If you have multiple kids what car do you drive?

For moms with multiple kids, what kind of car do you drive? I currently have a 2021 Kia Sorento with third row. 2 kids in car seats, an 11 year old, me and my husband. However my husband was in a wreck last night and totaled his car. We’re not financially in a position for another car payment so I need to downsize so we can afford 2 cars. What do you recommend?


2021 Toyota Highlander! Love mine! I have 2 adults plus 3 kiddos (one in a car seat and one in a booster seat), plus I can also ride my oldest son and his girlfriend are the same time.

A 2000 chevy 1500 truck it’s tight but I make it work

2015 town and country van. I have 5 kids 1-16 and it fits our family perfectly and great on gas! We traded out Tahoe and bought it outright. We also have a truck that doesn’t fit our whole family lol it’s my hubbys truck mainly

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Buick Enclave is what we have, seats 8. Third row. Comes with a dvd player and decent amount of cargo room you can also get one with captains chairs that only seats 7

2018 toyota Highlander, we have an almost 3 year old twelve year old and a 14 year old. 3 year old.in bucket seat middle, 14 in other bucket and 12 year old on the back with two seats on either side open… she sits middle to get the leg room…the two window seats Innthe back have limited leg room.

Chevy Silverado Trail Boss

Chevy Cruze actually fits 2 car seats and another child not in a car seat

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We have a 2019 chevy traverse with third row, we have 5 kids, me and my fiance. Our last traverse lasted us for awhile started to give us issues. Our new one has the bucket seats I have my 3 year old and 5 year old in those seats then I have my two 8 year Olds and 6 year old in the third row.

We had a Tahoe for the “family” but it was my car… my husband has a truck that still fits all 6 of us. I have just upgraded to a jeep for the 6 of us two in car seats