I was told my baby was transverse: Advice?

I am 37 weeks pregnant and had a midwife appointment today. By feeling my tummy, it seems the baby is transverse; she has been for a while now. Tomorrow I’ll have a scan to double-check, but I’m researching my options. I’d like to hear story’s from anyone who has had an ECV. Also, does having an anterior placenta make it riskier?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I was told my baby was transverse: Advice?

I had an anterior placenta and had no complications:)

Good luck!

Look into spinning babies, chiropractor, yoga positions etc to move a transverse or breech baby

I’m not sure about the anterior placenta, but my second twins had twisted right before birth. My dr put one hand on my tummy and the other inside. Turned baby and I delivered head first. I’m sure this was only because I had already delivered her twin and I was dosed for an emergency c section. If definitely ask if they could do it for you.

I ended up having a c section due to Lilly being transverse breech

I had a transverse baby… I don’t have a lot of advice because she flipped at last minute. At my appointment on the 9th she was transverse and by the 13th (38 weeks) she flipped. I did a lot of walking and believe it or not dancing. I think it helped. Good luck!

I stickey taped an ear phone to my sisters tummy and bub turned

My son was transverse. Went in on a Friday and he was head down in position, by Monday he had turned. Dr attempted an ECV but was unsuccessful. I ultimately had to have a c-section.

Look into spinningbabies.com worked for me my 2nd was transverse also

Baby was transverse at 37w. Did ECV. Was a massive success. Dr commented he had never had one so easy, which worried me because if he was easy to turn it’ll be easy for him to flip back!

By the next morning I could tell he was back transverse. I went into labor that night and had an emergent CS.

My placenta was also anterior.

Webster chiropractor like yesterday!
Then do spinning babies every day! Good luck mama.

I had a breech baby and had a c-section, she never moved despite me being 22 and doing a lot of walking, I didn’t want to turn her, I have another son that I was able to deliver vaginally

I had a version because my daughter was footling breech…they turned her transverse and then turned her head down…she kept trying to flip but I waz able to deliver naturally…she had torticollis and needed some stretxhing excercises but is fine now!!!

I would look at YouTube videos I did with my daughter as she was breech at 37 weeks and I did some positioning and watched YouTube videos and she flipped right around by next visit

I had an ecv but it was unsuccessful and ended up having an emergency c-section because baby’s heart rate dropped too low.

I had anterior placenta and a breech baby. I was offered the ecv and opted out. Because it was my first pregnancy my OB told me there wasn’t a lot of “play room” with my uterus and that I had greater risk of placental abruption. Which would’ve resented in emergency C-section. I opted to go ahead and just be a scheduled C-section and am grateful I did.

Go swimming. It worked for my best friend. 🤷

My 4th was transverse until 38 weeks and she decided to turn. She was born at 39+4 weeks. You still have time :relaxed:

I have an ecv at 37 weeks when I showed up in labor with my 5th. It was successful. They turned her, broke my water immediately after so she’d settle into my cervix nice and snug, and it was a great labor and delivery. My placenta was also anterior.

Me and my twin sister were both born vaginally and backwards the doctor spun use both around during labor were were both in the 7 pounds range only complication was I had the umbilical cord around my neck when I came out but it was good :ok_hand:t2: I think it all depends on the doctor and their experience :relaxed:

I heard hip raises help from an OB

My son was posterior when I was in labor, my Midwife had me use a peanut ball between my legs and laying on my side switching sides every few minutes. Also getting on my knees and staying in that position for a few minutes helped him get into the correct position. I had an epidural but my nurses helped me move.

I had a version performed with my oldest due to her being foot ling breech. You do not need a c section, no matter what they tell you. There are other options to get your baby to turn, ask a chiropractor about their Webster method to do it easier than a version. Delivering a baby feet first may be more complicated, but it isn’t as dangerous as they try to make you believe.

They tried with my last baby. It hurt like total hell and he didn’t budge at all! I had fingertip bruises at the bottom of my belly. I wish I had of told them hell no.

My baby flipped on her own at 36/37 weeks or so.

My baby was breach, they told me to lay upside down on the sofa lol that actually helped and she turn just 3 weeks before I was due to be induced x

My baby was transverse too when I was 38th week pregnant to her and my doctor successfully turned her to the right position. A bit feeling weird when I felt it but it was all fine.
She is now 2 years old, very active & healthy.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I was told my baby was transverse: Advice?

Look up Spinning Babies . Also get on your hands and knees and rock front to back, look on YouTube for baby spinning videos and get a pregnancy ball and bounce on it to try to get baby head down and engaged.


I had to have our twins via csection because they were both transverse my who pregnancy

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I didn’t have to do anything about mine, but my daughter was transverse for a long time. Right at 38 weeks and just in time for my scheduled induction she turned head down. (I had to be induced early to ensure I didn’t naturally go into labor without high dose steroid support. I have adrenal insufficiency, so laboring without my replacement cortisol would have put me in shock and potentially killed baby and me both…just in case anyone wondered why my induction was scheduled 2 weeks before my due date.)

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I had a breech baby that was flipped at 37 weeks. The external version was uncomfortable but successful so very much worthwhile to avoid c-section. He was also a big baby 10#7 oz so at the time of the version was probably 8 lbs.

Having a anterior placenta makes the risk higher for abruption. Not worth it mama! Check out spinning babies and get in those positions or try a chiropractor that’s certified.


Following cause my baby is breeched as well. Only 28 weeks but my first was breeched and resulted in an emergency c section.

I had a “classic” c-section because my son didn’t move at all during my pregnancy.

Spinning babies and seeing a Chiro for Webster technique worked for me

My last 2 were transverse …
Omg was hard carrying them…
No head down…
I had c section for both…
Its a must unless you want a breach birth…
Its the way you carry…


My daughter was transverse. She flipped head down a week before my water broke and I went into labor. I went from not showing at all to looking very pregnant within a week


My daughter was breech from 32 weeks up until 38 weeks. She was born at 39 weeks. I swear doing handstands in the pool flipped her :joy:. Also, suggestions from spinning babies. Good luck mom!

My daughter was breeched. I had the evc at 39 weeks. My doctor had me get an epidural, performed the evc and then induced me, so I had my daughter early the next morning. I was monitored at the hospital till I had my baby to make sure she didn’t flip back. I think if your doctor knows what he/she’s doing you shouldn’t worry too much.

I’ve had friends who have had babies transverse at 37 weeks. They got on hands and knees and it worked to flip babe


I don’t know about ecv but I had a c section and my son was delivered transverse, he Is a totally fine almost 6 year old now.

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It’s a 50/50 chance that the ECV will work. My daughter was breech so when I had her at 37 weeks, I had a scheduled c-section. My thoughts and feelings were…she is positioned in my body that way and likes it, so why bother moving her if she’s not in any harms way?

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There are some exercises that you can Google to reverse it worked for me

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I had two lie transverse. The first one, I didn’t know and tried for several hours to push him out sideways before an emergency C section. The second we were a bit wiser with and I tried acupuncture and the doctor physically trying to move him. All to no avail. Another C section for me.

I joke to them now that they are late teens that they couldn’t find a vagina to save themselves. :woman_facepalming:


I had a Successful ECV at 36 weeks… baby was head down from 28 weeks and then she decided to turn to breach @ 32 weeks… gave birth vaginally @ 39 weeks… that was after a emergency c-section 15 months earlier


Following, I have an anterior placenta, but only 20 weeks not talked to about direction

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I was 37 weeks and transverse I was admitted on the Monday and was booked to have c section on Friday. Wednesday came and he swung back round they scanned on the Thursday and he was head down so they induced me on the Thursday evening. Friday i said I think he has moved again they checked and he was transverse they stopped the inducing and said we need to get you in for a c section Saturday morning I was prepared. Then the consultant, two doctors, two midwifes and the lead midwife came in the room and said we are going to break your waters and twist him to head down at the same time whilst we scan you.
They did it there and then, no muscle relaxants. Then they put me on the hormone drip to quickly start my contractions.
I was adamant from 32 weeks that I wasn’t having a ECV but I had it and it wasn’t that bad.

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I had an external version done at about 37 weeks. It took the doctor and a nurse together 3 tries to make my daughter flip. It was uncomfortable but definitely bearable and I’m glad I had it done!

ECV with my second who was breech at 38 weeks - will not lie it hurt so so bad and I bawled when 2 days later she flipped herself back, but then by 40 weeks with me using the bouncing ball and lots of hands and knees work she had gotten herself head down with some big painful turns but she got there lol… with my third she was transverse lie, they attempted a ECV and within a minute told me she was too big and there was a risk to myself or her if they continued trying so we opted for a scheduled c-section and she arrived perfect. Kudos to you - transverse lie I found so painful - our bodies are not meant to stretch that way haha

My daughter was transverse. I got a yoga ball and did exercises on the stairs everyday all the time and she turned by week 38

Highly recommend spinning babies website.

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I had a successful ecv at 36+5 days. Sadly I was then diagnosed with colestasis and ended up with failed induction and emergency c-section. But my daughter is now 8 and happy and healthy.

My transverse girl turned on the osteopaths table :slight_smile:

I don’t know anything about being transverse, but I did have an anterior placenta with my second that I just had in January of this year. Anterior placentas are nothing to worry about UNLESS it is very low and blocking the birthing canal. They will specifically look at this at your last ultrasound, but most cases with an anterior placenta is just like any other pregnancy. Sometimes it’s harder to feel baby due to the placenta being in the way, but other than that women typically don’t have problems with an anterior placenta

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I was told my baby was transverse: Advice?

I worked L&D for 29 years and there is absolutely no way I would have an ECV outside of a hospital setting, it’s just too risky. After an ECV I have also seen them turn back to transverse.


Get on your hands and knees and rock forward and backward it worked for me good luck

Make sure you have the baby in a setting that puts neither of your lives at risks and do not allow anyone to trivialize the risks.

Look up spinning babies

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I was told my baby was transverse: Advice?

So my baby was transverse, and idk how correct the doctors info was, but from what we decided, we chose to just go with the csection.

She had said they can attempt to manually turn her with or w/o anesthesia but it was a 40% they could do it successfully without her getting stuck and even after it was a high chance she could just flip back over.

I went to my 39 week pre op and thankfully she flipped. But when I get induced they’ll have to double check she didn’t flip again.

Wow so weird this is coming up! I’m currently 37 weeks as well and my appointment on Friday my son was transverse. I saw my dr midwife because he was on vacation so I go back this coming Wednesday and if he hasn’t turned I am going to go ahead and schedule a c section. If he happens to turn and I go into labor great but if not I want to get a c section instead of trying to induce because my first pregnancy my induction experience with a normal head down baby was very traumatic and almost resulted in a c section. I’ve also read there is a risk that if your water breaks or you go into labor and baby is not turned you can have cord prolapse and the cord will descend but baby can lay on cord and cut off oxygen. If this does happen your supposed to get on your knees and lay your shoulders on the ground and call 911 ASAP. I don’t want to try an ECV I don’t think they are effective and they can be painful, some women in my family had them and the baby was either unable to be moved or returned back to the same position and it’s not worth the risk to me and I have an anterior placenta as well. This is my last baby so I’m not to concerned with a c section but if you plan to have more children just keep in mind it can be difficult to have a v-back as well. Praying for you to have an easy delivery and happy healthy baby!

My daughter was breech. They tried an ecv but they only managed to get her into transverse she wouldn’t stay flipped around at 38 weeks. I had a c section. She was perfectly healthy

My son was transverse. His back was near my chest. When my water broke the umbilical cord came out with it. With a prolapse cord it was an emergency c-section. I was very lucky my water broke in the hospital.
Best wishes

My son was transverse until around 37 weeks. He ended up being born sunny side up at 39 weeks. I did the miles circuit everyday.

My son was transverse the entire time. Had a scheduled ECV, you don’t feel anything I was given an epidural. It was successful, I was bruised so bad after, the next week I was scheduled to be induced, when they checked his position, he had flipped himself back transverse. I ended up having a csection the following week. That’s when I was told my uterus was shaped like a complete heart, which was why it was more comfortable for him.

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An ECV has a success rate of less than 60% and I’ve heard from close friends it was quite painful, so we didn’t even try. Babe flipped and went frog-legged at 39+4 so we had an urgent
csection. Babe was completely healthy :blue_heart:

My son was transverse till my water broke at 33 weeks due to my placenta having a infection. Right after my water broke he flipped into the right position.

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Look into spinning babies exercise/moves. They are simple exercises to help give baby room and encourage them to flip naturally

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My daughter was breeched. Also had an anterior placenta. My ECV was unsuccessful and had a csection.

My son was transverse right until the end. I went into labor at 40+5 and he had flipped during labor. He was born head down but did have the cord around his neck (not tight) all is well! I have been told it can be a harder labor and delivery for some

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I had the external flip done. It put my son head down and with in a week he flipped back.

I refused the ECV. My son was breech from 28 weeks. I made the mistake of watching ECV videos on YouTube. That and the risk of the cord getting wrapped around the next made my decision for me. He was born scheduled c-section at 39w1d.

I had it done, it didn’t work and hurt quite a bit.

I had a version done right before delivery because my child showed head down at the appointment before, after a whole pregnancy of being breech, then was transverse at the hospital. Be prepared, it is extremely painful. I had to have a csection anyway because my child put a foot and a hand through the cervix first and would not pull them back in.

My twins were transverse (lol head-to-foot) but moved head down around 25 weeks

My 1st was transverse until the last second. He did not want to come out and ended up with an emergency csection 24 hours after being induced. He’s still stubborn and won’t do anything until he wants to.

I had a natural birth with my daughter she was bum first. They didn’t know until it was to late. This was 33 years ago

Found out we were transverse at 37 weeks, did spinning babies, saw chiro and acupuncture - baby had turned head down by the time we got to ECV appt!

my son didn’t turn till 39 weeks

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I work in labor and delivery. Every hospital and provider are different in what they will or will not do. Versions are risky and you may end up getting a csection within a couple of minutes after a version if the baby doesn’t tolerate it well, but there are always risks with any procedure. Ive heard that they hurt and/or are typically uncomfortable but they are also usually done under an epidural. An anterior placenta is not of any concern.

I had an ECV because baby was breech. It was painful but not unbearable. 1st pregnancy for me, I was told it’s less likely to be successful during first pregnancies. Didn’t work. Ended up with a c-section anyway. If I would have know the csection would go so smoothly, I never would have bothered with the ECV. They monitor the baby during the procedure and I also had to have a check up a few days later to make sure baby was ok. I personally just didn’t think the csection was bad. It was a waste of time for me

My surrogate baby was like this. And i went swimming and she moved