If you had a son right now, what would you name him?

If you had a son right now, what would you name him?


I did just have one not too long ago. His name is Alexander.

If we have another, his name will be Eren.

I just had one 2 months ago. His name is Marik.

Having my Fourth Boy next week and his name is Mason Colt.

James , good strong name that will bring him from childhood to adulthood . I think you have to really think about a name rather than a fancy trend


My son’s name is Tristan.

My 1st is Jaxin
My baby on the way is a boy his name is Colton.
My bonus son is named James

I love

Reagen Gage. My boys are Coby, Caden and Cole

My son’s name is Elliott James. He just turned 3 and I hope I don’t have anymore. Lol he’s quite enough because I’m old

Maverick or Marshall

I like Jameson Cole…

If our daughter was a boy, he would have been named Ace.

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I have 1 son, Daniel Liam. But, originally it would have been David William.

Sir Nope McNotHappening :joy:
sarcasm heavily implied

I have a Forest and a Hunter so if I would of had another son it would have been Leaf :maple_leaf:

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I love the name Gunner

Always loved Greyson.

Im pregnant with a son now lol we have two other boys. Jace and wyatt and we have two daughters allison-jo and emmaline this babies name is John henry

If my husband had his way Oliver Blake

I have a Tainui and Tamati

Luke Hunter is my son’s name but I always liked the name Matteo

Daunte Gregory or Nathan Scott

New great grandson named Hayes Michael.

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I had my son yesterday and his name is Nikolas.:heart: my older sons name is Collyn.:blue_heart:

:thinking: probably Asa or Ezra

My boys are Cy and Damon

I had a boy a week ago. We named him Aaron.

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i currently have a Kolton, and a Kayden on the way :heart:

Mine are Maximus and Atticus

I have a little boy named Talion James

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My sons name is Lorenzo :blue_heart: If we had another it would be Declan or Sebastian

I would name my son Ross after my Daddy

I have keegan who’s 4 & 32 weeks preg with Alan (my grandfathers name who raised me)

Viggo Vaan Scott, I like older more classical names and this one just flows together so well

Lincoln and Glacius to go with Brooklyn and Julius :blush:

I have a Garrett and a Brayden

Easton Coltđź’ś but im having a girl lol

I have a Brent and Dawson, I would want to name another Landon.

I have an angel baby named Orien James Farrel. But if I would have another it would be Larkin Hoytt Cian… Maybe not in that order or not all of them as one name… But I like all of them…

Aramis Sybarius Maxiumus

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Levi, Carter, or Henry. :blue_heart: My first son’s name is Elijah.

My son’s name is Levi. He will be 1 on the 30th

I have a Liam but also like Thomas, James , Ellis, Henry and Edward x

I have an Amir and a Zion… currently 19 weeks with my 3rd boy… thinking about “Onyx” or “Kiro”

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My son’s name is Andrew Sean

My 3 sons are Deacon, Dayton and Nate of was to have another boy it would be Donnie x

Ive got a Joel and a Henry if I had another which I’m not it would be Caleb. It was a hard choice between Henry, Caleb or Freddie, but I went with Henry it suits him and no one else in his school is called that.

I have Donald and Dakota

I’m due in April naming my son Zander :blue_heart:

I wouldn’t have kids now , the way this world is headed

My oldest was going to be Joshua and my youngest was going to be Jacob. But they were girls, so they are named Larra and Trinity.

His would have been Joshua. Not what his dad named him.

I love the name Emmett

My son’s name is Zachariah. If I had another boy, which won’t happen, I like several names. Spencer, Jaren, Boaz, Buddy, Jasper, Audie, Slim, Josiah, and many others. Best wishes

I have a son and we named him Samuel James

I have a grandson named Bennett. I love that name

He would be Ozal Wyatt, Ozal after my dad, Wyatt after Wyatt earp

Well I do have a son and his name is Mr jayce
If I were to have another son im naming him James

I have Timothy and Edein

Sage Sharif James. All my boys have two middle names.

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We have a Kaleb and Corbin…next would be Samuel Levi.

Jhaire Wiley Alexander

I promised my hubby if we ever had kids of our own and it should be a boy, our first son would be named after him. Timmy Jr

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Well I named my son Matthew and Nickolas. If I had another child and it was a boy I would name him Nathaniel.

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I have 2 boys. My first son has 2 middle names. Dominic Arleigh Robert. My second son is Lundy Wayne. We like to use names of relatives who have passed as a way to remember them.

I have two boys
Noah Karev and Wyatt Grey


I always had Jeremy James picked out but never had a son only a daughter.

We have a Theodore Allen and if I had another boy he would be Thaddeus.

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River would be my next boy if I had one.


I have one son who I named Arthur after his uncle (my brother) his grandfather (my father) and his great grandfather (my grandfather…my father’s father) who will carry on the Ellis name.

I have 2 boys, Lucas Wayne and Nicholas Glenn and one on the way, Ayden Michael

River James or Oliver Dean. Favorite names right now

My oldest son is Davyn - pronounced just like Gavin.
My younger son is Dysan - pronounces just like the Dyson vacuum!!
I have NEVER heard of another Davyn or Dysan! Ever!

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I have a son and his name is Jacob Alan

I have 2 boys n one girl! Justin Scott n Trevor Gilbert!!! Girl is Kayla Marie

Paris. Been in the family for years

Michael Anthony is my favorite but I only had girls Jacquelyne, Marisa, Mariah

My son is Takoda Wyatt because it was the only name me and my husband could agree on

Quarantino…just kidding…lol. I always loved the name Glenn. And its very rare now.


I have 4 sons Michael Joseph, Stephen Frederick, Sean James, Matthew Francis if I had another boy it would Christopher John

Cole Dayden… Cole because I love that name. Dayden after my grandfather Day and my Dad Dennis.


Bill, George anything but Sue


I don’t know both my husbands had already picked their first names! They middle names I picked were Curtis and Joseph

I have two sons Gregory William and Eric Michael if we’d had another boy it would have been Benjamin

I have a Catcher Bradley and if I’d had another he’d be Captain Wesley🤷‍♀️ our last name is Smith so we have to be creative.


We have 3 sons - Aaron Lee, Patrick James & Ian Robert.

I just had a son a month ago his name is Rodney Ritchie

My sons name is Hayden Delmar. But if I had another one, I’d name him Melvyn Dennis.

I have 3 boys .one is a junior…irfan, middle child is zahir and my youngest is joaquin(got the hots for joaquin pheonix)

We have 4 sons…Nicholas… Joshua…Tanner…Damon

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My maiden name was Harrison…I think I would go with that!


We named our son Wyatt Alexander

My 2 sons are Timothy James and Nicholas William

My grandson are micah Detroit noah kingston oakley zander

Ernest Earl, Ernest after my grandpa and Earl after my dad

I had 2 boys - John William and James Theodore

I have 3 boys. Rylan Thomas, Carter Zachary, and Braxton Donald.

I have Jaden, Blue and Tyce.

I love the name Mitchell. But husband had other ideas.

Samuel Preston (after my two grandfathers)

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