If you have pre-eclampsia, what symptoms did you have?

I was just wondering if anyone here had preeclampsia and what symptoms they had? I had high blood pressure, swelling, and vision changes with my first and ended up being induced a little early. This pregnancy, I’m 34 weeks, and my symptoms are starting earlier then they did with my first, but this time, I’m having really bad shoulder/neck and rib pain with headaches and feeling nauseated. My whole right side feels bruised that I can’t even lay on that side. It’s also making my arms go numb, and I’m not getting any sleep at all from it. It hurts to walk even. I just can’t take it anymore. I’m waiting to hear from my nurse and doctor tomorrow but I just wanted to know if anyone else dealt with this and what ended up happening.


I think you need to go and be seen by a health care professional asap x

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I had a headache. That was it. I had high blood pressure with my first pregnancy and was told to watch my blood pressure. I had a head ache and Tylenol didn’t help so I checked my blood pressure. My son was born the next day because I had to be induced

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I had my daughter at 34+1. Zero symptoms at all prior to being admitted. The week leading up to being admitted I was told I had a +FFN and got the 2 doses of steroids. No high BP, no eye problems, no excessive swelling, no headaches that aren’t relieved with tylenol. I had nothing until it was happening or so I thought. I found out last year when my daughter was 10 months that my urine 2 days before being admitted tested +protein. 2 days later I was admitted with bilateral pneumonia and pre-eclampsia. My bp rapidly shot up up, I began pitting within hours, and was told the next day after a 24hr urine that I was to be induced that day (34 weeks exactly). My bp prior to the induction was 198/130, I remember looking at the monitor thinking god let me be okay. I was able to safely deliver her safely.

I think you need to be seen. Even if it’s to play it safe and you have doubts or concerns at all. Please be seen. Mine came on suddenly and severe. To this day my ob doesn’t know how I didn’t become eclamptic or have a stroke. Please be safe and be seen :heart:

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I didn’t know until the day I went into labor. I didn’t even know my blood pressure was high until the nurses started freaking out. I didn’t have any symptoms.

I had it , I had horrible headaches , vision changes , and swelling , it’s dangerous if you let it go ,

I would go to your local ER


I didn’t have symptoms until it was an emergency with my first, and they induced labor. I had no proteins and barely high BP prior to that checkup. I didn’t actually feel any different.

With my son I had trace protein occassionally and high bp. I had visual disturbances and headaches and dizzy spells, but was never diagnosed with pre-eclampsia

I had literally no symptoms other than feeling “off” and went in and baby was in distress. My bp problems didn’t start until after I had my son. He was born at 36 weeks. One week exactly after I had him my bp shot sky high. And I’m still on meds almost 7 months pp

I had it they took my baby out at 35 weeks. My body was pushing him out. I was losing him. I was on bed rest forever.

Yeah that sounds urgent. Go to a doc today

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Sounds like you should go to the er to be safe


I was measuring bigger . I retained about 80lbs of water . Swelling in my feet were super bad… Blurred vision … High blood pressure… Induced both times for hypertension at 38 weeks

I didn’t even know I had it cause all I had was high blood pressure lol

I had it. Gave birth at 37 w 4 d. Super High blood pressure, swelling in my feet and legs were so bad that it left stretch marks on my legs, the worst headache that would not go away, protein in my urine and vision changes. Whatever you have whether it be Preeclampsia or not you should probably get checked out by your baby doc!

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They gave me 2 types of blood pressure pills and a low dose aspirin. I ended up needing an emergency c-section, had him @ 33 weeks. Due to diabetes & high blood pressure. He’s doing really well so far and is 2 weeks old in the NICU. You should get checked ASAP

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I was at the point of check ups every two wks (34 wks). I hadn’t gained alot of weight at all thru the pregnancy and then gained 10 pounds in 2 wks, all water weight. Swelling of feet and legs but not too excessive, however my face swelled up. Elevated BP. Spotty vision. And then had to do a 24 hr urine sample where I had high proteins detected. I got put on bed rest for 5 wks (told to really monitor headaches, vison, swelling), got the steroid shots for lung development, extra “non-stress” tests, and more ultrasounds. had him at 39 wks. It’s not something to mess around with but I would say it usually isn’t just one symptom (but it can be!). See your doc.

With 2 of my four pregnancies. Blurred vision, dots in my vision, headaches, rib pain, swelling, getting sick. Had my 2 baby with Pre-E a month early. Be careful. This is serious. I feel your doctor should honestly be more concerned

I gave had an emergency csection at 31 wks after gaining 50lbs of water weight, high blood pressure, lots of protein in my urine, and pain in my upper right side. I’d definitely go to the ER if I were you. Just to be safe if nothing else. Good luck mama :revolving_hearts:

You all are freaking me out making me think I might have it! Lol
With my first pregnancy I had blurry vision but nothing else and they said that vision changes during pregnancy are normal.
I am now almost 31 weeks with my second baby and I’ve had vision changes, terrible headaches, and overall just feeling terrible/in pain. I was extremely dehydrated at my last appointment and thats what they related the pain and headaches to. I never felt this bad/sore with my daughter, even at 39 weeks. I’ve felt like this with this pregnancy since probably 24 weeks with no real answer as to why.

I had high BP, swelling, and protein in urine. Put on bed rest at 36 weeks. No vision changes. My dr tried to start my labor at 37 weeks due to how high my BP was getting had my son a few days later

Why are you asking social media? Seriously tho? Take your butt to your obgyn or the Er and make sure everything is okay cause obviously preeclampsia can KILL you and your baby too.


This is a joke question because they take that shit seriously. You wouldn’t be waiting for a phone call.

Gained probably 40 pds of water weight. High blood pressure swollen face hands legs ankles feet. Induced at 29 weeks it was horrible

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Please go to the ER and refuse to leave. It can literally kill you. Honestly myself as a complete stranger to you is freaking out for you

It can be fatal if left untreated. I had it horribly with my first. Induction and all. My toes turned purple. I literally couldn’t even see them, that’s how swollen everything was. No issues at all with my 2nd, but starting at 16 weeks I think it was, I had to take a low dose aspirin everyday until my scheduled c-section. Go get checked out. Even if it’s nothing serious, that’s your piece of mind eased.

Had preeclampsia with my last pregnancy I gained 8 lbs in 1 week , had a ton of swelling and headaches and had spotty /blurred vision . Went to my high risk dr to have an ultrasound they saw a ton of excess amniotic fluid so sent me to be induced I was 37 weeks ended up having an emergency c-section .

GO GET CHECKED! It’s better to be safe than sorry

You best take yourself to the hospital to check yourself and the baby . You shouldn’t be feeling this way.

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I felt totally fine, I had no issues. But at my regular appointment my bp was 160/120. They took it 6 times.
Ended up checking my urine and It was very high in protein. I was induced a few days later at 32 weeks. No meds helped get it down

I had no actual “symptoms”. I felt totally normal. My blood pressure & protein levels in my urine started increasing around 26 weeks. It didn’t turn into full blown preeclampsia until 32 weeks. I was being seen at the dr twice a week. (Ultrasounds every Monday & NST every Thursday) I was hospitalized at 32 & 34 weeks due to my blood pressure being high. I was placed on bp medication… Surprisingly I still felt totally normal! Ended up getting induced at 36 weeks due to low amniotic fluid.

I had really bad back pains where I couldn’t walk

This sounds like you need to seek immediate medical attention instead of posting on social media.


This sounds like HELLP. Please get to a high risk hospital NOW! My baby and me almost died from it. I had terrible pain on my right side and upper back, vomiting, headache. They rushed me from one hospital to another with a higher level NICU 10 minutes away with the neonatal flight team in case they had to deliver in those 10 minutes to save us.

I had high blood pressure, swelling all over, vision changes, headaches and seizures. Was in ICU for 2 days after giving birth

If you even suspect pre-eclampsia go to the doctor.

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I had very high blood pressure…swelling in my whole body…protein in my urine it was so bad it developed into hellp syndrome…the pain in my chest was like nothing ive ever felt…

Hospital asap!! I had it severely my son was born at 32wks 3lbs9oz. Its fatal for both of you if untreated… Prayers you way!

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I had migraines and severe swelling in my hands and feet. I thought my feet were gonna pop one day. Never had the high blood pressure until I did. And then I was induced that day @ 36 weeks

Please go to the hospital! I had all the same symptoms and had HELLP syndrome. I almost waited to long at home and could have died. Not to scare you but better safe than sorry!

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I had severe swelling, headaches, sharp pain in the upper right ribs, saw black spots in vision.

High blood pressure, REALLY bad headaches, I got super swollen and had protein in my urine.

I had it from 33 weeks with preeclampsia I had high blood pressure protine in my urine my blood test were were all over the place 1 minute they were fine then they weren’t I also had swelling in my ankles banging headaches which made me feel very nasusea also experience some vision problems which had to were dark sun glasses as I couldn’t stand looking at lights had a c section at 37weeks should of had it done a lot earlier but baby was to small had to go into hospital every other day so they could keep eye on me please get seen too as it can be fatal hope all goes well for you good look

Don’t wait too long if symptoms don’t subside go to the hospital because preeclampsia can turn into eclampsia real fast!

I had headaches…swollen feet , thighs hands…fingers numb but worst of all I got acne all over it was really bad ppl even made fun of it. I also had muscle cramps and spasm.

Call your DR now. If you had in your 1st pregnancy you will most likely have it now. You need to call the Dr your pressure is probably really high causing your headaches

I had all of the above. Please please please. Check with your doc about your right sided pain. I just had that with my third baby who I delivered this past February and it was from my.liver shutting down

I had high blood pressure, swelling in feet, protein in urine, really bad headache on my first baby. I was 40 weeks and 5 days at the time and was induced. Had 2 babies after that and I was fine. Best of luck x

Headaches, fatigue, heart racing, swelling of the hands and feet. I am grateful I was diagnosed with it at 38 weeks, that day I was told to head to the hospital to induce labor. Had my baby the next day.

I had high blood pressure and protein in my urine other than that no symptoms besides headaches with both my kids. Was induced early with both also.

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Lay down as much as possible with feet on a pillow at least 4 inches above your heart. This will help but not cure. Only cure is baby out. I still have high BP.