I was moved to a high-risk pregnancy because my son has an irregular heartbeat: Advice?

Yesterday I had a follow up with my OB (21 weeks pregnant), and they saw my son has an irregular heartbeat. The all seemed concerned and have pushed me to high risk, and I should be seeing him on Tuesday. She kept saying that he may just grow out of it as it’s kind of common. But I’m so scared. Last week he was moving like crazy apart from his lazy little days, and now I hardly feel him ever. When they checked with a doppler, his heartbeat was very, very quiet. The doctor barely heard it and pushed in for an ultrasound. When it’s normal it’s 143 and fine. But when it has that irregularity, it’s slow and honestly terrifying. We have already had two losses, although those were very, very early on. Has anyone’s child went through this, then it evened out, and everything was okay? What steps did your OB take? Also, how did you handle and process the anxiety and fear that something may seriously be wrong? We don’t know any details as she isn’t the doctor to handle these situations, hint me being pushed to high risk, and seeing a different OB.


You need to be monitored. I went in Monday’s and Friday’s for an hour to be hooked up and monitor her

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Went through the same scary thing! And now here is the stinker


Follow all instructions and advice from your OB! Whatever tests they deem necessary do it. Don’t panic and ask lots of questions. The Internet isn’t your friend on these things. Hugs mama


Yeah I had all that. I never was pushed to high risk however because she explained it’s in the middle of your pregnancy and majority of the time they grow out of it.
My son would have great check up days…
Then just about that point he moved alot less, it would be days at a time between feeling him. His heartbeat would be low, then high then hard to hear then sound like a stampede of horses. I went 2x a week for awhile, but had to go to the hospital for monitoring for an hour. The doctor there basically said more towards the end it can be harder to hear based how they are positioned. And they grow everyday and its only.so big inside. Dopplers are great tools sure, but he said not always the best at picking heartbeats up in awkward positions.

Dont fret. You’re little Turkey is most likely fine. If something does arise you are already being closely monitored and they’ll catch it in no time. It’s the worry that drives us insane from the moment we find out.

Preying for you, and your little :heart:

This happened to my daughter in law with my granddaughter.
Finally at 29 weeks they had to deliver her by c-section.
She was only 2.3 pounds.
But, today she is a happy 3 year old. Smart fine and sweet.
They told us her placenta was not functioning properly and providing enough oxygen.
This is Ava now, with her new full term baby brother.


When my first daughter was born I had somebody come in and listen to her heart and said to me “your baby has a hole in it’s heart” and walked out of the room without an explanation… the day after she was born. She had a heart murmur and eventually grew out of it. 


When I was pregnant with my middle daughter, she also had an irregular heartbeat. They sent me to mahec high risk clinic and I had like a 2 hour ultrasound. It was perfect and she grew out of the irregularity before the appointment. Try not to worry, but easier said than done!


My daughter also has a heart mumor and she is 3 but it doesn’t effect her at all. I was also high risk due to early term delivery with my boys and bc of my age. She is perfect otherwise. Don’t stress too much bc that’ll cause stress on baby. I was seen every other week until 24 weeks and then every week until delivery. Just take an easy and deep breath. Follow ob directions and go in if something feels off. My middle son was active first few months then not much after. Went in and Dr said Oh he’s just sleeping. Heart beat slows when he was sleeping. He’s 18 and he still sleeps a lot! Haha good luck girl!

Advice? On what? Hope your child is fine, but your under your dr’s care, your on here asking for advice from people that know no more than you? Guess I’m not understanding what it is your looking for. And no I’m not trying to be rude.

My daughter had this! It went away though while she was still i the womb. Shes now 2!

Omg! Prayers and good vibes! I’m 15 weeks right now and would be freaked too.
Sending you lots of love! Please keep us updated!!!

Prayers for you and your precious baby.

Hubby has dilated cardiomyopathy, a genetic version, so we are considered high risk too. Just try to relax and know that you are not in control anymore. It’s hard but you can’t change or control what is going on. Just because they heard something doesn’t mean that it will be a serious or life threatening issue. High risk means more scan and ultrasounds which has helped with my peace of mind personally.

Ask to be referred to a pediatric cardiologist for a fetal echocardiogram

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Get your butt to the hospitol and dont wait.

Id be eating super healthy primarily organic and incorporating cayenne like in red hot as much as possible to clean the blood and strengthen the heart. Practice meditation and chi breathing and trust and know Gods got your babys back. Let go and let God. Try not to worry and stress, staying calm and happy is the best thing for you and the baby.

Sweety praying for you and baby you all will be fine in Jesus name also sending healing light and love just breath he will heal

I had been born with one as well. But mine turned into being an athletic heart beat and my heart beats slower .

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