I was told I had a placenta abruption: Has this happened to anyone else?

I miscarried and had to have a D&C in mid-January of this year and am currently 13w pregnant. (Unplanned) I went to the ER over some cramping and dizziness yesterday. They did multiple tests and an ultrasound. The baby was moving all around during the ultrasound and had a normal heartbeat. When the doctor finally came in with the results, she told me I had a placental abruption (some of the placentae has detached itself from the uterine wall) I have not been able to calm down, and am trying to stay off Google. My question is, has anyone experienced this? How did it go? What steps or treatment is involved? Is there any chance? I’m sorry, I just don’t think I can mentally handle another miscarriage.


Wheres your OB they should be telling you what to do what to expect!


I did mama, I have endometriosis and some other female problems and it was a struggle to get pregnant. When I did the first two trimesters were the most stressful, I bled for weeks and had to be put on bedrest because her placenta kept trying to detach causing tears and bleeding, I went back and forth to the hospital so much, but everytime she was dancing around in there just fine. Fast forward to now (cause that was a year and a half ago) and my little girl is just fine. Just stay brave and we will say a prayer. Everything’s gonna be okay. Drink plenty of water and stay off your feet when u can. That’s what my ob told me.


I would be asking them Questions to the midwife…

Talk with your OB. Not who is in the ER. Find out the protocol see if bed rest is warranted more ultrasound and growth checks etc.


Did your doctor talk you thru what to expect etc? My mom got it when she was 13wks and was still able to carry my sister to term and she made it. I know not everyone is as fortunate, they told my mom my sister would have all these health issues and to abort her etc, she ended up being perfectly normal. Just take it easy


Also stay off google! It will drive you crazy and stress you out🙅‍♀️


Your OB should have explained it all to you. Take it easy try not to stress I had placental abruption with two of my pregnancies, one at 12 weeks, the other at 16weeks and both mine healed by there selves with bedrest.


I did with my first son. They put me on extreme bed rest keep your feet up and only be up when you have to go to the bathroom or quick trips to the kitchen to get food. NO standing for long periods of time at all! Prayers for you and little one!

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I did but it was almost my due date so i just had an emergency c section i woke up gushing blood and now she is 9 years old .

I had it at 32 weeks with my baby girl who is now almost 2. Said there was nothing anyone could have done to stop it or to have known any sooner than labor.

I have no advice besides keep and eye on baby movements, anything that feels off go in. I had placenta abruption but they didnt know till I was at the hospital because I didnt feel my baby move and I felt way off and just not right. Unfortunately my baby died during labour through out the night while at home.(apparently I was in labour and didnt know it) I had a full term stillborn . So I guess just do what they tell u do and keep track of movements if ur not comfortable with something they say then dont be afraid to go in


Diff stay off Google I had it with my daughter it happened in oct had her is April at 36 weeks when it fully detached she a healthy 2 year old now I was on bed rest til I had her my bleeding never stopped couldnt lift anything had alot more tests they had to do to keep a close eye on her and a couple of blood transfusions but other then that wasnt much but when it had I had blood vessels and everything pop going to her and some of mine in my stomach so idk if that would ve caused me to bleed worse so

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Bed rest I can’t emphasise more I know it’s hard but I’ve been there twice take time off keep your feet up and try not stress x


I did! Scared to death. I thought we were both going to die! I was in the hospital for two day and went home on extreme bedrest. I was told if anything happened at all while I was home they were going to induce. I was 34 weeks. I made it to 37 weeks and my son is AMAZING!!! Dr did say I shouldn’t have anymore kids. Message me if you would like! He is now 5. You can do this!

Bedrest… big time

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My placenta was slowly detaching during my entire pregnancy, my dickhead OB didn’t realize it and just kept saying it was a blood clot and that my profuse bleeding wasn’t worrisome. At 24 weeks I went into labor because of it. Hands down the most traumatizing experience of my life.
If you have any questions, concerns, or just generally want to chat about it feel free to send me a PM. Stay strong mama

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I had one with my middle child… they told me I was miscarrying because I bled so heavy, but an ultrasound confirmed I wasn’t, so dr said if I by some miracle didn’t miscarry that she would be very small and underweight and wouldn’t make it to term… she was born at 40 weeks 2 days and was 9lbs 4.5oz. Try to stay calm and take it easy! Sending prayers your way! :heart:


Call your Doctor he needs to know your concerns.

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Talk to your OB find out what they want you to do and what not to do


I had it. had bleeding due to it. placed on pelvic rest and limits on lifting. was still working no bed rest unless it continued.

My 2nd was born at 34w due to this happening. I woke up that morning to get ready for work and had such an intense pain I couldn’t even lift my left leg to put pants on. I ended up calling out of work and fell alseep for a short time and when I woke I felt a little better, until I ate a pop tart and felt so sick and the pain was back. I ended up calling my doctor and went in and had my son a few hours later and that was when it was discovered. It never happened during my 1st or 3rd pregnancies.

I had a placental abruption in my second trimester. They will probably do weekly non-stress tests and ultrasounds (which was relieving to see the baby and hear the heartbeat so much). Because of the abruption I did go into preterm labor ar 34 weeks and had her at 35 weeks. She was in the hospital for a little less than two weeks for weight gain, but was completely healthy.

I had the same problem with my last baby. I started bleeding very bad at 26 weeks. I was worried to death but she was fine. I ended up having her at 34 weeks. Now she’s a healthy 3 year old. I was put on complete bed rest until I had her. Prayers are on your way I know how scary it can be.

I had it at about 18 weeks. I stayed on bed rest for about 3 weeks or so and it like healed itself, carried her full term plus a day!

When my first daughter was born my whole placenta had detached. The Dr said my placenta was dead and the baby had not gotten oxegen or food for at least 2 weeks. My daughter is now 25 and perfectly fine.


At 11 weeks I had the same thing happen. I didn’t have any pain really but I was having some bleeding. They said well there is a 50/50 chance. They said it could heal itself or you’ll loose the baby. I now have a sassy spoiled rotten 3 year old little girl! You just need to rest and take it easy don’t do anything strenuous and go back to your doctor for an ultrasound in a few weeks to check on it. Just try and stay calm. I was a nervous wreck too but just try and relax. Good luck! :two_hearts:

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This happened with my last pregnancy I was told 2 weeks of bed rest then I went to my ob to see of it was healing itself. The er doc told me I had a 75% chance of losing my baby when I talked to my ob she said that I never should have been told that because it’s only a 25% chance and that the er doc said that so scare my into listening. Bed rest worked in 2 weeks it was mostly healed i was told another few days on bed rest and everything would be fine

Had this with my first child was put on bed rest and couldn’t lift anything high risk pregnancy. I seen my regular obgyn and also seen a maternal medicine specialist! I was induced at 36 weeks and ended up having a C-section and had a beautiful healthy baby boy!

I cant give you much advice but maybe a little hope. A good friend of mine had this with both pregnancies. She had to have a c section with both but both were healthy pregnancies and her girls are perfect.

I have not myself but my step daughter’s bio mom did after a car accident. She now has a healthy 1 year old. Just take it extremely easy, don’t do anything if you can help it. Bed rest girl and calm down.

Personally I’ve never had one but my mom has had 7 and had all healthy babies! We were all a few weeks premature but overall, healthy! She was put on complete bed rest each time it happened

I don’t have any advice except bed rest. Please know you and your sweet baby are in my prayers.

I had an abruption at 36 weeks. I didn’t have any warning signs except It sent me into labor. My baby was fine but had to spend a week in the nicu. Good luck!!

You should be on complete bed rest. That happened to me during my pregnancy and I made it to twenty five weeks. Baby was very small but was fine. She is now thirty six years old!

I absolutely hate this for you, but with my second child in my 16th wk I rushed myself to the emergency rm because while grocery shopping I just started bleeding uncontrollably. When I arrived and they slowed the bleeding down and ran some tests, I was told the same thing, I was also told that I should take this time to process everything and take it easy because my next visit would be for a DNC. I went home and what blew my mind is i felt fine, everything still felt the same… I was lost for words and certainly did not understand what I had done wrong. Fast forward to next appt. 9 days later… the doctor was floored and had no explanation nor had he ever seen this happen in his 23 yrs of practice! But by some miracle my placenta had reattached itself and my little miracle baby was just fine! I know everyone is different but I hope this gives you some hope and positive vibes. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your little bundle of joy♡


I had a full placenta abruption at 35w6d with my 6th baby June 11, 2018. I almost died, my baby did. I’m in a placenta abruption awareness group on Facebook. I gave birth to my rainbow June 2, 2020. My stillborn didn’t have a chance. I was told even if I made it to the hospital as soon as I felt the pain I would have probably still lost my baby.

Happened to my cousin. Had baby at 17 weeks. Lived for 2hes. Very sad

I had placent abruption with our first i was due march 23rd and had her feb 16 because of PA. Then 8 years between her and our son we had 5 miscarriages then had our son in nov and micarried another thought i was tied and all and now im 7 months prego with our 3rd due in aug. Take it easy keep in contact with your obgyn live in their pocket so say…be easy

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They found out I had placenta abruption at like 10 weeks with my youngest because I was getting period like bleeding. The ob has told me just to make sure I felt baby moving, to avoid high activity levels and I had to go see a specialist once a month and my regular OB every other week. But my baby was born strong and healthy at 38 1/2 weeks.

They should of put you on bed rest… bed rest 3 weeks, and it should heal itself

Don’t smoke at all, it can cause your blood pressure to go up and literally blow the placenta off the wall. A hard fall or car accident can do it too.

Yes I had a placental abruption, but I was lucky it happened in the 34th week and I went to the ER when I did because my son would not have been born. So when I had my second child I was considered high risk and they discovered that my uterine arteries were not pumping the blood to the placenta like it should be, so I was placed on a regular baby aspirin and had to have frequent ultrasounds with Doppler to make sure the arteries were flowing well, the option after baby aspirin would have been injections called lovenox which is used to thin your blood out. But I lucked out the baby aspirin worked and I also had a planned c-section around 34 weeks to avoid a second abruption which is also dangerous for both baby and mom. Yes both of my kids came early and had to be in NICU for 5-10 days but both are healthy now with no problems

I had that with my second child, they told me it was a 50/50 chance and nothing I did or didn’t do could change that. I know it’s scary and stressful, but just breathe and know it’s in Gods hands. I was able to carry my second baby to term and she was a decently healthy baby girl. She is now 11 years old and a huge pain in the rear, but I love her. Just as mother to mother though, she did have some complications I think that were affected by this happening. Her lungs are a little under developed so she has asthma and had rsv as a baby, but nothing that we haven’t been able to handle and control. Prayers to you and if you ever need to talk, I can always listen. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You need to ask the Gynea all these questions beaut as theyve seen exactly what’s what.
U may have a very small one where as ppl here may not be in the same boat.

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I had this with my daughter after being in a car accident at 10 weeks. I had to take it easy, see my dr alt more frequently then my first baby, and had to be on complete bed rest later in my pregnancy. But she was a healthy baby and just turned 15 last week.

No info but big hugs. Take it easy and try not to worry ( I know, I know).

No info but sending prayers for the health and safety of you and your baby

I don’t know anything about it but I’m praying for you and your baby.