I was told I have endometriosis: Advice?

Hi guys! I have been in a lot of pain for the last couple months lower stomach like period cramps! Went to my obgyn and she suggested I do an ultrasound I did and they said it showed a 7 mm cyst! I’ve also been having alot of discharge no infections at all it’s more like a clear non smelly discharge almost like water! Being intimate has been horrible makes the pain worse and could feel something sharp in my uterus! I’m not on any birth control no bladder infection no diseases! So today my ob decided we do the camera thing to look into my uterus she was shocked to see that my uterus is not in the center where it should be it has shifted to the right side and something is pulling! She also said that the opening is completely shot and something is blocking which when I get my period some of that stuff gets blocked and it forms around the uterus this was all overwhelming for me I asked her is there a name for this she said endometriosis! She wrote it down and told me to read about it! Btw I have 3 kids had 3 vaginal deliveries! She didn’t mention anything about what to do to have my uterus back where it supposed to be nor did she mention anything for the endometriosis! I have a follow up app with her in 10 days! Anyone experienced this? What did you do? Medicine? Etc please any help is greatly appreciated thank you!

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