If my spouse and I agree on everything can we just sign the divorce papers?

My spouse and I agree on all the terms on getting divorced and I plan on just filing at the courthouse. Can the both of us just go in person and sign off on everything right then and there? Live in Maryland


If you agree to everything - do a dissolution. It’s cheaper and less drawn out. You can find the forms online to fill out. Print 2 copies, one for him and one for you. If you have children you may have to attend a parenting class. There will be a date in which you’ll both face a judge and it’s just silly questions of “are you sure?” LOL if you miss the parenting class, it will be denied…I had to file twice for that reason…

Yes, it can be that simple. Even with kids, I’ve known people who said that part was a breeze too as long as you guys completely agree on everything.

I’m in maryland and yes if you agree you can just do it yourself, however I recommend finding a mediator that will guide you and answer questions, it is a confusing process at times and as people mentioned you do have to document certain things.

I filed my divorce, pro se. All it cost me was the filing fees ( less than $200) and of course the cheapskate wouldn’t kick in…I had to pick him up and take him to court because he’d skipped it twice before. But it was finalized after that

In Alabama, If no kids is involved, you can get an uncontested divorce which basically you agree with everything. Mediator will write it all down, you pay a fee and the lawyer and judge sign off on it. You don’t even have to see your husband or go before the judge. He can sign off when he can swing by the office. But after a month I think it was, if it’s a no show for him, it turns into contested.
Look into it for your state.

You can file and agree but you still need to go through the filing process and show your income and taxes for the discovery procedure by law. If you have kids they also usually want you to take a class on how it effects kids but you could ask the judge to waive it. The judge can always choose a different child support structure if they don’t feel it’s fair but essentially it will be quicker but not the same day or anything like that

Yes. In NJ they have a place called The Divorce Center. For a couple hundred of bucks they will draw up all the paperwork. You go in and sign & they file it for you. Cheaper than a lawyer & better than if you do it yourself in case you make any errors!

No you can not just sign papers and be done with it…… once you sign the papers it has to be looked over by a judge all paperwork must be in order they may request more paperwork if kids are involved there is a process for that as well because u guys agree in every way it should be a fairly quick and easy process but a process none the less.

In Maryland I thought you had to be separated for a year (limited divorce) before you can file an absolute divorce. This was also in 2007 when my ex husband and I got divorced, had no kids, no property, just a basic divorce. He didn’t even have to show up to the final hearing since he wasn’t contesting anything

YES. The lengthy crap only happens when there’s squabbling and disagreements as to the details of the paperwork.

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Google the words “Uncontested”, “Dissolution”, and “Annulment” and get rid of attorney’s

My ex and I did that with a house, 2 cars and 2 kids after 12 years of marriage. We agreed on everything down to visitation, child support and who got what. Walked in the courthouse together and walked out divorced in an hour later, just had to pay the filing fee and the notary fee.

In Las Vegas you can fill out papers sign them take to a place pay a fee they get the papers to judge he sighns them in 3 dsys you are divorced

yes! you can usually settle in mediation & it’s cheaper! just the filing fees.

You have to write the agreement on paper, of what you agree to. If he’s taking a car, and you’re keeping the truck, and house, it all has to be wrote on paper and turned in for judge to over see. If you have children, an agreement of how things will be between the parents, with the children, also has to be over seen by Judge. There’s a packet you get from your local library you fill out and turn your agreements in with the packet. Ya wait 60 days, in my state, and write the judge a letter asking for finalization date, and ya goto court on date given, judge goes over everything with you, and it’s done. (Make sure you include all assets and any outstanding bills you both have and who’s paying what)