If you got pregnant on bc pills how did you know?

I plan on testing this weekend, but I’m extremely worried as I was obviously on birth control to prevent a baby. We have a 2 year old and 1 year old.

I’m on my fourth month of pills after trying the mirena and nuva ring and not liking them. the first 2 months I was on one that caused my periods to come on the wrong week, I switched to a different one last month and I bled one day lightly a couple days before the last week, and didn’t bleed at all on the period week. I have a few symptoms that are hinting at possible pregnancy but really hoping it’s not. anyone else have had this issue and turn out to not be?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. If you got pregnant on bc pills how did you know?

I didn’t know until I was already 16 weeks on pills. I was still getting my period but it was light. I had a slight sensitivity to smells but that was it. I just had a feeling and took a cheap test. The entire pregnancy was easy and almost not there.

You need to use an additional method such as a condom for the first seven days of certain pills. If you switched you would’ve probably needed to do this twice. It might be your body adjusting but I’d definitely take a pregnancy test. The ones in £1 or $1 stores are the same as the Drs.


I had the normal pregnancy symptoms. I was bloated and gassy. I was 4 weeks along when I found out. I was on the pill as well as I took a plan b. I just guess this baby was meant to be


Your cycle is probably off from the changing of the hormones, but only a test will give you a true answer.


I was on a pill called Mylan bc of my high blood pressure. I was told it was possible not to have a period on it because it was the same dose everyday and no sugar pills. I started to feel what felt like flutters. I took a home test. I was pregnant and had no idea how far along because I hadn’t had a period. Got blood done and it hcg was really high so I had to do ultrasound. I was about 9w. I’m 16w4d now and the placenta is blocking me feeling movement.

I was on the pill and my April period was only 1 day. I figured it was stress. Then I was throwing up every day and didn’t have a period in May. Took a test and it was positive.

I am confused as to why it is not common knowledge that you need to use condoms too at least the first whole month when you start birth control pills. That was advice I was given by a Dr.


You’ve changed bc so often your body is probably confused.
Could you be pregnant…of course. At best taken religiously the pill is only 99% or less .
Take the test for peace of mind and use extra precautions till your body settles into a routine if its negative

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Your body could be out of whack with the hormonal changes from the different forms of BC. BUT no matter the form of BC unless using abstinence, pregnancy is always possible. Take a test, thats the only way youll truly know. If thats negative & youre still feeling unsure, request that your doctor order blood work.

Same way you knew from the first two

Hubby needs to STEP UP BE A MAN !;

Yes u can
You can get pregnant on pill if also taking antibiotics as it lessens the bc

There’s a pill called levora that aborts pregnancy
Turns into miscarriage
Devastating tho

If you’re not, consider getting nexplanon or depo shot. Depo, you have to go to the doctor every 11 weeks to get it and nexplanon goes into the arm for 3 years. No more pills!

So I was actually on the pill and just found out last week. How I knew was I was extremely tired. All I did was sleep and I watched a movie one night that had me super emotional. The movie was sad but being my usual self I wouldn’t have cried lol.

Birth control can really mess up your cycle for the first 6 months.