I was told baby isn't growing right: Thoughts?

9 weeks pregnant and Dr told me that baby wasn’t measuring where it should be and she noticed a few clear sacks around the baby that could be effecting growth. I see a specialist in three weeks. Has anyone ever had anything similar and it turn out fine? This is my 5th pregnancy. Two miscarriages and two at home. She called them sonolucencies.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I was told baby isn't growing right: Thoughts?

How sad it will take 3 weeks to see a specialist! I cannot imagine how stressful that is for you. No advice, just good thoughts for a healthy baby.

I know that it’s normal to measure a couple weeks ahead or behind. Praying everything is good with your little penut

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So sorry your going thru so much. I was told I wouldn’t live long enough to give birth. But we did. He will be 21 next week. Give it some time to work out. God is with you and will see you thru. They also told me he measured 6lbs and he was 10 so you can’t really take what they say as fact. They only have opinions and guesses. Always get a second or third. My Mom always said " two brains are better than one.". :joy:. Pray about it and you’ll e surprised how it can make a difference. God bless y’all and prayers for Jesus healing touch. :pray::hugs:


Sounds like Subchorionic hematomas. Sometimes they will just dissolve on their own. What You Should Know About Subchorionic Hematoma in Pregnancy

My babies have always measured under weight for the amount of weeks they should be. I also had sacks around my second for my first two scans, they monitored it but everything was fine. Xx


Get another opinion.


Get another opinion. My moms ob told her she was having a boy and I’m a girl. Told her she was due July 15th and I was born august 15th

This happened to one of my grandbabies and by next doctor visit it had disappeared. Prayers for you and baby

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My boy that had similar happen measured small in womb BUT was born weighing 9lb 12oz! So sometimes it is a minor thing. Try not to worry but don’t wait too long to follow up

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Call the specialist and ask if they can call you if someone cancels. I don’t have much advice but feel the second opinion is important.


My sister in law was told baby was not growing baby was fine weight like a normal baby

Always get a second opinion. Glad you’re seeing a specialist soon. Hoping and praying for the best for you and your baby.

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https://obgyn.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/uog.13873. So a study of like almost 200 pregnant woman there was "no fetal demise " … Im not a doc or anything but from what I understood it sounds like you have a slightly higher risk of having a c-section done. But other than that the baby should be fine… I think thats why they’re ok to schedule the appt for 3 weeks out. But like I said I’m not a doctor or anything… thats just what I understand from the article. Good luck mama!!! And try not to stress yourself over this. Remember if doctors thought it was life threatening they’d send you to get checked ASAP…

Did you have a dating ultrasound at the beginning to be certain that you’re 6 weeks or are they going off of last period?

I was 10 weeks pregnant and only measuring at 5.5 weeks. Turns out i had a blighted ovum. It was an empty gestational sac due to the sperm failing to actually fertilize the egg. Get a second opinion tho.

I’ve never had extra clear sacks but my daughter measured 2 weeks behind and is 9 years old now. Sometimes they’re just small.

This is my 3rd baby and around 9 weeks I started bleeding and then again around 12 weeks… they told me I had a subchornic hematoma. Then my baby was diagnosed with fetal growth restriction. I was due 12 days ago and this baby is still hanging out in my uterus. I wish you the best and I know it’s hard but try not to stress too much about it.


How could they tell so much at 9 weeks??


Try to remain calm. You’re still very early in your pregnancy and as long as it looks like the fetus is developing normally, I would just wait to see what the specialist says.

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Don’t do a d and c. Pray. Wait it out. Doctors are wrong OFTEN. So many times the tell parents there’s smthng wrong and to abort etc. Keep your faith and leave it in God’s hand. Many times things are misdiagnosed. Many times things correct themselves.


I got told my twins weren’t growing at 7 weeks pregnant.
I booked a d&c and started to miscarry the day before.

The baby I’m carrying now has always measured under then what I should I will be 36 weeks tomorrow so try not to stress to much. I had to see a specialist also and got diagnosed with IUGR. Really the only thing different with this pregnancy then my other 2 is they keep a close eye on me and baby

Could the clear sacks be from miscarriages it didn’t all come out