I was curious of what are some must haves for a newborn baby?

I’m starting way over and it’s all new again.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I was curious of what are some must haves for a newborn baby?

Forehead thermometer

Bottles if formula or pumping
Lots of burp cloths and zip up sleepers
I used a bassinet the first 3 months

Nose Frida, sleep sacks- i love the Zipadee-Zips, sounds machine, pajamas with zippers not buttons or snaps, Paladin for diaper rash, diaper genie

Not so much new born… But once there grow out of the receiving blankets… Cut them in half and use as a burp cloth… Was my best hack when I was a new mom…15 years ago

Seriously you don’t need much for a newborn baby and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise cause it’s just a waste of money. A few onesies, good bottles, a pack of diapers in NB and size 1 in case your baby is big, and a crib or pack n play, whichever works for your room is literally all you need until they get a bit older. People go so over board that it makes other parents feel like they’re not doing enough. A baby can’t move or do anything for that matter. Get the basics and save the rest for the toddler stages!


Skip the gripe water and get Simethicone drops. LIFE savers.

A change table if u end up with c-section!!!

Baby Motrin for teething butt cream wipes some moms like water wipes so there is no scent or dyes start buying diapers now so you won’t have to run out to get them when babys here

Formula containers are a lifesaver! I’ll go back and get a pic of one. I didn’t want to lose the post. But you measure out the formula so it’s ready to go in the bottle. It’s so much easier on the go or at night. I would just put the water in the bottle and when he wanted it Just pour it in there.


Bottles I use Avent , Pacifers, bottle sterilizer if you don’t have the extra steam sterilizer on your dishwasher , crib and crib sheets and blankets , car seat and stroller , I wear my baby some it’s easy when going somewhere she likes to be held , socks , I like gowns they are easy for middle of the night changings, we have a swing and she has had to her usta it but she is starting to love it , she hates the bouncy seats , diaper bag , baby towels and wash clothes , baby wash , formula

A swing of any type.

The basics, nb and size 1 diapers, wipes, Vaseline, baby oil, baby wash & shampoo, q-tips, onesies, sleepers, receiving blankets, face clothes, swaddle blankets, baby mitts, baby socks, soother, baby thermometer, baby bag, and bassinet or pack and play. I’d say that’s just the basic stuff. Extras, I’d get a Bumbo, swing, and high chair.
Oh and bottles,.water and formula if you don’t breastfeed.


Don’t need a whole lot until they get little older I says a bassinet or a 4-1 pack n play and swing and bottles

Love my next to me, joie wish bouncer (lays flat), Bath seat, cold water steriliser, bottle warmer etc… I’ve two older boys and I’ve found this time the items I’ve got have made life easier. Xx

Same as before :sweat_smile: unless you want neat new gadgets you’ll rarely use & that aren’t essential

I had diapers. Clothes. Car seat and a carrier. Thats it. My baby learned to walk at 10 months too by only putting him on the floor.

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Qtips, Vaseline, lotion, cloths for spitting up, and bag balm for diaper rashes.

Lots of love and more patience

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Just the basics. Diapers wet wipes onesies formula etc. They grow so fast that too much at once will be outgrow before it’s ever used. Good luck and congratulations!

If you have any kids use similar to what was used on/with them

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Carseat, stroller, crib or pack n play (or both), bottles, diaper bag, ice packs (for bottles), a comfortable baby carrier, bibs, socks, swaddles, baby nail clippers, suction bulb for nose, baby bottle brush, sensitive skin laundry detergent, gentle washcloths and towel for baby. Crib sheets,packn play sheets.

A pack of cloth diapers is handy for burp cloths, holding over boys while change diapers (avoid the sprinkler effect). Mopping up liquids, cushioning anything, as a diaper pad underneath when changing baby, and even as actual diapers! You can bleach stains out of them and after baby grows use them for dust cloths or polishing cloths.

Also recommend healthy food you can grab, make, and eat quickly as you will be busy & want to nap anytime you get the chance.

The one thing I really recommend is “LiveClean baby” it’s so gentle on baby and is plant based! A little goes a long way! Aswell as just use your kitchen sink for baths! it’s better for your back aswell as cheaper!