I was told my babys femur was smaller than it should be: Advice?

Can you post this for me, please? I’m 28 weeks pregnant, and I got a growth ultrasound; and baby’s femur bone was measuring 2/3 weeks behind, but the rest of the measurements where they should be? The doctor didn’t seem concerned, but she did mention baby femur length was short! Have any mommas experienced this, and baby be fine? I googled it, and it seems to be related to genetic abnormalities! Thank you


My sons femur and arms measured 3 weeks smaller than his head. He arrived weight 10.7 and 22 inches long! He is now 33 yrs old and 6’1”!!! If dr said no worries takes his advice but keep an eye on it.


I’m almost 37 weeks and at my 28 week ultrasound they noted that my son’s femur was also short but all other measurements were fine. The doctor wasn’t concerned at all either. I have to have weekly ultrasounds and while his femur is growing, it’s still behind. The doctor remains unconcerned. My husband has short legs, so we are thinking that’s where it’s coming from.

When I was pregnant with my daughter. That was the same thing that happened to us. They wasn’t too worried as her father and I both was short. She was diagnosed within an hour of birth with Down syndrome. That was the only sigh she showed during my entire pregnancy.

We had this as well at 2 different ultra sounds, I was told my babe would have a growth problem and they didn’t expect her to be big at all at birth. She was 20inchs and 7lbs! Perfect and healthy!

If the ultrasound tech didn’t seemed concerned then I wouldn’t worry. If you’re that concerned then talk to your midwife or ob about it. They can better answer your questions.

My last two babies had this come up in ultrasound. I was told my son would be under 5 lbs and I should prepare to have him stay in the nicu. He was born 7lbs 1 oz 20 inches long. Same with my daughter, she was 7lbs and 21 inches long.

My midwife said it had something to do with genetics, given my husband and I aren’t tall either. I stressed big time, its more common than you think. Sanding positive vibes you way!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Do not fully trust ultrasound measurements… my first pregnancy my girl was measuring weeks off the WHOLE pregnancy. They told me she wouldn’t come out more than 5lbs… she came out 7lbs meausuring beautifully and healthy as could be.

From that point forward I’ve told everyone I know there’s no way they can be that exact. If you feel something is wrong get a second opinion but if your dr didn’t show much concern I wouldn’t worry too much unless it’s a continued thing until birth. :black_heart:

Yes my son’s femur measured shorter than the other at 30 some weeks and he was born fine, no issues with the size at birth or now.

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My daughter had a giant head, so they told me she wasn’t growing proportionately, and she likely had downs and talked about “options”.

She’s perfectly fine.

Of everything, i trust ultrasounds the least. Lol.

I had an ex girlfriend that half of her body was smaller than the other. She had a baby hand basically, no breast on one side, and wore 2 size smaller shoes on that side also.

Hi there, I have a son who was born with a leg length deficiency…which is his femur was growing much slower than his other leg.
We found out when I was in my second trimester. His leg was significantly shorter and we were concerned as well. When he was born we had to see an orthopedic surgeon, Dr thacker at A.I. Dupont hospital for children in wilmington delaware.
He has been with us every step of the way for 14 years.
For my son, he gets regular x rays and for years he wore a lift inside if his shoes and when needed on the outside. He has also had a couple of surgeries to help lengthen the leg which was intense and painful at first, but technology has come along way in a short period of time. Plus his leg difference was significant and he needed the surgery. Some kids do not. Recently they did a new procedure that was outpatient. They simple made a small incision and made an adjustment to his growth plate.
All of it sounds very scary, I know I have been there.
However, he is 14 growing on point with his age group, plays baseball, soccer, and has no pain what do ever. As for the genetic abnormalities, I saw a genetic counselor and it was something like a gene that did not form correctly. But that was our case, yours may be different.
This did not cause any life threatening issues and he is a straight a honor student, living his best life. Lol
I hope this helps you a little.
Please feel free to private message me if you would like to talk one on one.
Good luck and congratulations!

P.s. just so you know Google is not your friend. I did the same thing and I got so upset so many times and the actual issue was far less severe than the internet makes it.
You can call and speak with an orthopedic surgeon for a consult and they can give you some information on thing like this.


My sister came home in hysterics when she heard the same from her doctor in her 6or7th month,(I laughed so freaking hard for days)
,her now 19 yr old daughter is perfect. (She was concerned about her baby being a little person) . No offense to anyone.

Ultrasounds are not perfect. Even if one of your baby’s femurs are shorter than the other, that can be dealt with after the birth (if needed). It doesn’t mean your baby will have other significant health issues. Chances are that your baby will be fine. It will always be in the back of your head that your baby might not be “perfect” because of short femur. Please try to ignore it. You can’t do much about it right now, the doctor isn’t too concerned at the moment, and the added stress hormones that will course through your body will also stress your baby. Try to relax and quit googling about it. Congratulations on your new baby and good luck!


First don’t google anything when it comes to pregnancy. Everyone is different. Second, if the doctor isn’t worried than I wouldn’t be. Third, does it make a difference if your child is born differently from the ideal of normal. Just be lucky you can get pregnant and give birth to a living baby. Some people aren’t that lucky.

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I was told at 28 weeks that my baby’s heart was measuring small went to an appointment 3 weeks later and was told everything was measuring fine at that appointment.
I’m sure if they were worried you would know more, if you have any other ultrasounds they will probably look.

I was told that my baby didn’t have a heartbeat and sent me for further tests. Worst day of my life! 30 years later he is supremely healthy and the father of my 5 grandchildren. :slightly_smiling_face::heart:.

If your doc isn’t concerned, relax. Ultrasound estimates are off. Had one with my son and they estimated his birthweight would be 6 pounds less than two days later I delivered an 8 pound baby


On my 22 week ultrasound, we were told that our baby had large amounts of fluid on the kidneys. It was enough that I would have to travel to another place for delivery(3 hours away in the winter). It was scary and very unpredictable. Happy to say, our follow up ultrasound, 8 weeks later, was clear and showed no fluid build up. She is now a happy 8 month old!

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Avoid Google, you’ll be convinced because the ultrasound measures were off your baby has cancer, just stay off of Google


Was told this about my third child. He was short but no problems. Now at 18 he’s 5’10” and the tallest in our family.

I know its extremely hard but just try not to worry about what if and what to do until baby is born. My sister was told her baby’s measurements were off ( born perfect). I was told my son had down syndrome (he was born healthy without any dx).

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I have very short legs, a family trait. I have a 28" inseam. It most likely is nothing.

My femurs are shorter than they a supposed to be based on my height. As long as both femurs are the same length there is no issue. We aren’t all exactly the same. If they are different lengths they sometimes have to stretch one during growth spurts with braces, I know someone who did that.

I had been told the same thing when i was pregnant with my daughter. She was just a tiny baby, 5lbs 8oz. 19 inches long But i got myself so worked up about that i went into labor 3and a half weeks early. My daughter is now 35 and 5.8 tall🥰 . All will be ok, follow doctors orders as well
Good luck

I had this, wad told it is a soft marker for Down Syndrome. We knew based on our other kids that they have very short legs and long backs so declined genetic testing. Our baby was born 100 percent fine and is a thriving 6 year old now!

Have the doctor re-checked all bones on both legs my daughter has fibular hemimelia it’s the absence of a fibula but her femur is also shorter, so have them double check if it is something like my daughter has there’s not much to do early on but several surgeries later

My friend was told this as well, but they are both short people. Her baby is completely fine.

Ultrasounds are great, but when they started basing gestation due dates based on size, they often came up short.

Stay calm. They told me my son was 4 lbs. I had him 2 days later and he was 7 lbs 11 oz. If Dr didn’t send you for additional tests I wouldn’t worry

Both femurs or just one? I wouldn’t be considered if they’re equal but if it’s just one measuring off, then I’d be considered & want to speak with a doctor not google.

My very first ultrasound 32 years ago was told baby was too small and I would miscarriage or have to have an abortion…my abortion turns 31 in December… he’s as normal as most guys these days!!

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Ultrasounds aren’t 100% reliable. You could have an IUGR situation, but it’s still very early.

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My baby’s legs, arms, and I think body too were running smaller. I had extra ultra sounds from 20-32 weeks to watch growth. Baby was born healthy and is now 6 yrs old.

Every baby measures different. Baby still has lots of time to grow.

A. Late ultrasound said my daughter was app. 3 lbs. and 9 inches long 3 days later I had a scheduled c-section and she weighed 6 lbs. and was 19 inches long.

Doctors dont know as much as they think concerning ultrasound and gestation.This is getting ridiculous.Your baby is perfect!

Ultrasounds at the beginning sometimes give more trouble then necessary. I have 5 kids and every pregnancy there was some sort of issue with the ultrasound in the beginning. 3 were low with fluid but 4wks later it was fine and stayed fine. One measured behind in size by 2wks went back 4wks later and found out they had the wrong due date and everything was fine. The scariest one I had was at the 20wk ultrasound, for my third child, there was a growth on the umbilical cord. I came back a couple of weeks later to check on the growth and it was gone. But in those 2wks I googled and read about what a growth could potentially be and it made it a very stressful 2wks for no reason.

I have two children born with Agent Orange Birth Defects. My son has had 100 operations. At birth, his feet and ankles and his large skull were of biggest concern. As he grew scoliosis was watched. When he was 30 years old , his scoliosis severe. Dr. Stark diagnosed him with a left femur deformity. He uses heel to toe shoe lifts in his left shoe and it totally straightened out his scoliosis spine and leveled his pelvis. Do not worry. Watch it during your child’s growth. I am shocked as a Mom I could not see it.

I suggest having a level 2 ultrasound if you haven’t.

What was the difference in mm of the two measurements if you don’t mind me asking? Anyone who’s babies had two different sized femurs?