I was told my baby is underweight: Advice?

I’m currently 7 almost 8 months pregnant and my due date is coming up here soon. I recently went to my last ultrasound and they told me my baby was underweight is there any foods I can eat to start quickly packing on weight to my baby before she’s born?


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I wouldn’t stress over too much. Eat lots of protein though and keep taking your prenatals. Honestly US are so inaccurate. Many times they say baby is small and they come out huge and vice versa.


It’s basically an estimate. They have no real way of knowing for sure. When I was 7 months pregnant they told me my baby weighed 7 pounds and would likely be over 9 pounds at birth. She came out weighing 6lbs 13oz :roll_eyes:


Like others said, those ultrasounds can be very off. I wouldn’t worry. Baby still has time to gain if it needs to. Just eat as much as you can and try not to stress over it. They’ll probably do another ultrasound closer to your due date and check on things. I had one at 36 weeks and one at 38 weeks to check growth. Some babies are just small also!

12 1/2 years ago…I was told on the day of my daughters birth that she was going to be 10lbs or so buy the ultrasound I needed to have. She ended up being born that night weighting 7 lbs 13ozs.
My point is…they are not always accurate with the weight and things via ultrasound. So don’t worry or stress yourself out too much there mama. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ultrasounds can be so inaccurate, don’t stress. I had three babies that were small my biggest was my son and he was 5lbs 20oz my smallest was 5lbs on the nose. They are all huge now and none of them had to stay longer in the hospital or anything, some people just have small babies!

Don’t worry too much. Weight by ultrasound is not very accurate at all. Just continue with the diet you would normally eat.

I was told that, my doctor told me not to stress too much just to keep eating what and how much I wanted. That baby was 8lbs 2oz, I believe he was fine. By the way, I only gained 10lbs with him- I was never hungry

Eggs and chicken are good in protein and helps baby gain weight

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My mom was told my sister was 5 lbs at her last ultrasound, my sister was born 9.8 lbs. They are basically guessing

I wouldn’t worry to much about it.

I was told up until 37/38 my first son was on the smaller side (measuring about 32/33 weeks I think), but jokes on them cos he was 3.66kg when he was born (or 8.06 pounds).

It’s all a little bit of a guessing game really where height and weight are concerned anyway

They just guess an estimate. Don’t worry too much. I was told my son would be over 9lbs and homebody was 5lbs 13oz at term!

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Potatoes, with bacon,cheese,sour cream and lots of butter

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You can try a high protein diet. Keep in mind, big baby doesn’t = healthy. Baby’s weight is just an estimate at this point.

Yeah…those aren’t accurate. I had ultrasounds every 2 weeks because of being high risk. They kept saying he wasn’t growing right and was smaller than 5lbs. He was 6lbs 13oz. So don’t worry about that part too much.

I was also told my son was going to be really small and he was born weighing almost 9 pounds

My first son I was told on Friday that he’d only weigh between 4-5 lbs I had him on Sunday and he was 8lbs

The ultrasounds are not always right. I was told my son would be 9 pounds. He was just a little over 5

High protein diet
Peanut butter
And if u can find them protein shakes
I had the same issue was put on bed rest laying on my left or right side
I was put 2500 calorie diet with minimum of 150 mg of protein per meal for me 6 meals a day
To this day I can’t eat tuna fish or them shakes or peanut butter

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