s hard to live life comfortable and not worry, on 1 income house hold.

I stay home with my 3 yr old and sell Scentsy, Im currently 7 months pregnant with our daughter and I will stay home with her until she starts school.

I would put off going to work until both children are in school all day. I so regret having to work when my children were growing up. BUT I had to work. Babysit or something small from home for your spending money. ALSO it would socialize your children.

There are lots of mom who would rather be with their children at home but don’t have a choice. It’s part of life.

I took in a couple kids the same age as my youngest . I got a new portacrib for each .took everthing out of my living room .except baby furniture ,t.v. cribs ,toys .I put baby gates at both openings. I loved staying home with my baby . I liked all kids doing about the same as my baby. I meet some great parents and i made cash $… You gotta love kids .My older child loved having me home and more kids to play with.

Never feel bad for wanting to go back to work. Its important to be YOU outside of being a mom. It doesnt make you a bad mother. If that’s the case, I’m horrible, both of mine were put into daycare and I worked. I never felt bad at all either. I stayed home for a small amount of time but got bord and wasnt happy…so I went back. It’s your choice and no one should make u feel bad for it.

I would suggest starting the process. start looking for a job that can fit with your family and your time schedule of when you feel you would need to be home. Take this time where you’re not really pressured to have a job to look for a job that fits with your family and that’s how you know you could do regardless. It will take some time to find something along that lines and also hiring. You’re not a bad mom and it is common that the first baby gets a little more attention and everything else because your a first time Mom but when second baby comes around things do tend to take.