I'd like to get some advice on a situation me and my husband are dealing with

To sum it up before me and my husband knew each other he had a daughter, my husband didn't know about the daughter until dcs took the child from the mother, my husband was in and out of trouble and the mothers aunt wanted to adopt her to keep her out of foster care my husband decided that was his only option he was young and couldn't take care of himself and didn't know how he was going to take care of her so he agreed and signed his rights over. We have had visits with her and his goal was to try to get her back now that he's straightened his life up and settled down.. Fast forward 14 years later the aunt calls us and says you come get her and her stuff or I'm having her put in juvenile. So of course we picked her up immediately. We hired a lawyer and got full custody also in those custody papers the aunt didn't want visits she just wanted us to have all responsibility of my step daughter. My step daughter is doing good here with us her grades are better she's not getting in trouble at school she seems happy. My concern is the aunt is now threatening to just take her or try to scare us by saying she's going to have the lawyer undo the custody. I'm aware she can't just do that, my problem is how do we deal with the added stress the aunt is causing just because we're not letting her have her this weekend(we have 5 other children and made family plans) she also messaged my step daughter and told her we weren't fit parents because we don't ever have extra money. My husband works and I'm a sahm we are now a family of 8 with a single income. We may not have extra money but our children are taken care of, have food, have clothes, and a home. Yes we are poor but we love our children unconditionally. So my question is how can we deal with the aunt and her mind games she's playing with my step daughter? Can we just cut off all communication?I know all this is going to affect my step daughter and no child should have to deal with the things her aunt has said. My step daughter told her aunt she's happy here and she has what she needs but hearing that straight from my step daughter isn't what she wanted to hear so now she's causing all this drama and I'm unsure how to handle the situation. Thank you guys so much for any advice

That’s a hard situation, wow. I’m sorry you guys have to deal with that. I would ask your stepdaughter how she feels about it since the aunt messages her as well. She might feel the same way as you guys. I honestly would cut off contact with the aunt… she’s acting crazy & that’s probably why she threatened to send her to juvie… she set a bad environment and that lead to your stepdaughter to bad actions. But I don’t have enough information to claim that… I’m just saying that’s what I took from your post. Anyways, I would cut off contact, let your stepdaughter know that, but leave the choice to her if she wants to have contact with her or not. That is the person who raised her for a while you know.