I was just diagnosed with HPV

I am 35 and recently I was diagnosed with HPV. When I was a teen, my mom advised me to get the HPV shots. I’m upset at the fact that when I was in school, we had sex ed. I was never taught about HPV, and I thought that with the shots I had, I was fully protected from it. After some research, HPV has lots of strains and the shots only protect you from certain strains. Some of these strains can be cancerous. I’m concerned for my children now. I worry that people are not getting educated enough on the virus. I fear that everyone has HPV and don’t even know it. I’m pretty sure I’ve contracted the virus many years ago and I am just now testing positive for it. There is no cure for HPV but you can test negative for it if you take care of yourself right. Imo HPV is a STD. There is so much conflicting information out there. Doctor’s act like it’s nothing. But no matter what, it will always be in your body it just goes dormant. On the plus side, I am happy that men are now able to receive the vaccines now.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I was just diagnosed with HPV

Is there a question or more advice to go research it more? I’m not entirely sure why this was posted lol.


The doctors offices actually recommend them and talk to parents and kids about them around age 12 now. It isn’t a required vaccination but they are talked about and recommended. I had cervical cancer and I made sure that both of my kids had the vaccinations because I know what can happen if they don’t. You are right that most people have been exposed and probably don’t even know.


Breath and now that your aware educate your children better on the topic

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I second on the doctor making it seem it’s nothing. I still can’t get over it and it hurt every time a see a post on it. Am sorry you are going through this.


I feel like a lot of people are aware of this info. Now that you know, you can go from here. As you said, many people have or have had it.


Am I missing the question here orrr


FYI you can get HPV without having sex.

Hpv is an std and it’s the most common one. Men actually can’t even be tested for it at this point. Just get paps done when they tell you to and try not to worry. There isn’t much you can do but ensure that you get tested for cancerous/precancerous cells every year. Sometimes the body can fight it off and eventually you’ll test negative but no point in worrying about it until there is actually something to worry about.


It is sexually transmitted through oral vaginal and anal sex. The vaccine helps protect against the most common strains known to be cancerous. They say that 50% of women will test positive for HPV by the age of 50. And you’re absolutely correct that there should be more awareness. I hope that you can find some comfort knowing that you are not alone and although there is no cure you can continue annual screenings to be sure that you remain safe

I also have hpv . And was surprised to hear that the vaccine did not protect from all strains. So I did some research and educated myself as well as my children on the virus and again expressed the importance need to use protection. I am sorry you are going threw this but I am unsure if you had a question or if you where just venting?

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HPV infections are very common. Nearly everyone will get HPV at some point in their lives. More than 42 million Americans are currently infected with HPV types that cause disease. About 13 million Americans, including teens, become infected each year.

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I have hpv, have had for four years now. It is overwhelming at times, especially when you have to get procedures etc, please know you aren’t alone. Do your regular paps and follow any health advice. :heart::two_hearts:

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Dig a little deeper in your research and you will see that the vaccines are indeed very dangerous and causing alot of fertility issues. Not all vaccines are safe… and look into the Indian HPV trials… and African ones too.


Many schools are teaching it now, but as a parent YOU be involved. Open the discussions with your babies. Talk about sex, talk about prevention, have the hard conversations!

You got this.

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Might sound stupid but what’s hpv,

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You’re right that HPV is an STD and that there is too much conflicting information out there on it. But if I were you, I would look into that vaccine more. I would never give it to my girls, let alone my boys.


A coworkers husband is in the end states of throat cancer that spread everywhere. It is from HPV from unprotected oral. Scary stuff for sure

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So do your have a question or was you just bored telling a story?


You got the vaxx and still got it because the vaxx only covers certain strains but your glad men can get the vaxx now? Same vaxx that did nothing for you?? Sounds about right for 2022!


Frequent smears if the only way to know you have HPV as its asymptotic in almost all cases and it can be completely harmless. Most adults will have it dormant and being run down alone can ‘activate’ it. Yes it can be sexually transmitted as well but please no one take HPV alone as a sign of adultery as it isn’t one.
Some strains are cancerous you are correct but this is quite rare with regular screenings and most strains go dormant again in a few months. I’ve had active HPV for 3 years now and my last smear showed precancerous cells which were not there on my previous one - I now have to have 6monthly smears to monitor it and if develops further then will require laser treatment.
HPV in general is not something to get too worried about if you get frequent checks as it’s rare transition to cancer is a very lengthy process.

Maybe I can add a positive story about HPV. Diagnosed in 2009, had a pap with cancer cells. Had the surgery to remove my cervix. The following year I tested negative for hpv and have never tested positive again. It can go away even though it seems so easy to get. My children have the vaccine but have also been taught about every single precaution to take for safe interactions.


Hpv is super common.

Whoever you had seggs with to give it to you tell them to go get it looked at.

Hpv often never has symptoms

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I’m 37 and the hpv shot wasn’t out when I was a teen. It came out in my 20s, in 2006. At that time and even now they are not giving it to women over 25 because it is not as effective. It’s more effective in teen girls and boys.


I refuse it for my kids too many risks.
Unfortunately it’s common. More reasons to teach our kids not to be…easy?..be very picky and condoms are awesome. I think more people have it then we know due to lack of testing due to no symptoms. Good luck


Your doctor when you took the HPV vaccine should have told you that it doesn’t protect against every strain, but it is supposed to protect against the cancerous ones, or at least some of the cancerous ones. I personally would never get the vaccine or give it to my children, but it doesn’t protect you from getting hpv.

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Will never get the vaccine for my kids.


So I had hpv when I was 16 by the time I was 18 no trace . It was abnormal celling in my cervix. I would get checked and see what you have and if can be treated. Mine went away by it self . My friend had it to where she had to have surgery . So it’s different and I feel they are still learning about it

CURE = build up your immune system!
My brother knows of folks who have reversed it - 2 every 4 hours as much as possible - around the clock.

The best way to deal with something like this is to educate yourself on the subject. 85% of cases clear on their own and yes majority of the population has a strain of it . up to 95% of people.

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Also a supplement called AHCC can heal hpv. A study done in Texas proved it . its expensive but you can buy it on Amazon .

Not all hpv strains are STDs
Chicken pix is a prime example :woman_facepalming:t2:

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“Glad men can get the vaxx”… :woozy_face: It doesn’t work on all strains and is also dangerous! You’re kinda silly

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The vaccine covers a few of the most common strains and ones that are most known to cause cancer. I really wish I had known more about the vaccine though, because I had really weird side effects from it. I don’t think I would take it if I was older and more informed.