If you live with someone...do you have rules on what you can/can't do?

If you live with someone and pay rent. Are the owners of the house allowed to control everything in the house? for example who does laundry, who is allowed to cook, how the kids rooms are organized? (They’re my kids and I have taken care of them everyday if their life unless she babysits.)


If you are a tenant paying rent to an owner, they do have a say in everything they allow in their home. You are renting the room which you can lock.


Depends on the rental agreement. If there is none and you’re just staying there because they are helping you out and you’re paying rent to cover the cost of you being there then yes it’s their home they have control of their home…lock your room if you have an issue


We just do most things separately and try not to infringe on each others’ time and schedules. If we cook more than one serving of anything we may offer the other person some dinner, we’ll ask if it’s a good time to do laundry. I provide the furniture but he can arrange it however he wants. I have enough bathrooms so no one has to wait. No kids involved, though.

Depends, is the owner your parent?

Their house their rules especially if they are helping you out by letting you live there. If you don’t like the rules maybe it’s time to work on getting a different place. Usually 2 families can’t live in the same house and still remain friends.


Yes they do !!! And it’s not exclusive when you are just a roommate paying for a room , when you rent a house or a apartment by yourself they always have rules in the lease agreement like , not guess that are not included in, not smoking , pets etc.
If you are leaving with a friend or a family member that still their place , if you don’t like rules it’s time for you to move out

Donthe owners live there as well? If that’s the case then yes. They can control things. If you moved into their house they can make rules.

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You need to look at your written lease and if you don’t have one then you need to get one.

There’s not enough information here.

What does your lease say? I dont recommend living in a roomate type situation without a lease.

If you are paying rent then you are a tenant and have tenants rights. They can not control if you cook food or wash your laundry as long as you’re cleaning up after yourself. If you’re being messy and leaving stuff behind then you’re the problem.

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