Im 28 weeks pregnant and I feel guilty

I had a rotten tooth pulled out and was taking antibiotics(my obgyn approver), and just had a cat scan because i got sent to the ER by my doctor’s recommendations. I also take tylenol occasionally for major headaches. I just feel like im harming my unborn baby and now im stressing on how her health will be affected. Has anyone had similar procedures and everything turn out fine?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Im 28 weeks pregnant and I feel guilty

I’m on antibiotics now OB prescribed. I have migraines also and I’ve done Botox and Excedrin and I’m giving birth Wednesday. Not one issue with my son! You’ll be fine! The stressing will put stress on the baby. Good luck and your baby girl will be fine!

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I had a tooth pulled at 24weeks pregnant. I was taking antibiotics and Tylenol 4 (w codeine) my daughter is 3 and healthy.

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If your doctor suggested it even being pregnant it’s okay, and Tylenol is safe to take during pregnancy but avoid ibuprofen (I took it when I was pregnant because i didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to).


So if you don’t take the antibiotics and infection enters your bloodstream, that’ll be more dangerous and life threatening to you and baby than taking approved meds. Taking antibiotics and tylenol as needed isn’t going to hurt baby.


I had my appendix out at 14 weeks pregnant with my daughter. She’s now 10 and :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I had a tooth pulled, X-rays, had skin issues was on a antibiotics and steroids during pregnancy with my son all okay by my doc and my boy came out healthy, all 8.5 lbs of him. He is now 16 months and only had an ear infection once, and needs put in a bubble because he is a spider monkey. If doc is okay with it all you are good mama. I know easier said than done not to stress but it won’t hurt baby

It’s completely safe!

I had a tooth pulled 1 week before i was induced. It was more dangerous leaving the tooth there because of infection. My little girl is 2 and she is fine. Goodluck


An infection would be FAR more dangerous to your baby’s health than antibiotics. Just remember that your baby NEEDS you to be in good health in order for her/him to be in good health. Not only that, Tylenol is safe to use during pregnancy and I doubt your doctor would recommend something that would potentially harm your baby.


I had to have 2 surgeries a month apart while pregnant they gave me norcos for 2 weeks after each one and my baby is healthy. As well as I was on antibiotics before the surgery.

Don’t let people tell you Tylenol is safe! Talk to your doctor! And do your research it’s coming out now that it’s very bad for pregnant mothers

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I’ve had a few teeth pulled in 2018 when I was pregnant with my 3rd. Ive been on antibiotics for my 1st and 3rd baby.

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I had a CT scan done while pregnant, and had horrible nightmares of my babies disfigurement, but thankfully it was just my overactive imagination. My baby girl was happy and healthy the day she was born, and is now 11 :heart:

All honest truth you receive more radiation from the sun than you do from one CT scan. Depending on the tech and what they scanned will determine the amount the actually made it to your baby. As long as you have healthy kidneys your body will filter out what needs to filtered out. Honestly you should consult your provider.


I had a tooth pulled and had antibiotics with my second. He’s chunky and healthy now.

Yes I was under for wisdom teeth and didn’t know i was pregnant I was sooo worried but thankgod everything was fine.

I had 4 anaphylactic reactions with needing 4 lots of adrenaline each time and had to take pain relief for kidney stones and my son turned out fine. They would not give you that stuff to take if it would harm your baby

Yes! I had a tooth pulled during my pregnancy, bc the dentist said if I didn’t get it pulled it would eventually mess up my daughter’s growing baby teeth. So I had it pulled, I’m doing much better, n my daughter has beautiful teeth. She’s almost 2 now :heart::heart:

I was put under on anesthesia and had my wisdom teeth taken out at 9 weeks pregnant (I didn’t know I was pregnant) and my daughter is perfect and 4 years old! It’ll be okay mama :heart:

If you are not comfortable questioning your dr or worried that your drs would deliberately put you in danger please get a new one asap

But my last pregnancy was twins and I had ultrasounds monthly than biweekly for the last 2 mos or so and I was terrified that I was hurting their ears and brains :sweat_smile: but they are 100% fine

I had a ruptured hernia at 9 weeks had emergency surgery and he’s perfectly fine. Weighed almost 11 pounds at birth and is now 17 5ft 9 in built like a football player lol

I had a cat scan with my now 2 year old. She is perfect and healthy in every way. You’re baby should be fine!

I’ve been on antibiotics and I take Tylenol around the clock. Antibiotics can be safe for babies and Tylenol is pretty much the only pain relief save for pregnancy

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I took hydrocodone my whole pregnancy with my first born and stopped the month before I delivered my first born due to chronic migraines ( yes my oldest is epileptic but it is genetic as we had testing done). My second born I had 3 teeth pulled, was on antibiotics and pain meds and he was fine. My boys are 7 and 4. Healthy happy boys :slightly_smiling_face:. I carried to term and had no complications.

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Oh and I also had surgery with my first born at 16 weeks. I had general anesthesia.

I had a root canal during my 2nd trimester and all was well. The Dr recommended me Tylenol as well after that, baby was fine too.

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I had my bottom wisdom tooth pulled while pregnant with my 6 year old. They prescribed me antibiotics for like a week before the procedure to make sure the infection was gone. They obviously couldn’t put me under, so they just numbed me up and went to town. When doctors prescribe you stuff while pregnant, the benefits outweigh the risks.
I was also on all kinds of asthma medication with steroids while pregnant this year and my baby is a healthy almost 5 month old.
Plus I had to hold my 3 year old son down during an x-ray while pregnant and the technician said it’s a very minimal amount of radiation.

Neither one will harm your baby, you’ll be fine.


I was on antibiotics my 3rd pregnancy. They did xrays at the dentist & i took tylenol (which is on a med list of things you can take while pregnant that my OB gave me) & I have a happy healthy 2 month old!

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Hey girl. Been there done that she is 8 now

Not all drugs pass to the placental wall so your baby may not be affected.

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You literally had no other choice. A rotten tooth is TOXIC.


I had multiple xrays, 2 surgeries and antibiotics and pain medicine while pregnant with my now 7 year old (due to car crash while pregnant). And he is a happy healthy 7 year old!

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You take antibiotics to prevent or to cure bacterial infections.
Trust me when I say antibiotics are less harmful to your baby than a serious bacterial infection that isn’t treated.
Tylenol is ok. It’s on the approved/safe list of medication during pregnancy.


I have gone through 3 pregnancies. My first, I had a bladder infection, my second and third, I had a tooth infection. Had to take antibiotics all 3 times and I had healthy babies

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If the obgyn approved the meds it’s safe for pregnancy you and the baby. Your baby is fine

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I fell down some stairs when I was pregnant with my son and fractured one ankle and sprained the other. The dr at the er gave me hydrocodone and at first I was like im not taking that but she explained to me that it wouldn’t hurt the baby and if I was hurting, or stressed out the baby would be able to feel it and be stressed out so I thought it was better to take it I was like 3 months pregnant and I just took them when I needed and ran out and he turned out healthy as can be so im sure tylenol isn’t going to hurt your baby!

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Why did the send you for a cat scan?
Because you took antibiotics? That seems overly unnecessary. Was there other reasons for the scan?

You’re not doing anything wrong Mama, if you feel that guilty maybe take to your OB and they may refer you to a therapist to help navigate your feelings

Your fine it’s not hurting anything

It is better for your baby than the rotting tooth

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Just saying one cat scan will not hurt I had strep and was on antibiotics while preggers bc of it I also with my first basically stayed on antibiotics bc of uti no matter what I did I got them and I also had my appendix removed while pregnant with my oldest all my kiddos are fine :slightly_smiling_face: you will never worry as much as you do when it comes to your babies

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Listen to your OB. If they’re prescribing you these meds, it’s safe. If it wasn’t you’d know.
There is not much that can actually harm baby in utero in normal quantities. Even acetaminophen doesn’t really hurt the baby unless you’re taking a lot daily. Same with alcohol. But they ALWAYS err on the safe side

Taking meds is better than not taking them. Infections can and do kill people. Sometimes we just have to do the best we can at the moment……doing the best you can with your health which is her health too is the best thing to do.

You’re fine. Your baby is fine. Tylenol is what’s recommended for headaches/pain during pregnancy and your OB wouldn’t recommend or prescribe anything that would harm the baby. That directly goes against their oath as a doctor.

Bad tooth is worse than any of the above… especially in pregnancy