If you are a stay at home mom, does your husband help around the house?

I work a full time job (as does he) and he barely does shit around the house… but he cooks…

When I stayed home and he was working 60+ hours, he would still come home and help and I never once expected him too :heart:

If they care enough, they will make time, no matter how long the hours are. Mine was a farmer, up at 4:30 and sometimes not home till after 7, so really, there’s no excuse if you ask me unless they are medically unable


I work fulltime and do everything :rofl:


I do everything so we can spend time together as a family when he gets home.

I work 40hrs a week & so does he. I work Mon-Friday and he works Sunday-Wednesday. I do most of the housework (deep cleaning) on Sundays. He deep cleans for me every week on Thursdays. We both keep up with dishes and laundry throughout the week and cook together. He does all the yard work. We have a good system going. We pick up our 2yo toys every night before bed together. Even when I was home with our son and not working, we both pitched in to keep the house in order. I never have to ask him and he never has to ask me.

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Everyone’s situation is different but he should definitely be helping you if you’re asking for it. Being a stay at home mom is a full-time job in itself but it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve help and it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a partner


I just started working 2 weeks ago after almost 8 years of being home. I did all the cleaning and caring for the kids. My husband has a hard, very active job so I would try my best daily to make sure things were in order when he came home. He did help when I needed help. My “job” was inside of the home and his was outside of our home. Now that I’m working, he does dishes when needed and helps with whatever needs tended to. Every household is different, do what’s best for yours.

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Where it’s needed, yes. I stay home so I try to do most everything… but if I ask for help he helps. At times he helps without me asking & just where he sees it’s needed… after supper if kids need showers/baths he will help with that while I clean up supper or vice versa.

When home, my husband is daddy. I don’t expect him to nor do I want him to feel he needs to do household duties, well picking up the dog poo is his job. He will grill and pick up the kitchen (I hate loading the dishwasher, ha).
My husband works a mentally, physically, and emotionally draining job so I really try to have everything done before he gets home, and weekends free so we can spend it together.

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If you hired an in-home sitter, would he expect that person to also have ALL the housework done? Or would it be a reasonable expectation of cleaning and cooking in regard to the child’s daily activity? That’s exactly the amount that can be “expected” from you during the day. Any extra laundry or cooking or scrubbing should be divided up between the two of you to get done in your “non-working” hours. If you manage to get any of your portion done during the day, good on you for multitasking. Parenthood and housekeeping are both 24/7 gigs.


He helps with mopping and vacuuming and cleaning on the weekends. I do the bathrooms and stuff but he will straighten up the living room etc…he helps with our daughter every day and sometimes helps with cleaning up from dinner.

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I do basically everything .

My husband works long hours and in the heat so I do all the home stuff if am having a off day and don’t do nothing he has no problem coming home and picking up my slack without having to ask :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I try to do everything so he can spend time with us and just enjoy home. He works extremely hard to support us so I have an opportunity to be home with our babies. But he also helps when I need it at times, like after dinner dishes, weekend stuff like poo pickup or mowing, trash take out etc. When we entertain or have company he is great about helping do more in depth cleaning to prepare too. I also have a basic standard for everyone in the house because they live there for example putting clothes in the dirty hampers, used dishes go to the sink, throw away trash food contianers, don’t leave your stuff out (your closet and toys/items cleaned up after)etc. He does those things out of respect for the house and all I do and to not make my jobs here any more difficult for being just careless.

Been married 16yr in Jan. The answer is NO. Yea sometimes if I bitch enough he will help. But other then that nope I take care of kids by myself n keep the house clean by myself

I am a stay at home mom. He doesn’t do any housework and I wouldn’t expect him to. He does take it upon himself to do outside stuff like mowing the grass in summer, plowing snow in winter, tilling up the garden, taking care of pests, trimming trees, cleaning gutters… etc.

I think the one who isn’t home all day should absolutely make it a point to spend time with their kids and do certain things for them when they’re home just because it’s impossible to bond with them otherwise but other than that the person not out earning an income should take care of all household tasks. Be it man or woman doesn’t matter.
If you don’t provide an income and you don’t keep up on all the household chores then what do you do?
I know it’s not easy, it’s often a thankless job which can be very frustrating and isolating but it’s important and your kids will thank you one day for being so awesome.
Moms rock :sunglasses:


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My husband helps with our kids and provides for us , he spends time with them whilst helping out with them , I think it’s a good way to assist and be with kids too, coz he works all the time

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Yes we do bathrooms together and he does the dishes and laundry sometimes

No he does not help inside the house unless he’s helping cook, but he takes care of outside and everything that needs fixed or we need help with.

You both live there. It’s your HOME. It’s not a business.
When we first married, my hiba put $200 bras in within his clothes and then into the dryer. :woman_facepalming: He doesn’t touch my laundry. He’ll do his own when I’m all, I hate laundry. Lol He has broken discs in his back so there’s things he really can’t do but he does help out. I’m not a maid.

I usually do it all but on days I’m tired or overwhelmed he helps and usually will cook w out me asking. He doesn’t sit around and not help because he works lol he knows I work over here too

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He works 13 days a pay period so I do mostly everything around the house. He cleans up after himself and helps me if he sees something needs to be done. He does his part with the babies when he gets home too

I do most things, he has a few things I expect him to handle, and we change off who cooks dinner. Generally, he is responsible for cat litter box changes, collecting & taking out the trash, moving the trash to the street on collection day, and anytime the dogs need a bath, because I’m allergic to them. We also take turns on any hand-wash dishes and we do bath time together, though he is most hands on, as a part of one-on-one time with the kids.

:woman_shrugging:t3: It works for us.

I have the best hubby!! He will do just about anything after he gets home from work. From the kids to laundry to cooking dinner. He’s the best daddy/hubby/best friend ever!

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As long you get to clock out at 5pm…
He doesn’t want to work after hours, so why should you?

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Basically do everything myself but he does mow the lawns

My husband likes to say he helps, but unless I give him direction and specific things to do (on weekends, mind you) he doesn’t really :joy:

Only thing mine helps w is cooking dinner. Every thing else I cover. Having teenagers is a bit easier however.

I’m a bit old fashioned but I do believe if a man works and woman is home all day she should be responsible for taking care of kids and cooking and cleaning, however he should be responsible for vehicle maintenance and yard work. And if they both work outside of the home they both should be responsible

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My husband works 50+ hours & helps with anything I need without an issue. Sometimes I have to ask (because he doesn’t know what still needs done) but most the time he just does things. He is a morning person & always let’s me sleep in on the weekends and USUALLY when I wake up, the kitchen is clean and the laundry is started.

Uh you bet. I’m not a maid, nor does he expect me to be. I’m busy raising our child and clean and do what I have time for. We’re both adults, one person shouldn’t be doing everything.

He def helps. We’re a team and work together to get everything done.